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Bit 1 Plot 1 'In the Eyes of a Blind Girl'

Most people treated Akari with hate. She was a gentle girl. Kind and innocent. What else would you expect from the girl who was blind?

School was hard for a blind girl. Sometimes senses would go off and she would bump into someone. People would pick on you just like if you were deaf. Girls called her ugly and boys called her blind and not worth their time. She became quiet for this and stayed like that until middle school. Just because she was blind didn't mean she was different.
The girl studied every night and learned to feel. She would ask her care taker to read homework to her and quiz her. She became the top student in high honors because of this.

All because of a friend she made.

Now it is high school and akari has made very few friends who take the time to care for her. The school has a disabled program for her classes but she takes none of them. Because of her hard work and effort, she has classes with all seeing people and is able to follow really well as long as the teacher speaks everything she writes. All teachers do so that is no problem.
Best part for this is that she isn't afraid of telling other kids to be quite. Most of the time they will look at her, and she can sense it. But the teacher will turn around and tell them to be quiet because of course, no one can hear the teacher if they are talking.

Bullying was still a big part of being in this school, but staying here for two years was enough for her to get used to it. It is now her Junior year and she is 16 soon  to be 17 in August (though the month this role-play starts in will be November )

IT was a same chilly yet nice day outside. Everyone in the classes were the same, being loud and obnoxious. Akari was sitting in the front next to a window starring out at the window, as if she could see. As the teacher walked in, she announces there will be a new student joining the class.
The next thing Akari hears is the teacher speaking, her voice changing as if her head turned "Please... Introduce yourself to the class"
A few seconds go by before a few footsteps of someone walking in is heard and then suddenly stops. About the same distance from where the teacher would be standing. She could feel everything.

The student cleared their throat and spoke. "Hello. My name is..." (y/c name)
The student was a male.

Plot point-

This is suppose to be a Role-play about a blind girl who is bullied and threatened by other students in the school. Though they are mean, she is always cheerful and ignores them. The new student (obviously y/c) is to befriend her and studied how she lives her life. Finding out the harsh parts of her life and maybe some romance to sprout. (DEFINITELY NO RUSHING YOU THIRSTY SHITS) (<---- I'm playing xD I know not all of you are thirsty shits. )


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