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Bit 1 The End Of The World

End of the world. What a Cliché title. It's been used so many times before in movies, books, and games. But just wait and think about it a little in a real situation... Let's say a type of parasite or something like that, got released from a lab. No one even knows about it, not even the scientists. They have already been infected with it; it's too late for them. Now imagine this parasite, toxin, whatever you want to call it, is spreading around the world. Somehow it was able to spread quickly without any minor symptoms. It finally gets to where you live. You don't know, your sister doesn't know, no one knows.

You're in school, and when in class your teachers get called away to the office; Every teacher is called. This isn't normal; usually they would have teacher meetings after school when all the students have gone home. You get curious and go to take a look. You overhear them talking about some sick students in the sick room, and how the school will have to be shut down. Then you hear a noise... then screaming and choking and yelling. You see your teacher crawl out through the doorway, look at you in the eyes and reach her hand out towards you. You want to go help her but you hear a terrible screech and she was pulled back in. Her horrified screams echo in the hallway...

This makes you think of end of the world. Doesn't it? If not, there is more. People start breaking apart; everyone moving into groups, taking over different parts of the school. It's like gang fights over Cafeteria food and gym equipment. It's like a world war three in the school and outside. Trying to survive just with people and then you have to worry about the monsters. That makes you think of the end of the world right? I sure think that's the end of the world for me.


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  • Andrew Nichols
    Andrew Nichols over 3 years ago

    Personally when I think of the end of the world I do think zombies yes, but there are other ways out there that the world could end. For example: this skrawl. Another example could WW3 breaks out and countries left and right are sending out warheads, nuclear bombs, etc. Even an unknown life form from another planet or galaxy ways of transportation we do not have and even possible technology we don't have that is more ancient or advanced that somehow greatly puts us at a disadvantage. I like zombies yes, but I think there are better and many original ways to come up with an apocalyptic situation than just zombies. not hatting, just a bit of critique.

  • Skrawl Community Manager
    Skrawl Community Manager about 4 years ago

    I think about this all the time! (Well, not literally). I always wonder if people think i'm crazy because I do. Have you heard of the movie The Purge? That's the one scenario that I think would come true the most; really scary. Great skrawl by the way! Looking forward to more work from you! :)