Bit 2 Chapter Two

To say that this place was large, is a temendous mistake. This place is GIGANTIC, it should have its own zipcode. As  we got closer the house got more mezmerising all I could muster up was. ​"Wow!" I said. N​ash just laughed. ​"What does Angela do for a living?" I asked. "She is a Co-CEO of a major law firm." Nash said. "Well then, no wonder they can afford a place like this."  I said. "Just wait until you see the inside." Nash said with a laugh. We get to the front door, and Nash starts unloading my life, all of a sudden there was a blonde boy draped around my left ankle. ​"Tyler, I presume." I said.  I bent down and picked him up. "New nanny." He said with excitment, then this god aweful scretch came from inside the house. "TYLER!" the voice said.  The two giant glass doors swang open, and then a women emurging to whom I presumed was Mrs Angela Ashley. ​"Tyler, how dare you run outside. You are lucky that you are not being grounded for a month." She said. Grounded, she is not talking to a teenager, definitely a lawyer. At this stage I still had Tyler in my arms; then she snatched him away. ​"Mrs Ashley?" I asked. Holding my hand out to greet her. ​"You must be the new one!" she sniddered.  She huffed, for added dramatic effects. I could hear Nash roaring in laughter at my response to Mrs Anglea Ashley. On down side she noticed too, which resulted in both of us recieveing a look of scould. "Lucas, show her around would you." Anglea demanded. I​ rushed over to Nash's side.  "She thinks your name is Lucas?" I asked. "She thinks all of our names are Lucas." Nash replies.  He laughs at the fact. ​"Nice work with Anglea by the way. You have some gruff about you. Mr Ashley's going to love that." Nash said. "I'm sorry, I can't tolerate rude people." I said. "Don't be sorry. You need that sort of attitude in this business." Nash said with a laugh. ​​​​​​​​


"Come on, let me give you the grand tour!" Nash said.  He opened the front doors. I quickly texted Helena, letting her know that I had arrived safely. "Now I'll take you to your room first, so you can drop your things off." Nash said.  N​ash leads me down a winding stairwell, up past what appears to be a staff rec room and bar. It was absolutley breath taking, passing a few more rooms, we come to the last door on the right, and the door reads "Nanny Lorelai." "My door has my name on it?" I said looking up at Nash. He chuckled and opened the door. I looked around the room it was absolutely immaculate. I couldn't decide whether or not to take my shoes off. ​Nash leans down and whispers.  "I know what you are thinking, but Mr Ashley likes to take care of us, and another bonus is that Mrs Ashley doesnt even know that this part exists." Nash informed me. "She just thinks we evaporate and then re appear when she needs us." Nash continued. Laughing to himself.​​ "He is such a generous man!" I said. S​till trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. "What until you meet him! Now put your things down. So we can get this tour wrapped up." Nash said. ​



Nash took me down the hall to the staff rec room. It had a fully stoked bar, customised LCD wide-screen TV, a pool table, dart board; high tech sound system... Nash sums it up as a guys heaven. He introduced me to the chefs Stan, Josh, and Gabe. After that it was out of he rec room, down the hidden stairwell to where he showed me the kitchen, then the pool hall, with the 50 meter heated indoor pool; spa and gym. The outdoor entertainment area, and a seperate entertainment area for the kids, over looking the valley below!  "A lot to show in just a few hours aye?" Nash asked.​"You have no idea.. I feel like I might need a map." I said. Nash chuckles and then his pager vibrates, he glances at it. "That's Mr Ashley, I've got to go. Shall be back in around  20 minutes depending on traffic of course." Nash said. Nash​ started to walk away. "Wait Nash, what do I do now?" "Explore! Have a look around." Nash enthused. "Right look around." I said to myself.  I head back to the hidden stairwell, to go 'explore' my room. I entered my bedroom, still astonished as I was the first time I'd walked in. Someone had drawn back the curtains and I had a stunning view overlooking the valley, not to mention a breathtaking balcony to enjoy it on. I took a picture and sent it through to Helena and Derek. I flopped on to the bed, it was like falling on top of a cloud it was pink and baby blue in colour, with a splash of white it was colourful, yet elegant. I found a letter addressed to me and a couple of remotes on the bedside table, there was a pink remote I pressed one of the buttons, and out of nowhere emerged a lilac-crystal encrusted 72 inch plasma TV. ​ "Oh you've got to be kidding me." I said to myself.  Every channel you could possibly ever want on ​there; including what seemed to be camera angles from all over the house, including a few camera angles from the outside. Which I first thought would be from where I would be working from most of the time. I thought it was kind of odd being on my TV screen 24/7. I pressed another one of the shimmery buttons and the TV disappeared back into the wall. On the other remote, which was white with a push of a button the whole bed turn in to a massive massage bed. The other buttons on the white remote drew the curtains opened and close, turned the fan on and off, to open and close the wardrobe. Finally there was this blue crystal encrusted remote, and above one of the buttons was a sticky note reading 'push me', so I did and on the desk appeared a hot pink, blue and diamond encrusted box that read "To Lorelai, open this box as soon as you discover it." "I love this place!" I said to myself.​​​  I grabbed the letter that inside at the top of the box, the letter was from Mr Ashley. It read:​

"Dear Lorelai,
I'm so glad that you made it here safely. Please find 3 remotes at your disposal. Pink:​ is your entainment. Controls your TV, laptop, phone, pager.B​lue:controls your desk and whatever functions it contains. Please​ read the manuel that is in the top draw on your desk. White: controls your bedroom functions please read this manual which is in the second draw on your desk.​ If you have located the remote with the 'push me' label, upon finding this letter you would have noticed that a pink and blue box appeared in front of you. Open this box now. There are a few things you will need to have done before I arrive home, on the day you get here.
Once again I welcome you in to my home, which you can now call your own. Please enjoy. I look forward to meeting you on your first day.
Kindest Regards,
George Ashley."
I open the huge box, everything inside is colour coded; everything had to be open in order.
"Lorelai, please read the following instructions carefully,
1. open the small purple box" I grabbed the first small purple box, and opened it. It was a set of pink crystal encrusted headphones. Which at first I found completely strange. "2. insert headphones into desk jack." I look around. "There is no headphone jack on the desk" I said to myself. Next thing I know a headphone jack appears on the desk. I inserted the headphone cord into the jack on the desk. "3. watch video."  A video started playing on what I first thought was a mirror, which is now of course a projection screen. It was an induction video of sorts from Mr Ashley. Asking a few health questions, which I thought was fine. Then however it asked from a blood sample, a needle with a pad emerged from my desk. I pressed my finger on to the pin then pressed on the pad. The video then instructed me to go through the remaining contents in the box. I did as I was instructed, the remaining items in the box was a set of personalised keys, a laptop, a new mobile phone, a pager, and a few papers to have signed. At the bottom of the box was my uniform. Which I was eager to see, I dragged it out of the box, and held it up infront of the mirror, I continued on to hang it in the wardobe, and I almost had a heart attack the wardrobe was incredible! I've never seen so many clothes in my life... how did Mr George know my size? I thought to myself. MY bathroom is in my wardrobe, that's right a bathroom in my wardobe.... I was definitely in heaven, for sure. I had to be, this stuff doesnt happen at least not outside of the movies.
I started reading all the manuels, I felt like a secret agent. Next thing I knew my pager went off, notifying me that Nash and Mr Ashely had arrived home. I put on my uniform, raced straight downstairs, and stood in one of the lines formed by the doorway. Nash opened the door for Mr Ashley, Nash was right Mr Ashley was quite intimidating, he was the same height as Nash, with blonde hair, caucasion. That was the only difference between Nash and Mr Ashley. Mrs Ashley run down the hallway to greet her husband, Tyler escapes from her grips and attaches himself to my left ankle... again. Mr Ashley begins to greet everyone, he finally gets to me he smiles at me with the whitest smile I've ever seen. "Lorelai, it's such a pleasure to finally meet you." he said. Glancing down at Tyler, who is still wrapped around my ankle. Chuckles and says.  "I see you've met Tyler." Mr Ashley said with a smile. "Yes sir, he is such a little chracter." I said.   He laughs and whispers to me. "Please call me George." He said. "Of course sir." I said.  I could hear the rest of the crew laughing, especially Nash.​ "Come on guys lets eat, and Nanny Lorelai can come and meet Melissa." George said.  We enter the dinning room, where I see this pretty blonde girl wokring on something. I assume that it was Melissa. ​"Nanny Lorelai, this is my beautiful daughter Melissa." George said.  She comes over and gives me a gentle hug. ​She returned to the table resuming her homework. "Mummy, can Nanny Lorelai help me with my homework?" Melissa asked. "Finally, I could use a drink." Angela said. Leaving the room. ​"Your time to shine." Nash said. Giving me a nudge I walk over to the table with Tyler stll wrapped around my ankle, I pick him up and sit him on my lap and start helpng Melissa with her home work. "She's a natural." George whispered to Nash.  Nash nods in agreement.  "So what exactly are you struggling with, hun?" I asked her.  She points to her addition on the bottom of the page. ​"Hmm, let's see what we have got here." I said to her. I look at her problems, and thought a few different fun ways to help her learn. "Come with me." I said. G​rabbing her hand, and taking her to the pool. "Now, sit on the edge of the pool, and we can count the problem and solve the problems in a more exciting way." I said to her. "So what was the first question? 10+3?" I asked. "How many would that be?" I continued. George watches us through the window, and Nash gives me the thumbs up. So we count the problem out together. ​" So what does that equal?" I asked Melissa. "13?" Melissa answered with confidence. "Very good! See I told you, you can do it!" I said enthusiastically. M​elissa gives me a hug, I then get a page for dinner. "A​lright missy, it's dinner time. I bet you're hungry." I said. "I'm so hungry." Melissa said. We go back inside, and Melissa sits up at the dinner table. I was then hailed by Nash, I say goodbye to Melissa and Tyler walked over to Nash. ​"​You rang?" I said to Nash.  He chuckled. "It's time for dinner." He informed me. "Lead the way." I instructed Nash. He led me down another secret passage way. ​"​What are we, spies?" I questioned Nash. Nash looked at me. ​"No, it's not because of Angela?" I answered his silent question. He nodded. "No way that's insane!" I said. "But that is just the way it is." Nash said. O​pening another door, which led to another emmaculate dinning room.
"You're kidding me right?" I said. "You really need to catch up on a few things!" Nash said with a chuckle.​
 ​​ ​ ​ ​​


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