when I ask for your love I want it not for that day but forever. when I ask for your heart it means don't give me a fake one and love me. when i ask you to love me don't fake it. i will never make it. i cant survive being so alone. ill wait and search for answers i will never find you cant see me cry. im sick of no one only the fact there is no one. no one is here no one cares. no one takes you seriously. they laugh at you. kill yourself. no one loves you. you dont have any friends. people hate you. your weird. your a freak. your stupid. your a bitch. cutter. whore. slut. just slit your wrist. but i cant i told him im not going to anymore. he wouldnt know. he doesnt say much. your ungreatful. hes gonna leave you. everyone does. your insane. you talk to yourself. you so lonely. you ha

Lonely Emo Goth Saddness Horror