Bit 12 Chapter Five

 Alistair's P.o.V.Amaunet seemed very pale when she rushed out of the tomb. I had followed her but we weren't alone long before her father had came out of the tomb to check on us.Bruce gives me a look, and though I know he felt it necessary to tell her father, he had been wrong. Ibrahim hadn't been mad. He seemed happy, though I think it shocked him to find us kissing each other.Honestly, it had surprised me when she had kissed me outside. Amaunet had always been quiet and shy, but she's also always been stunningly beautiful in a way most girls could only dream of being. She's fragile, but she's also strong. She'd have to be if it's true about her having near death experiences quite so often. She wouldn't make it a day if she wasn't strong enough to handle it. Her beauty is subtle to most people, but when I look at her, I see the sun shining out of her. Her deep set, light colored eyes, a light green that I've never seen on anybody else. Her small, rosebud lips, and her rosy hued, naturally tan skin. Being part Egyptian, she has always had a tan that many people envy. Her lushous, long black hair is curly and shiny, falling to her waist. Although she is short like her mother, and thin, she is more beautiful than anyone I'd ever met. I had liked her since we were little kids. Only a few years older than her, but I'd always thought perhaps it was wrong that I liked her so much, but the way she looked at me today, perhaps it's not wrong at all. But somehow, I feel as if she is much too great for me. Much to special to be around someone like me. Now, I'm sitting here, watching as she talks to her parents quietly, outside of the tomb, outside of the pyramid.For a moment, everything is fine. But then I notice a slight waver in the air, and watch as Amaunet's gentleness turns into anger. Her voice raises, echoing in the open, desert air. She is once again speaking in Ancient Egyptian. Her father had told me that she had never learned to speak it, and the fact that she is spouting it now, is definitely not normal. Maybe it's the shock of her fall. Sometimes when people go into shock, they begin to speak in tongues, also known as other languages. Her father is watching her in shock, and I translate what she is saying easily, since I've been speaking Ancient Egyptain since I learned to walk."Don't you understand, something bad happened! I know it, but you don't believe me! Something is wrong, very wrong! Something even worse is going to happen!""Calm down, Amaunet." Her father talks in Ancient Egyptian as well, thinking perhaps it might shock her out of speaking in it. But he thought wrong."I cannot calm down, father." She says, still in Ancient Egyptian. The look in her eyes is terrifying. The words come out of her mouth, her lips moving fast as they speak a language she was never taught, a language she never learned. Every word is fluent and correct. The sounds of the consonant and vowels are gutteral, raspy and harsh. "Something is going to happen. We shouldn't have opened the tomb.""Honey, this was important. There are inscriptions on the casket than must be translated. None of the team has seen this type of inscriptions before. They are Ancient Egyptian, but there are also some other languages mixed in. We cannot figure out what it is. The only person that seems to be able to read anything other than the name on the casket is you. We need your help, Amaunet. Do not deny the connection you feel." The Ancient Egyptian he speaks is less fluent than hers, and it's broken, as if he learned it years ago, but never fully grasped it.Though Amaunet's voice is gutteral as she speaks in Ancient Egyptian, it is completely unbroken. It flows like the Nile River, quick, and easily. "There is a connection, I must admit. But that doesn't mean I'm going to read the inscription, much less understand it.""Amaunete." Her father says the name that was with Nefertiti's on the casket. Amaunet looks up at him, her eyes wide, and she shakes her head."No. Amaunet." She says, her voice shaking, wavering even. The 'e' on the end of Amaunete makes the name sound different. Amaunet knows the difference, and she is saying she is different. That she's nothing like the queen of Egypt, the beautiful Nefertiti.And just like that, the light in her eyes change, and her next words are English. "I'm Amaunet, and just because I can read the inscription doesn't mean that I understand it, father. Whatever is happening isn't good, and I don't want any part of it.""Sweety, I know the difference between you and the Queen, but honestly, if you can help us read it, please do so. Otherwise it will take us months, perhaps even years before we completely understand what the inscription says. You found her, now help us once more, and you're finished. I can find someone else after that to record what happens. You wont have to do anything else, Amaunet."Amaunet glances at her mother, Delphi. Delphi gives her daughter a sharp look. "Answer your father, Amaunet. He's awaiting your answer.""Delphi." Ibrahim says, glancing at his wife, and she gives him a sharp look."Our daughter will answer us when we ask her something." Delphi says, and looks at her daughter. "Amaunet, we're waiting."Amaunet gives her mother a look that says 'fuck off', and turns her head away from them."Amaunet, please." Ibrahim says. "For me? Please, honey.""No." Amaunet says, and stalks off, heading the direct opposite to the tomb. She leans against the truck sitting there, waiting for us to pack up and leave for the night.I look over at Delphi and Ibrahim, and when they both walk over, I know what their about to ask me."Alistair, could you please talk some sense into my daughter?" Delphi asks."How do you know she wont yell at me just like she yelled at both of you?" I ask. "I honestly don't think it would be good to get her mad at me as well as you both, especially out here, in the desert. Do you really think she'll think twice about running off somewhere?"Ibrahim sees the reason in my answer, and nods. "How about you come back to the flat with us, and eat dinner with us, then perhaps you can talk to her alone, get her to help us.""I could do that." I say. "As long as it's not out here, where she litterally could run off and die.""Even though she considers it home, I know she could easily get hurt." Ibrahim says. "She's constantly getting hurt. These near death experiences are getting old to be honest. She's nearly 18, she shouldn't be getting into trouble so often""She's at a difficult age." Her mother says, and I look over at her."I know. It gets easier though. I can talk to her. She may listen to me. But don't count on me. It might not help. She might not listen to me any better than she listens to you." I say."That's fine." Ibrahim says. "I appreciate you helping. You're a good kid, Alistair.""Thank you, sir." I say, give them both a smile, and walk over to Amaunet, who seems really upset still."Your parents invited me over for dinner, Amaunet." I say, lacing my fingers with hers, giving them a small squeeze. She glances down at our fingers, squeezing back, and I watch as she smiles."Good." She says, looking up at me. The smile on her face makes her even more beautiful and I cannot believe how easily I made her smile."Ready to leave? You can ride in my car with me if you don't want to ride with your parents.""Can I drive?" She asks, tilting her head to the side."Do you have your license to drive outside of the U.S.??" I ask her."No." She answers truthfully. "But I wont tell if you wont.""The answer is no." I tell her, and when the smile begins to fall from her face, I nudge her gently, and say "But, I can get you your license in a few days.""Really? That would be awesome." She says, and the smile slides back into place.I nod, and say "Let's go. Your parents will be following right behind us.""Fine." She agrees and walks with me to my car, a Jeep just like most of the Expeditions workers, although mine is a deep red, like a sunset on Mars.Amaunet seems tired as she snaps the buckle of her seat belt, and pulls out her cell phone, not an I-phone like most teenage girls have, but a simple Andriod SmartPhone. The case for it is a softer green than her eyes, a sea foam green. I must say it is perfect because against her skin tone, I realize just how must green suits her. I buckle my own seat belt, look in the mirrors to find all of the worker and see that their all getting in their cars, and then I start the engine. I keep looking in the mirrors as I pull out of the place where I had parked, and pull onto the gravel that had been laid down as a partial road just for the expedition. Driving a while longer, we hit the main road, which is paved in black top, and it's smooth instead of bumpy. Most of the workers make their turn off, while I head back to the flat that Ibrahim, Delphi and Amaunet are sharing for the remainder of the expedition.The flat looks the same in daylight as it does in moonlight. It's painted black, though most flats in Egypt are white to repel the heat. But, it's also got air condition, so the heat doesn't matter when you're inside the cool air. Amaunet lifts her head as we pull into the drive, and I park in the guest parking lot. Delphi and Ibrahim park in their assigned spot, and get out. Amaunet is out of the jeep quicker than I am, and she walks inside before her parents can say a word to her, her hair swinging as she disappears inside."Do you think she knows I want to talk her into helping with the inscription?""I don't know." Her father says. "But I know something is wrong, other than her not wanting to help with the inscription." He follows his daughter inside, and Delphi ushers me inside. I help her start cooking dinner, noticing when she turns the thermostat down, and see that she is flushed and tired."You alright, Mrs. Ra?" I ask, and she nods."It's just been a long day. It gets so tiring, worrying about Amaunet so much. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea for her to come here.""Seriously?" I ask. "If it weren't for Amaunet, we wouldn't have found the tomb much less Nefertiti."Delphi's hazel eyes flash. "Well, it's all a bust if Amaunet wont read the inscription for us. Our best linguists don't know what it says. We'll end up having to send it out to be analyzed.""I can talk her into it." I say. "Just give me time, and she'll come around.""I hope so." Delphi says, and looks up as Ibrahim walks into the room. "So, what's she throwing a tantrum about this time?" She asks her husband."Delphi." Ibrahim says. "Do not always assume she's throwing a tantrum. She's not a baby anymore.""Then why did she rush in here and to her room so quickly for?" Delphi asks."She threw up, Delphi. It must be from the shock of her fall. I also seen her shoulder and I think it's sprained, and not just bruised." Ibrahim says, his face tight with worry."Should we take her to the campus to have one of the doctors check her out?" Delphi asks, worried now, as well."I asked Amaunet if she'd like me to take her to the campus, and she refused. I sat in there for a few minutes, and she fell asleep in her bed. We can wake her when dinner is finished.""That might be an hour or two." I say, "Though that may be a good thing. She needs rest if she's got a sprain. Everything heals quicker when you sleep.""True." Ibrahim says. "Need any help?""No, I think we've got it covered." Delphi says. "Just check in on her in a little while.""Of course." Ibrahim says. "I'm going to go over the heiroglyphics and the inscription. I did take a few pictures. Maybe I can find a match in one of the books.""Also look up the meaning of Amaunete, since it was on the casket, Ibrahim." Delphi says."I already kno what it means. It means hidden." Ibrahim says. "Bruce told me that.""Like he tells you a lot of stuff." I chuckle. "He said you were going to kill me over the fact that Amaunet and I kissed.""You kissed?" Delphi's eyes are wide as they stare at me in utter shock.I blush, looking down at the chicken I'm chopping. "Yeah." I say. "We did.""That's so sweet." She says, patting me on the back. "She is beautiful, isn't she?""She's more than just beautiful,"I say, but nod. "And she doesn't seem to realize it.""Most teenage girls are like that. Especially ones as quiet and shy as Amaunet." Delphi says, and glances at her husband who had taken a seat at the kitchen table, books opened and piles of papers covering the table. Ibrahim had put on his glasses, and has a journal open and a small pencil in his hand as he gazes over the papers and books. "It just so happens that Amaunet is smarter than all of the other girls in her grade. She tested out of high school range when she was only in middle school. But she wanted to go to high school just like everyone else. She graduates next year though, and I'm sure she'll want to go to college as well.""Yeah, I realize how smart she is. Who else can spout in Ancient Egyptian without ever learning to speak it, much less read it." I say rhetorically. "It's almost as if she could be Nefertiti herself." I murmur. "Intelligent, beautiful, and able to speak in a dead language."Delphi gazes over at me. "Did you understand what Amaunet was saying?" She asks me."Yes. My father taught me Ancient Egyptian. He said I'd need it." I say. "It comes in handy."Ibrahim is also gazing at me. "See, the inscription is a mix of Ancient Egyptian along with other languages mixed in. I recognize some Sanskrit in it, but the rest, I don't know what it is. The only person that could read the casket was Amaunet." Ibrahim says. "Were you able to make any sense of it?""Sorry, sir, but no. The pieces that were Ancient Egyptian were limited, mixed up in the Sanskrit and a bunch of other languages I don't recognize either. Do you know for certain that Amaunet can read it?""No." Ibrahim admits. "But it seemed like she could. Nefertiti's full name was written in Ancient Egyptian, which is easy to read." He says. "Amaunet seemed to recognize the other writing though, the way her eyes lite up in amazement at what she was reading. She seemed paralyzed in shock by it all.""Well, I really want to talk to her after dinner." I say, mixing the chicken into the rice and adding a pinch of salt. "If she does comprehend what is on the inscription, I think I can get her to help us with it. But there cannot be any inferance because she'll get frustrated and run away from us all.""No problem. If you can talk her into helping, we wont infere with it. Just don't bring us into it."Ibrahim chuckles. "She wont want to help if she thinks it's just going to help her mother and myself. She needs to know it's for the good of everyone, even her.""Right." I nod. Delphi asks me to slice fruit up so we can have smoothies with dinner. That sounds perfect because chicken and rice is a light meal, but with lots of vitamins. The smoothies are just as healthy. No sugar added. Just milk, ice and fruit. "What kind of smoothie does Amaunet usually have?" I ask. "My favorite is mango, guava, banana, pinapple and orange mixed together." I say.Delphi and Ibrahim share a look. Ibrahim laughs. "Amaunet's favorite is the exact same thing. Maybe you two are made for each other."That makes me blush again, and I think about it for a moment. Are we made for each other, Amaunet and myself? I can only hope so, cause if not, I'm drowning helplessly and desperately in the eye of a hurricane."Daddy?" Amaunet says, walking into the kitchen slowly. The light seems to hurt her eyes, and she covers them with the back of her hand. Her cheeks are flushed, and her eyes are bright and unfocused."Hey, baby." Ibrahim removes his glasses and stands up. "How are you feeling?" He asks her."I hurt." Amaunet says. Her father pushes her hair out of the way, and I notice that under her tank top strap, her shoulder is black and blue. It looks awful, and I realize I should have made sure she hadn't fallen. If only I had realized that before she fell."Want me to drive you to the campus doctor?" She shakes her head. "Want to just sit on the couch with me for a little while and watch T.V. until dinner is finished?" She nods. I notice how much closer she is to her father than her mother. Her father sits down on the couch, and I watch as Amaunet slides onto the couch, laying her head on her father's shoulder, and her father turns on the DVR, pulling up all of the shows I know they both love. One of them is CSI, which is what he puts on for them to watch. Amaunet seems content, sitting with her father and watching T.V. It reminds me of how happy I was just sitting with my mother as a child, watching T.V. That is, until she left.I finish chopping the fruit, put it in the bowl and hand it to Delphi, who puts the fruit in the blender, and puts the top on it before pushing the button to blend it. I notice that she had put ice and milk and a very small amount of sugar in it. Amaunet is so tired that she begins to fall asleep on the couch. She jolts awake when there is a gun shot on T.V. Her father just sits there, letting her lay her head on his shoulder still. Dinner is finished being prepared a half hour later. Ibrahim turns off the T.V., and helps Amaunet stand up. We take our seat's around the table, and pour ourselves smooties in throw away cups, and serve ourselves dinner. Amaunet pushes her food around on her plate, absentmindedly."Sweety, why don't you at least try to eat some?" Delphi asks, and Amaunet glances up at her mother."I guess I'm not really all that hungry." Amaunet says.Ibrahim glances at me then back at his daughter. "Can you at least try one bite, Amaunet? It would make me feel so much better if you would."Amaunet takes a bite, and I know she likes the taste of it just from the look on her face. But she still doesn't eat most of what her mother had put on her plate. She drinks her smoothie though, and I guess that makes her parents a little bit happier, at least. Her father refills it for her, and she drinks it slowly.Ibrahim and Delphi talk about the inscription some, and when I look over at Amaunet, her eyes are downcast. Her hair falls around her like a thick black curtain. She doesn't seem interested in the conversation her parents are having. I had just finished eating, and I take a sip of the smoothie. I look over at her again."Would you like to take a walk, Amaunet?" I ask.She looks over at me, then looks at her parents who nod, and she smiles, and gets up from the table, bringing her smoothie with her. I grab mine as I stand up, and we leave the flat and walk down the road heading to the nearest convience store. Out of sight from her parents, I take her hand, our fingers slowly lacing together. Her eyes glance towards our fingers, a small smile on her lips. "How do you like your smoothie?" She asks, making small talk."It's my favorite, so I love it." I tell her, also smiling."It is?" She asks, surprised. "It's my favorite as well. Dad started making it for me when I was a little girl." We throw away our cups when we finish drinking, and I'm happy that there are trash cans everywhere along this road."Well, littler than you are now." I tease her about her height, and she gives me a mockingly mad face, and I laugh."Shush, skyscraper." She says to me, and I laugh more loudly."Hey, shorter girls are adorable." I say. "And I like being tall. At least I can reach high shelves." I smirk."Hmm, I don't know whether to kick you, or smack you for that comment, Alistair." Amaunet says, and I shrug."Either way, I still get hurt." I chuckle. "But I'd rather you do neither.""Same." She says, quietly. I stop walking, and kiss her gently on the lips. She kisses me back, then pulls away. "If you're going to try to talk me into helping my parents with the inscription just by kissing me, you'll have to do a lot better than that." Amaunet says, and her voice has taken on an air that is chilling."Is that a challenge?" I ask, quietly."No. It's a statement." Amaunet replies. "If my parents truly needed my help, I would help them. But they misunderstand me, and they will misunderstand the inscription as well.""Did you read it?" I ask, curious.Her hesistation is enough to know she did. "Part of it. It's very long, in case you didn't realize that." She says. "And ayways, my parents don't understand any of it. I warned them, and they brushed me off as if I am a pesky mosquito.""What did it say, Amaunet?" I ask her."It's a prophecy. That's all I'm saying. And if you dragged me out here just to get me to help my parents, I'm going back." Amaunet tells me, the defiance in her voice loud and clear."That's not the only reason, Amaunet, and you know that as well as I do." I say, pulling her in towards me. She looks up into my eyes, and I say "I wanted to make sure you're alright.""I'm not." She admits, her face relaxing. "The shock has wore off, and I'm in a lot of pain.""Is it just your shoulder?" I ask, worriedly.She shakes her head. "My head and neck hurts." She says, "But I can't tell my parents. They'll want me to see the campus doctor, and honestly, I would rather not.""You're not afraid of doctors are you?" I ask, surprised."Ever since I was a little kid, yes." She admits. "But that doesn't mean you have permission to tell my parents.""They know something is wrong. Your father is more worried than your mother. Can I just ask why you're closer to your father than your mother?""My mother is..." She trails off, unsure of the word she wants to use. "My mother is different than I am. She's loud, and funny, beautiful, and outgoing. I'm none of those things. I'm quieter, shy, like my father.""You're wrong about one of those." I say, and she gives me a look, narrowing her eyes. "You are beautiful, Amaunet." I tell her. "Stunningly so.""Yeah right." She rolls her eyes."I'm not kidding, Amaunet." I wrap my arms around her waist. "You're amazingly beautiful, and if you keep saying you're not, I'm going to have to tickle you.""No." She says, her eyes wide. "No tickling me.""Then say you're beautiful, and I want you to mean it.""Fine. I'm beautiful. Happy?" She asks, and I chuckle."Shut up and kiss me, Amaunet." I say, and she leans forward, kissing me quickly. I kiss her back, and run my fingers through her long, thick hair. She smiles as she kisses me, and when we both pull away, her cheeks are flushed.She is still smiling as she says "I'll help my parents, but only if they don't get mad at me when I'm trying to explain, trying to warn them.""Good." I say. "I'll make sure to tell them so, myself.""You do that." She says, her fingers lacing with mine once again. We walk back, just as the sun sets behind the clouds, and the moon and stars peak their way out from the heavens, shining down on us, making Amaunet look like a goddess on Earth. Her parents are clearing the dishes when we walk inside. I tell her parents I'll talk to them tomorrow, giving them a look, and when Amaunet leans in to give me a goodnight kiss, I kiss her back gently, then her her a small hug, careful of her bruised shoulder."I'll see you tomorrow, Amaunet." I tell her."You sure will." She says. "G'night, Alistair.""G'night, Amaunet." I reply, then walk outside, get into my car, and drive back to the flat where I've been staying.I just hope that whatever Amaunet is trying to warn us about turns out to be false. But from the way she was acting, I somehow doubt that it's false. I don't know which scares me more. I have a feeling we'll be find out, though.__________________________________________________  

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