Disgusted, I pushed past my staggering fiance, slipped off my engagement ring and hurled it across the solid oak kitchen. I then blew out a tired sigh when Jake fixed his eyes on a full glass of whiskey. 'Where you going?' I asked, but Jake never answered. He only proceeded to lift his car keys from their appointed hook. What ever it was; what ever he was about to do, I feared the worst.


Quietly I strangled a sob when Jake's eyes fell away from the glass, but only then did I notice the dark circles that pooled beneath them, a tribute to whatever plagued him. Fresh tears sprung to my eyes when he removed his .45 automatic revolver from its holster. His dirty blond hair now soaked in sweat, beads of it running down his unshaven face. 'Speak to me!” I cried, but he only continued to lock a fully loaded ammo clip in place.


“Jesus Jake!” I screamed. “It doesn't have to end this way?” I only cringed when his fist connected with the counter top in drunken frustration. “He must not have it” He uttered.


“Who must not have what?” I asked, but my question was only answered by a scream when Jake lashed out, and grabbed my wrist.


“Stay away from that house” He warned. My eyes widened in shock at Jake' response. For I could not understand, nor bring myself to even comprehend his concern. “Is that what this is about?” I asked. 'The Dinner Party?” With a sharp pull of my hand, I finally broke free of his grip, but only to step back and adjust my bathrobe, wrapping it tightly around my waist. More tears sprung to my eyes for which I soaked the sleeve of my robe when I swept the back of my wrist across my cheek. Jake's odd behavior, his drinking and constant gambling brought about far too many sleepless nights, for which I could not justify. Unable too determine a logical reasoning, I blamed Jake's paranoid delusions on a mean spirited father; a man who never gave a damn about his son.


“He must be stopped” Jake screamed, but I only stood horrified, unable too do anything except watch him open the door and step out. “I mean it Amanda” he breathed between a tightly clenched teeth “Stay away from that house” Anger surged through my veins, turning my blood ice cold, but I could say nothing in reply to Jake's demand, for he had only slammed the door behind him. 'Damn you!' I cursed as I proceeded to pick up my engagement ring on my way to the window, but Jake was long gone, having only left tire tracks in his wake.

Cover Bit 2

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