This is a fanfiction adaptation around the old PC game, Bugdom I played when I was a child. I adored the game and always thought there could be an elaboration of it. The Bugdom is a city or simply an area of sorts where bugs of all kinds once lived in harmony until it was taken over by the fire ants led by their ruler, King Thorax. Our protagonist is Rollie McFly, a pill-bug who is to defeat Thorax and restore the Bugdom to it's former peaceful state. An epic story of bravery, destiny, good versus evil, and, well, bugs!

Bug Bugdom Rolie Polie Ants Game Pc Quest Hero Bravery Destiny Good Versus Evil Throne Crown Shell Roll Fire Water Peace Versus War Fire Versus Water Prophecy Pill Bug Ladybug Dragonfly Mantis Sunflower Clover War Peace