“But you played a great game!”

“We still lost! All because I let in a very easy shot.”

“You were tired. That is understandable to some people you know.”

Tobi was never the greatest at making me feel better after loosing a game but I gave him the credit for trying. By this point we had gone back to his place and ordered pizza. The rest of the team had gone out for ice cream but I wasn’t up to going and I figured Tobi needed me more.

            “Have you heard anything from the hospital yet?” I figured I would ask considering neither of us were saying anything else. He was quiet for a minute as if he was carefully choosing his words.

“He’s okay for now,” was all he said. I didn’t know how to take that or even what he meant by it.

“For now? What do you mean he is okay ‘for now’?” Again he just sat there unresponsive. “Tobi.” This time he answered and I was beginning to wish he hadn’t. He pretty much mumbled it but I heard enough to make it clear as day.

“Wha-what do you mean cancer? I thought it was a heart attack?”

“It was. But the doctors said something about his heart working to hard to help fight the cancer cells and it caused the heart attack.”

            I wanted to cry but I knew I couldn’t. Not in front of Tobi. I had to be here for him. “So…what’s going to happen from here?”

“Nothing. They can’t do anything but tell him to take it easy.” I started crying. Just a few tears but I refused to let Tobi see.

            His dad meant the world to him. He was his idol, his role model. Ever since his mom walked out on them when he was only little, Tobi’s dad is all he’s ever had as far as parents are concerned. His dad is really all Tobi has ever had and to loose him…to loose him would destroy his entire world.

            “Tobi, I am so sorry. I know how hard this is for you.”

“It’s fine.”

“This is the furthest thing from fine.”

“It’s fine. Can we drop the subject please?”

So I stopped talking and we watched a movie and finished our pizza without another word. At the end of the night, as I was leaving, I had to say something to Tobi. I couldn’t just leave things the way they were.

“I’m sorry about tonight. I really didn’t mean to push the subject.”

“I know and I’m sorry I acted like a total jerk about it. Talk to you tomorrow?”

“Of course.” With that, Tobi gave me a goodnight/I’m sorry hug and I headed home.

            Normally after loosing a game I wake up to a text from Tobi asking how I was feeling. I didn’t wake up to that this morning. Instead I texted him to ask how he was feeling. I didn’t get a reply until after I had finished my breakfast and gotten ready for school. His message didn’t say much, just that he ws fine but he wouldn’t be coming to school today. He was probably going to spend the day with his dad making surehe was okay.

            The school day took forever but when the last bell did ring I still took my time leaving. All te excitement of the halloween bash had everyone buzzing and the last thing I wanted to do was go home and do homework. I wandered around the school for a bit before I decided to just go home because there was really nothing to do around here. On the bright bright side, no one was home when I got there so I could just sit in peace and quiet for a little while.

            Not to long after I got in Tobi texted me. I was really happy about this because he was on my mind all day but I didn’t text him because I didn’t want to bother him if he was spending the day with his dad.

T: Hey, sorry I’ve been so quiet today.

It’s alright. Did you spend the day with your dad?

T: Yeah but I missed you too.

He missed me? He just saw me yesterday. Maybe it wasn’t just me. Maybe he actually had feelings for me. But how would I find that out for sure? I don’t want to be the girl who gets all creepy just to find out if he likes me.

T: So, you excited about the halloween bash? It’s our first high school dance.

Before I could even send a reply my pone was ringing and it was Tobi. I laughed lightly as I picked up the phone.

“Maybe you should let someone answer a text every now and then.”

“Haha well hi to you too. It was just easier for me to talk about this over the phone. I have a question your you. Friend to friend.”

“Okay then ask away.” What he said next, I was not expecting.

“There is a girl in our class that I want to ask to the halloween bash but I’m not entirely sure she likes me like that. How do I go about asking her out?”

            Well that was dissapointing. Here I am thinking that he might have a crush on me when in reality he was just being nice and now he’s asking for advice on asking another girl out…wow.

“In all honesty Tobi, I would just flat out ask her, before she gets a date to the dance. So in all reality you have four days left to ask her. Hop on it!”

“Okay thanks! That’s all I really called for. I have to go get ready. We’re taking my dad out for dinner.”

“Okay have fun! Shoot me a text when you’re home.”

“I will. OH! I almost forgot, since I have you chatting on the phone, will you go to the halloween bash with me?”

Bit 3

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