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For any who read this, Un-fit for magic highschool is going to be a collective work. If you so please, you are allowed to add a bit with your own charecters to the tale. Now here are the rules and the setting.


1. Your stroy is your story, be sure to state when your tale takes place. Once that is decided, you are allowed to change the world as you see fit. Kill a charecter, create a new class or club, even change the school... Within several bounds.

2. Do not alter someone else's charecters. You are free to have charecters from different bits interact. But ultimately the fate of that charecter is the original authors to chose. (unless otherwise designated at the end of the story)

3. Nothing too inapropriate. It's not literotica and it doesn't have to be for six year olds.

4. Follow a story. If your tale takes off close to the end of someone elses, drastic changes probably haven't happened since then, but then again...


Magic HighSchool is set in a world where humans have been seperated from Magicians and Wizards by the Taint Free act. All people who show any ability in magic and the Arcane, no matter how small. Is sent to the Magic HighSchool for seven years in order to learn how to properly wield their magic. All wizards and magicians are branded upon Reaching the Highschool with a mark of Arcane. these marks are used to identify and help segregate the magically adept from the normal people. There are many different ways magic manifests its self in this world. For some it's in the form of classic wizardry through the memorization of spells and rituals, for others, it manifest as an exceptional but limited, ability. Such as being able to create fire from nothing and control it but only being able to do that. Or having incredible speed in actionas, but not the mind or reactions to keep up.

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