Bit 1 Chapter One

April 21st 2002

''Dear Diary, the day has FINALLY arrived. I"m just about to head to the airport for a year abroad in the UK. To be a nanny for a couple of rich folk in London! I've never been so excited in my whole life. It's going to be one hell of a 21st present. It's going to be hard saying goodbye to everyone but I'll be back around christmas time, so the time away will fly by. This is Lorelai signing off for another day."​


Airport 3:15pm

"I can't believe you're actually doing this." Helena said. "I know it only feels like yesterday I was  making the plans to do this, and now it's finally here!" I said. "But I'll be back before you know it." I continued. comforting Helena how is my older sister​​​​. My older brother Derek is also here seeing me off, Tina my mother is with my father Roger in his new work environment. My dad recently got a promotion to CEO in one of the countries largest Coal mining companies in the Hunter Valley. So I can understand why they both couldnt be here today. " We will come and visit you when you have settled in,​​ and we will do like a group tour or something, the five of us. Shane, myself, Lara and Derek." Helena assured me. "Yeah that sounds like a great idea." Derek added. "Yeah it does." I said with a smile on my face. "Flight 360 is now boarding." Flight attendant said over the PA. "Oh my god!" I said hugging my sister, and brother. "Alright this is me, I'll keep in touch everyday." I continued. "You better." Derek said pulling me in tight giving me a bear hug, then a kiss on the cheek.  My baby sister, all by herself in London, I still remember when you where yay big." Derek said. "Yeah I'm going to miss you too, Derek." I said tears now running down my face. "Goodbye Helena" I continued. "Goodbye. Keep in touch Biatch." She said with tears streaming down her face. "I love you guys, I'll call you when I land." I assured them.


 I boarded onto the plane, and got settled into my seat. It probably wasn't the best idea having my first flight being 21 hours in duration.... probably should have done a few domestic flghts first o get use to the whole thing. But I'm here now better make the best of it. "mame, would you like any refreshments?" one kind flight attendent asked. "That would be great, thank you." I said. "Well we have a full range of beverages from alcohol, through to soft drinks, and any food from this menu here." She said. She shows me options from the menu, I had a quick skim through the options. "Can I please have just a bag of pretzels and a bottle of water, for now please?" I asked. "Certaintly miss." She said coming back with my request quite swiftly. "Thanks." I replied. "No worries, enjoy the remainder of yor flight." She said. A few hours go by and before I know it the fasten in your seat belt sign lit up and the announcement from the captain rang out of the speakers.  "Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten in your seat belts as we are about to land at Heathrow Airport, we hope you have had a pleasant flight with us, enjoy your the journey that remains ahead for you. Thank you!" The captain said. I got all my luggage together, I could'nt believe my eyes all the snow I could see outside was amazing. I wish my family was here to see it they'd love it! I made my way to the arrival area, I felt like I was in a movie or something, drivers waiting with signs with peoples names on it, it felt very Hollywood. I found a sign with my name on it and headed towards it. "Are you Miss Channing?" The guy asked. He was kind of intimidating at first. He was so tall, dark-skinned and built like Arnie. I was so nervous to answer until he said. "Don't worry I don't bite. My name is Nash. He said with a pearly white smile. I felt so much better now. "Yes, I'm Miss Channing, but please call me Lorelai." I said. "It's very nice to finally meet you Lorelai. I'm here to escort you to the Ashley Manor." Nash said. "A manor?" I asked him.  I would probably die from embarassment if Nash was to turn around to see the puzzled look I had on my face this very second. "Just wait until you see it for yourself!" Nash said.  then having a nice quite chuckle to himself. He must of seen my face after all. ​"It's about 2 hours away, so we have all the time in the world to answer any questions you may have. Because I'm guessing you have many." Nash said  having another chuckle to himself. ​​"Okay, how long have you been with the Ashley's?" I asked. "I've been a personal driver/ bodyguard for the Ashley's for about 20 years." Nash responded. "Personal driver? they sound loaded." I said to myself. Regretting this later, as I thought I said it to myself. By the outbursting laughter from Nash I guess he heard that. ​"You have no idea." Nash answering my idiotic remark. "Come on, let me help you with that." Nash said. Taking my bags from me and loading them into the boot of the oversized SUV. "So I take it you're the new nanny?​" Nash asked. "Mr Ashley didn't tell you? Yeah I'm the new nanny." I said. "Alittle nervous now that you've said 'new' nanny." I continued. "You have nothing to worry about the kids are going to love you. Tyler is awesome he has just turned 3, and Melissa she's 12 bright, very well behaved. They both are." Nash said. "Don't worry about George, Well Mr Ashley, he can be very intimidating but he is a really big softy as for his 'new' wife Angela. You have to watch out for her. She worries me a bit." Nash continued. "This is not making me feel better Nash." I said.  He again let out a massive chuckle. ​"You'll be fine I'll secretly show you the ropes." Nash said.  Nash said this with a big mischevious grin. "You're not going to get me in trouble on my first day. Are you Nash?" I said.  He looks at me with a grin. ​"No, not today atleast." He said. "Don't worry you're going to be fine." He reassured me. "Tyler's going to love you. He loves all the 'new' nannies." Nash said. "New nannies? How many nannies does Mr Ashley go through? I asked intrigued. "Depends, most nannies can't handle how Angela is. But I've got a feel you are going to be different." Nash assures me. "Thank you Nash, that gives me a lot of confidence." I said. giving Nash a big smile. ​​​​​​​​​


Nash and I hadn't even reached the 30 minute mark in our drive home, so I thought I'd ask more questions about the Ashley's. "​So Nash?" I asked. W​inds down the window.  "You rang?" He answered. "What does Mr and Mrs Ashley do for a living?" I asked. "Mr Ashley, is the CEO and Head Scientist for the CDC for the entire European area." Nash answered. "Wow that's insane!" I said. "That sounds like some scary stuff." I continued.  My mind wondered about the severity of Mr Ashley's job. "You would not believe some of the stuffed he has saved us from." Nash said."It gets nightmarish." Nash continued.  I shuddered at the thought of what Mr Ashley's job entails. "Wait Mr Ashley tells you? Wouldn't this sort of stuff be classified information?" I asked. "It is, but from time to time, when Angleas not around, or is out clubbing. He'll come down and play poker with the crew and let some things fly with me." Nash said. "He sounds like a lovely guy." I said. "Like I said, wait until you meet him." Nash said. "What do you mean about Angela going clubbing? How old is she?" I asked. "Barely 25." Nash responded. "Really? You're joking right?" I said. "I wish I was." Nash said.  His face in the review mirror said it all. ​ "What happened to Mrs Ashley. If you don't mind me asking?" I probbed. "The late Mrs Ashley, was a beautiful, beautiful woman. But when she sucummed to her battle with cervical cancer.... for two long years she fought the hard fight. Then Mr Ashley met Angela." Nash said. You could see the painful memory written all over his face. It was heartbreaking. ​"Oh my god, that is so aweful." I said. "Yeah, the kids haven't been the same since." Nash announced. Nash let out a huge sigh. ​" But the kids seem to love Angela, for some unknown reason." Nash said. Letting out another painful sigh. "But they are going to adore you." Nash revealed. I smile before saying. ​"I hope so, otherwise it's going to be a long year." I said. "Don't worry, Mr Ashley wouldn't have hired you if he didn't think you could make this work." Nash said assuringly. "Thanks Nash. I'm very eager to get started." I said. "How about you get some rest first... cause you are going to need it." Nash said. Chuckling to himself once more.​​ "I'll wake you up when we get there." Nash continued.


 ​​​​​ I​ took Nash's advice, and fell asleep. Nash was a quite driver which was exactly what I needed. It couldn't have been more than 15 minutes before Nash rolled down the window and said. "Lorelai, we are about 5 minutes away." Nash said.  We pulled up to this gated community, of sorts. And at the end of the street was a large, not large. GIGANTIC manor. I've never seen anything like it. It was incredible. ​


Nash enters the gates security code. We drive up the drive way.





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  • Demi Fenwick
    Demi Fenwick over 4 years ago

    Yeah I just re-read it, I think I should focus on the way I paragraph too lol. Thanks Gretchen for your feedback :)

  • Gretchen Campbell
    Gretchen Campbell over 4 years ago

    can you split up the paragraphs? it would make it easier to read. Other than that, this is pretty interesting. I'm really curious about what happened to the "other nannies". hope you post the next part soon!