Chapter One
As the plane descended upon the runaway, I gaze out the window at the land I had once called home. The deserty-landscape is just what I remember. Hot. Sandy. And I suddenly feel the call to exit the plane, wishing the plane could hurry up already. My name is Amaunet. This place that I once called home is Egypt. My parents are archaeologists who spend most of their time in the States, instead of Egypt. But, a few months ago, my parents were called back to Egypt for an excavation of King Tutankhamun's tomb. I stayed with my aunt and uncle in the States for a few months before I began to miss my parents dearly. They agreed I could come home to Egypt while they search for Queen Nefertiti's tomb, while may be located in a hidden chamber of Tut's tomb.
It had been almost 8 years since I left Egypt. I was only nine years old when I was forced to move in with my aunt and uncle, even though I do love them, it just wasn't home. Home is Egypt. I hated the Illinois cold and wet weather. I prefer it out here, in the warmth, and the sun, and the sand and...everything. The heat is welcoming as I step off the plane, my long, shiny black hair swinging as I take my first step off of the plane and into the airconditioned airport, filled with sweaty, over-dressed tourists. 
I walk over to the baggage check, and grab the three duffel bags and suitcase I had packed the week before. I hear my name called by my parents, Delphi and Ibrahim Ra, and I turn towards them, smiling. my father takes my three duffels, while I roll my suitcase away from the baggage check so I can give my parents a hug. It's been almost 4 months since I had last seen my parents. My mother, Delphi, had cut her hair short since then. She also looks a lot tanner than the last time I had seen her after the dig in Peru. My mother is half Egyptian and half Greek, and her skin tone is usually a lot lighter than it is now. My father, his short hair, and facial hair, looks the same as he always has, and he is full blooded Egyptian. 
I mostly take after my father with my long dark hair, but my eyes are a light hazel/green color that makes my features alien like, and strange, yet not all that bad. My skin tone is in between that of my mother and fathers. My features, though, are more of my mothers than my fathers. I have my moms nose and chin, small and I have my dads almond shaped eyes, and shape of lips, full and small.
I'm also on the short side, like my mother. As I hug them, I think about how happy they look. To see me? I'm not sure if that's it, or if it's just all of us being back home where it all started. I follow them out to the old jeep, and we drive to the flat (apartment) where we will be staying, close to the dig site, and they help me unpack.
We get to sit and talk for about an hour, then we get dinner together. I ask my parents about the excavation of Tut's tomb, and how they think they can find the hidden chambers that might hold Queen Nefertiti. I don't get very much information about that, other than they are using senors that the government provided to find cold areas that might be closed shut, and they think that maybe Tut's tomb is surrounding Nefertiti's. They are unsure why, but then again, sometimes more than one royal is placed in a tomb at a time, such as with minor kings and queens. But, we also know Tut wasn't a minor king. So we must figure out why Nefertiti was buried where she was, and also where she was buried. That's where I come in. My parents think it would be a good idea for someone in the family to record everything that happens, on camera, and on paper. I was on the school newpaper, and some of my articles have won awards, so my parents want me to record everything. 
My parents also think that I am going to follow in their footsteps and become an archeologist. Honestly, I'm not sure if that is what I want to do with my life. I mean, going back and forth, all over the world, being dirty and sweaty constantly from looking for artifacts and tombs, and hidden chambers. I don't think that is for me. I'm not sure just yet who, or what, I want to be.  Most girls my age say they want to be a model, a singer, a dancer, or even a scientist. I just don't know yet who I am going to be. I'm still trying to find out who I am, and it's hard to be a teenage girl in a world that men still think they own. 
My parents knew what they wanted to be when they were 6 years old. My grandparents on both sides of the family have told me that, time and time again. Everyone believes I should already have everything figured out. I just don't though. 
My parents tell me that tomorrow we will be up when the sun rises, and we will be going to the tomb first thing. Looking forward to it is one thing that pops into my head. Another is, what is going to happen? Nothing exciting that is for sure. 
I go to bed that night thinking about life, and philosophy, and above all Neferititi herself. Who was she? And why is she possibly buried in the tomb of the Boy King, Tut? I must know the secrets of what lies in that tomb. I'm not sure why. History usually bores me. Something is different this time. But what?


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