“And that one shot that was going right for the top corner...I think that was the best save of the entire game!” Tobi wasn’t much of a soccer player those days because he would rather spend his sports life chucking a football at his team and hoping that they can run fast enough to get to the end zone before being plowed over, but he still came to every single one of my games. I did get him to admit, once, that he missed playing soccer with me.

“However, if I must be prude,” for some reason he thought that talking in a fancy British accent would lessen the blow of bad news. “The one goal that you did manage to let slip by you was a rather easy goal that I think my grandpappy could have saved.” For a guy that hasn’t played in years and claims to not be all that into soccer, he sure had a lot to say.

“You know something Tobi? You seem to have forgotten that I know how to punch...hard.”

He took off sprinting. I stayed behind with Tobi’s brother laughing as he made a beeline through the parking lot. When Jonah and I finally got to the car, Tobi was sitting on the hood, out of breath and rubbing his knee.

“You okay there little man?”

“Yep Joe, I’m dandy.”

“Don’t call me Joe.”

“Don’t call me little man.”

These two had the best brother to brother relationship I have ever seen, but holy crap they never shut up. “Um hey! Remember me? The girl holding the massive cooler AND all her soccer stuff.” Right away Jonah came to grab one end of the cooler while he unlocked the car. Neither of us expected Tobi to help out, his leg was bothering him too much.

This was nothing new with Tobi. Not since his surgery. Him and I have been best friends since we were in diapers. We sort of disconnected when we were younger. His family had to move to accommodate Tobi and his cancer. I still got to see him for a few hours every now and then but he wasn’t the same Tobi. He would never go outside and play tag with me or ride his bike to race me. Back then I was too young to understand why he was so tired and never wanted to do anything. He went through a lot of therapy and treatments before the doctors realized that the only way to save his life was to cut off his leg. That was where all the tumors were forming. After the surgery it wasn’t long before he got his prosthetic leg and was walking again. It took some time but he adjusted nicely. Ever since then Tobi has been cancer free and has never let his leg, or lack of, hold him back from anything.

The ride home was quiet. I was just so tired and Tobi never really talked when he was hurting like this, and Jonah? I don’t know maybe he just figured it was best not to talk, even the radio was really low. It was a longer ride home tonight because my game was out in Fort Erie. I think Tobi started to fall asleep because when my phone chimed, he jumped a little.

“Sorry. I thought I had it on vibrate,” I giggled a little.

“Mhm,” was all he said before he rolled over in his seat so that he was facing the window.

It was my best friend, Brooke, that had texted me.

B: Hey! Good game tonight. Championships here we come!

Brooke and I only met a few years ago when I started playing for this team and since then we have grown extremely close.

Haha thanks! But I can’t take all of the credit, your defense was on point tonight!

She is one of, if not the best defender our team has and can be a little cocky about it.

B: When is my defense ever off point :p So who was the cutie you were leaving with tonight?

It took me a minute to realize that she was talking about Tobi but I smiled a bit.

Tobi? He has been at every single one of our games since the season started back in June and you’re just noticing him for the first time now?

B: Well if I’m only asking about him now, obviously this is the first I’ve seen him. Are you guys a thing?

Reading this message almost made me spit my water all over Jonah’s car. I actually had to think about how I wanted to answer this…

No, just friends…

B: But you like him don’t you?

            Of course I did! Any girl in the world would be stupid to turn him down. Just his looks were enough to get a girls attention. Tall, dark, and handsome is the only way to describe Tobi. He has that hair style that all the guys seem to have lately. It’s dark brown, almost black, and is just long enough to peek out from under his baseball cap but not long enough to make him look like a hippie. He’s just short of six feet tall and is very well built from head to toe. You know how some guys have muscles that are way to big for them? It just makes them look awkward? Yeah, not Tobi. He’s built the way you would expect a fourteen year old boy to look, toned but not jacked. The best part was that his build was natural. He never tried by going to the gym. Whatever he gained came from years of football. His eyes were a hazel colour, more brown then green but suited him perfectly. His smile was adorable because he always had this shy look when he smiled. His dimples…oh his dimples when he smiled just made things even better.

            But it wasn’t Tobi’s looks that made me fall for him. Yes he was a very good looking guy but his personality was worth so much more. He’s just so easy to talk to, he always has been. He could get the most shy little kid to talk to him. He looked at the world in the most positive way and finds the bright side in every situation. He could make you laugh no matter how upset you were and he makes it impossible to stay mad at him. The best thing about him? He genuinely got to know you. Not because he just met you and is trying to create small talk, not because he wanted to be your friend only for a little while, not because he wanted to find out juicy gossip, but because he really just wanted to know you. Your struggles and your proudest moments, but oddly enough, he would never talk about himself. He was humble that way.

            But I knew Tobi too well. He would never risk our friendship like that.

I do but we’ve been friends since we could crawl. He is never going to see me like that.

B: You’re never going to know how he sees you if he doesn’t know how you see him. Maybe I’ll open his eyes a little at the next game ;)

A slight panic ran through me at this point. I think my heart even skipped a beat.


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