Bit 10 Chapter Three

I wake up to yelling and suddenly, everything comes into focus. I hadn't hit my head when I fell, but I did land at an angle that I was lucky I didn't break my neck. I am a bit sore, and then I remember that there are people yelling. Then, Alistair is beside me, he had slide down the wall so he could make sure I was alright, and he bends over me, checking my pulse, and making sure I'm not bleeding.
"Did you hurt yourself?" Alistair asks me, and I shake my head, to startled to say anything. I feel something crawling over my foot and I scream. Alistair picks up a snake off of my foot, throwing it away from us.
Alistair helps me stand, carefully, making me lean on him so that he can make sure I hadn't broke any bones, even though there is very little pain. 
"She's alright!" Alistair calls up, and I hear my parents talking, but can't make out what they are saying. I must have been going into shock, and I start shaking, feeling like I'm freezing. Alistair pulls me close, and says something else that I can't make out. I feel like I'm about to fall, and my legs go weak, making me trip and nearly collapse on the floor before Alistair lifts me up into his arms, as if I weigh no more than a feather. I hide my face in his shirt, and I continue shaking, uncontrollably. Alistair is looking around, and I hear him gasp. He holds onto me tighter, and I gasp as well, shocked at how strong he really is. He hears my gasp, and loosens his grip, but makes me unhide my face so I can see what he is seeing. My eyes grow large, and I take in the sight before me. It is another burial chamber, one that is similar to Tut's, but older, and more defined. I look up at Alistair, who smiles and says "I think you've found Nefertiti."
Alistair continues to hold me, and when my parents finally have a ladder put down into the opening, they rush down it so they can make sure I am really okay. My father lets Alistair continue holding onto me so I don't get hurt, and he and my mother look around the chamber, not touching anything because they don't have gloves on, so they don't make anything crumble, and then they have some of the workers put a harness on me while Alistair keeps watch, and carefully helps me up the ladder, one hand on my hip, the other on my arm, as we go up the ladder, Alistair right behind me. When I finally get back up to where we had been before I had fallen, I crumble onto the ground, and Alistair bends over me, helping me into a sitting position so that I can take easy breaths, helping me to get over the shock before the paramedics arrive, who make me sit in their vehicle for a while, checking me over for scrapes and bruises, and abrasions. When they are satisfied I'm no worse for wear, they release me to my parents who then make even more of a big deal over me, one because I almost got killed, and two because I found a hidden chamber that may host Nefertiti. Alistair comes back over to check on me when my parents go back down into the tomb, leaving me alone. I looked up to see him standing in front of me watching me. 
"I haven't heard you say more than a few sentances since we were kids." He says. "I take it you really don't remember me?" He asks, teasingly.
I blink in shock. "What do you mean?" I ask.
"My father used to work for your parents before he became a journalist. We used to play together when we were really little. You couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old at the time. You didn't say much then, but it was a lot more than you have said since I ran into you last night." Alistair says. 
I must look shocked because it earns me a laugh.
"How old are you?" I ask.
"21." He smiles. "You're going to be 18 in a few weeks aren't you?" 
"Actually a little over a month, but yeah." I say.
"So I take you really don't remember me?" 
"All I know is last night when I saw you, you did look familiar. I just don't remember." 
"It's alright, Amaunet. we were little kids then. Not that big of a deal. And hey, that did get you talking more." Alistair points out, which makes me blush. "Anyways, you feeling okay? You didn't hit your head or anything?"
I shake my head. "I'm fine. Thank you..and not just for checking on me." 
"Well, consider yourself welcome." Alistair says smiling. "Last night your dad thanked me for making sure you didn't get hurt. He realized you didn't remember me, and thought it would be good for me to bring it up so that you at least have someone you can talk to while you are here. Friends?" he asks me.
I smile and nod. "Friends." I agree. 
We are interrupted by my father returning. 
"May I use your camera, darling?" My father asks me. "We believe this is Nefertit's tomb, and we want to have a record of everything."
"Sure." I take out my camera and hand it to my father, who takes it. 
"Thank you, darling. Keep an eye on her?" He asks Alistair.
"Of course, Sir." Alistair says, nudging me with his elbow, making me blush again. My father doesn't seem to notice, he just nods, and walks back  to the tomb. Alistair and I glance at each other, then he asks me about my life in the States. 
"Boring. And I hate Illinois. I prefer the heat, and the dry weather, and just everything about Egypt."
"I know what you mean. I grew up for part of my life in England, the place I was born. I don't like the rain and wet, cold weather any more than you do. Egypt just seems like home, does it not?" 
"It does." I agree. "I've missed it." 
I twirl a strand of my hair, and look up at the sun overtop the tomb. I really have missed Egypt. But, I'm home now. And that is all that counts.


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