The purr of the Mustang's engine disrupted the quiet night, and at a neck breaking speed, it sped along. Through the windshield overgrown tree branches spider webbed, creating an eerie tunnel effect. “What the hell is going on?” I asked. “There's something you must see” Jake said. A sigh of relief escaped my lips when he removed from my head the revolver, and tossed it in the dash.


“Come on Jake! Slow down” I pleaded when the car slipped not once but twice while rounding a corner. But Jake's combat boot only bored down harder on the gas pedal. Forced too grab for my seat belt, I did so, but fear stopped me from adjusting it when I noticed that Jake wasn't wearing his own. “God damn it!” I cursed. “Are you trying to kill us?” Reaching over, I then quickly grabbed for the arm rest when the car screeched around around corner.


“I'm only trying to protect you” I heard Jake utter as I drew in a breath. But leaned over the wheel, he looked as if he was ready to take on anything that dared get in his way. “Where are we going?” I asked. “The abandoned Monastery”


Cold was the chill that raced up my spine when my thoughts flashed back to my father. Although some thought depression had drove him too kill, I blamed the monastery. For here was something evil about its dwellings; something so vile that no one dared too acknowledge its presence. “We must not go there” I pleaded, but the cars speedometer had only jumped another notch. “There is something you must see” Jake uttered, not once did his foot leave the gas petal.


“What does the monastery have to do with Mathew?” I asked.


“Stay away from him” Jake warned. “He wants what he cannot find” Another notch was added to the speedometer which forced me to cry out. “That's crazy....” But my words trailed off when Jake shot me a cold glare. “Matthew killed those woman” he barked, but his speculation only made my eyes roll. “Now why on earth would he do that?” I asked. “For the same reason your father did” Anger tore through me at an untimely pace as my mind spun in circles. “What do you know about my father!” I screamed. “All five woman killed were pregnant” Jake shot back. “For Pete sakes! That's only a rumor”First Matthew, now Jake, neither of them was willing too leave the discussion of my family alone, and it truly made no sense as too why they even cared in the first place. I knew my father was a killer, but his means too kill was nothing more than a psychopathic urge, and yet! Everyone assumed it was something else.




“Of course that's what you believe” Jake said. “Or maybe you believe I killed them?” 'Had I thought that?' my mind screamed. Although I knew there was no other way to explain his emotional outburst.

“It's not me whose obsessed with your fathers madness.” Jake uttered, but his words brought me no comfort. A slight sigh escaped my lips when I thought back to when we had fist met. And I could call vividly the kindness that drew me in; the fiery spirit that captured my heart, but that was before the heavy drinking. Now Jake was just a man who oozed hatred, poured straight from the very whiskey he drank.


Through the dim headlights I desperately tried too follow the twisted, chipped paved country road, but the heavy drops of rain that trailed flashes of lightening made it difficult too see. “The time has come, revenge is sweet” whispered a deep voice that came in the form of a thought. A whisper that emerged from a voice that I knew all too well. “Go to hell” I mumbled to the voice of my father, and from that very moment I knew something was wrong. Heavy was the gust of wind that emerged from the darkness. “Slow down! Somethings wrong!” I screamed when the wind picked up its pace, but it was too late.


Having slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting what emerged from the forest, Jake then spun the wheel, but fear slid up my throat when the Mustang slammed nose first into the ditch. The car then flipped over, skidded some more and came to a rest on its roof. Although I remained semi consciousness, I could recall the still running engine of the car, but the burning sensation in my chest where the belt restrained me jolted me wide awake.


The impact was harsh enough that shards of glass continued to rain down upon me, and my mind could do nothing but play out the accident like a never ending nightmare. Blood proceeded to pour from a deep gash above my brow, and pain tore through my right knee, rendering me unable too use it. Forced to place one hand against the cars crumpled roof, I did so, but cursed when a piece of jagged metal bit into my flesh. Straining to lift my body, I then proceeded too unlatch my seat belt, shifting my weight until I fell.


A thorough scan rendered me heartbroken when I found the drive seat empty. Searching through the glove department, I pulled out Jake’s revolver and tossed aside the ammo clip. Using the pistol I then busted a hole in the spider webbed windshield, and squeezed my body through the narrow space. “Damn it Jake!” I cursed, for a sharp muscle contraction had forced me to my knees.


In an attempt to find him, I crawled back too the wreckage. Having found the drivers side windshield in tact, I breathed a sigh of relief, for he hadn't been thrown from the car' “Where the hell did you go” I whispered. But suddenly dread fell over me when I re-entered the way I had exited. “Jake!” I called out. “Jake can you hear me?”


“Come on!” I pleaded, but sharp was the bitter scent of gasoline that assaulted my sense of smell and through the broken glass I proceeded to crawl, until I found him. “Dear God no!” I cried when I saw him. A piece of metal had tore through his chest. Although the blood that trickled from his mouth was fresh, I knew he wasn't breathing, and I could only assume he died instantly. A warning went of in my head when the engine sputtered, and the car spared me little time too escape. Scampering too my feet, I then bolted for the road, just as the car went up in flames.


Bit 2

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