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Bit 2 Nothing is Ever What it Seems

 I took a second look, it was no more. A third and I was confounded. What witchery this was or dread ill had taken me I knew not. I only knew I was terrified.

I turned and ran. I ran down West Minister St. and I passed the Ice-cream shop on Fairview and Maine. I ran until my lungs felt as if they would burst and and my heart pop out of it's calcium cage.

So it was in this state of affair, this conglomerate of disaster that I was, that I met her. I was bent with my hands on my knees breathing deeply when I inhaled her unearthly aroma, unable to see her face. Sweet like candy, yet soft, not over powering. It spoke volumes to my soul and I was immediately aware of my funny state of happening.

“How do you do sir?” Her voice was like a cool breeze by the lake on a warm spring night. “I do say! Are you alright?” She spoke with such care and concern. I could only imagine the beautiful face that must belong to such a sweet dame.

“Oh, quite alright, really. It is nothing you see.” I struggled to make up an excuse for my person's disarray. “I was merely getting a good stretch in,” I said this as I pulled my arms behind my back and stood up so that I might take in her features for the first time.

My face paled. It was the thing I had seen in the tree. With a screeching howl it lunged.  

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