Bit 11 Chapter Four

Alistair and I sit outside of the tomb waiting as my parents and the other workers chisel away the seal on the door of the tomb. They said they'd send someone out to get us before going inside. I basically am taking a breather. After that fall, I'm shaken up a bit but the shock keeps me from going off the deep end. my shoulder is bruised and the scrape on my leg stings but I did get pretty lucky. After I relax I open my eyes to see Alistair watching me. I stare back, unsure of what I should say."How badly does it hurt?" he asks me, indicating my shoulder."Not too bad. It looks worse than it is. It could have been a lot worse than this. I always get lucky when it comes to near death experiences." I say, speaking just above a whisper."Do you have near death experiences often?" Alistair asks, laughing, and I notice how his eyes light up when he's happy."Not too often. Once or twice a year. I think my parents prefer not to be around me when it happens. I've always had the worst luck, and it could make their luck worse. That isn't something any of us wants." I tell him."In a way, it was good luck that you fell. your parents seem sure that this is really Nefertiti's tomb." Alistair says."I know... And their right." I whisper this and Alistair gives me a funny look."You were this way when you were little as well. You were always so certain about everything. Just like the first dig my father covered of your parents. You seemed certain that there were priceless artifacts in one of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings, and you were right about that. In a way, you made your parents and my father famous." Alistair says, grinning."Yeah, well. I dunno what to say about that." I say, gazing in any direction but at him and his clear blue eyes that seem to see everything. I feel a sharp pain behind my eyes, and I blink a few times, then, closing my eyes, I keep them shut tightly."Are you okay?" Alistair asks, and when I don't respond I feel his hand on my arm, and I open my eyes."Let's go inside." I say, hurriedly getting up, bumping right into Alistair, who was already standing, and that's when I notice how solid his chest. I look up at him, and I see the grey flecks in those pools of blue eyes, and the shape of his wide lips. Alistair seems surprised but his hands find my shoulders, not letting me fall. His eyes search mine for a minute, unsure of why I broke the conversation off so abruptly. But he seems even more unsure when he pushes a lock of my long hair out of my face, then tucking it behind my ear. The movement is charged and I do something I never expected I would ever do. I kiss him full on the lips and Alistair seems even more shocked.But his hands slide down my back, resting them on my waist. My hands are on his face and when he kisses me back and my hands are on his face, it suddenly dawns on me that this is my first kiss and it's everything I had expected, and in a way it is also more. I suddenly remember us playing as kids and remember how he had tried to kiss me and that I had run away from him, scared. Two kids, as different as can be. An look what just happened. When I pull away from him, I blush realizing it was me who made the kiss happen. He just gazes at me, head tilted to the side, his hands still on my hips."Sorry..." I whisper."Don't be, Amaunet." He tells me."Um, you tried to kiss me when were were kids." I stammer."Now you remember." He laughs then gently chucks me under the chin. I blush brighter, pulling away. "Sorry." He says, "I shouldn't have laughed. It's just that I've always liked you." Alistair says, pulling me close, and whispers "You've always drove me crazy Amaunet.""Have I?" I ask, gazing up at him, smiling."Yes." He answers, smiling.The moment is broken by a clearing of a throat, and I pull away once again. Another worker, one whom I think is named Bruce, with short, choppy brown hair, and hazel eyes, and a grimace always on his face, announces "Amaunet, your parents want both of you to come in now. This moment must be recorded." he says."Sure thing, Bruce." Alistair says and lets me walk in front of him."Ibrahim is going to kill you." Bruce mutters to Alistair, his eyes watching me."Doubt that." Alistair says, taking my hand, keeping me from harms way. Oh boy. What will my father say when he finds out I kissed Alistair? Never in my life had I even thought about kissing a guy, and my first full day back in my home country I fall through a false wall, let a guy carry me and then kiss the guy not even an hour later. I'm the kind of girl who always stays out of trouble, and at the very least distances myself from anything that could lead to potential heartbreak. I'm stepping way out of my boundaries right now. My fingers lace with Alistair's and I allow myself to be lead to the ladder and Alistair helps me climb down, and we walk to the tomb entrance where my mother and father are standing with all of the other workers. Bruce gives my father a look, then glances at Alistair and me, holding hands, but I don't let go of his hand, and he doesn't let go of mine. I simply take the camera from my father and start recording. My father and mother open the door, and Alistair wraps his arm instead around my waist, pulling me close as we walk through the door together, him protecting me so well, and it makes my heart race. Since we're the first ones through the door, we're the first to inhale the air, stale and shallow from the many centuries that it has been closed up. I cough, but soon I get used to the air, and I open my eyes wide when I see the casket that is so similar to the one that Tut was in. I don't go any further. I stay standing like that. Stuck, scared, and oddly feeling un-peaceful. Alistair notices, and sticks his head out the door, telling them to come in."Amaunet...?" My mother asks. "What's wrong?" She sees me, just standing there."She's here." I say."You didn't even look.""Ms. Ra...?" Alistair says, "I think she's right."My mother looks over at him, and she says "Amaunet, why don't you and Alistair open the tomb, while your father records?"I shake my head, and Alistair, takes my hand. "Come on Amaunet. This is historical. Don't you want to be a part of history?"Something in his eyes tells me to move forward.We go to move the lid off of the casket, and Alistair does most of the heavy lifting. We slide it over, and inside lies the mummy of Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphics catch my eyes, and I suddenly start talking in a language I never knew I could speak. My parents rush forward, but don't make it in time, and Alistair catches me just before I fall to the floor. My parents crouch down on the floor in front of Alistair and me, and I take a deep breath, still talking in the same language."What the hell?" My father asks, and he touches my cheek. "Amaunet, snap out of it. What's wrong? Talk to me, darling.""Nefertiti Amaunete Ay |." I say. (*|= 1 in Hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt)."What's that darling?" my father, asks, taking a step forward to read the label on the casket.I repeat "Nefertiti Amaunete Ay |.""Nefertiti Amaunet Ay the First." My father takes off the 'e' at the end of Amaunete. My name. Meaning Hidden, or Hidden one. "This is it." he calls to everyone else. He caresses my hair and kisses my forehead. "You did it sweety."My mother rushes forward. She also reads the inscription, and then looks at me, and hugs me as well. No one says anything about my name being used on the inscription. All of the workers gather around.I make myself scoot out of the door without drawing the attention of my parents. But I'm not even half way up the ladder before a hand grabs mine. Alistair."What's going on?" He asks me, searching my eyes."Her name.""It's kind of cool that your name was included in the inscription." He pulls me close and asks "Does it scare you or something?""No. Yes. I don't know." I admit, and he wraps me in a hug. "It's all kind of surprising, and my parents are so excited. I don't know whether I should be excited or not.""You should be. She was considered the most beautiful woman in all of Egypt. Who knows, maybe the entire world of her time." Alistair says. "Whose to say your don't look like her as well as share a name with her?" His eyes are searching mine still, staring at me contently."I'm not beautiful." I tell him."Yes, you are."His voice is rough, and then he runs his fingers through my hair, and brushes his lips against mine. He kisses me gently and when I kiss him back, he wraps his arms tighter around me. Then I hear a cough and turn around quickly, recognizing it immediately."Dad." I say, surprised. He doesn't look mad, and his lips are twisted up in a smile, and he's not looking at me but at Alistair. I have a feeling Bruce told him what happened."Well, I admit I was shocked to find out you went after my daughter when she left a few minutes ago, but I think perhaps I shouldn't be so shocked.""Yes sir.. Sorry sir." Alistair says to my father, always polite."Don't be." he says. "May I have a moment alone with my daughter?" he asks Alistair, who nods, and goes back inside the tomb."Dad... don't be mad..." I trail off when he starts to laugh."Mad?" my father asks. "Why would I be mad? I'm happy you like Alistair. He's a good kid. He's liked you since you were kids. But what I want to talk to you about is Nefertiti.""Oh." I say, my cheeks still red. "What about her?""You found her, Amaunet. The guy in charge of the expedition wants to name it after you. Not to mention that your name was part of the inscription..." My father says. "I know it scared you. Just like it scares you that you are the one who found her. But you shouldn't be scared. We're proud of you. All of us.""Thanks dad. And it does scare me. To be completely honest. I mean, I had a feeling that she was there. I also had a feeling when I was standing there staring at the casket.""I figured you did." He hugs me. "I always knew you would find her.""You did?" I ask."Yes. You were a part of this all along." He tells me in a voice that scares me. A voice that says I've been underestimating my father, and that he knows something important that he is keeping from me. I just don't know what it is...

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