Gazing around the hallway, I frowned when I noticed Imogen was nowhere in sight. Usually, by the break she was by her locker, mingling with our posse. Spinning in circles, I felt a confused expression twist my face.

Maybe she's in the bathroom.

Turning around, I squeaked when I ran into someone's chest. Grunting, I sidestepped them, but they did so at the same time in the same direction. Scowling, I looked up to see Danny's smirking, shit-disturbing face.

Sighing in a rather large huff, I glared up at him and grabbed his arms. Turning myself around to make sure he didn't sidestep into me once more, I started to make my way down the hallway in search of my best friend.

"If you're looking for Imogen, you're not going to find her," he called, making people's heads turn in curiosity. 

"Is that a challenge?" I asked, walking backwards to see his reaction. He only chuckled and ran a thumb over his very kissable lips. Not that I know what that's like. He shook his head in amusement.

Turning back around, I put a slight sway in my step. I love showing him what he can't have. 

Entering the bathroom, I checked for any closed stalls, but they were all open and vacant. Gritting my teeth together in irritation, I clenched a fist, but quickly released it along with a calming breath. Standing in front of the mirror, I checked my reflection and scowled at my hair. Curly hair—when managed—is gorgeous. Curly hair—when unmanaged—is a nightmare. 

Gathering my hair into one hand, I secure it into a fashionable messy bun.

Grabbing Danny's phone, I looked at it for a second and smirked. Pulling it out of my back pocket, I contemplated putting in my shirt so he couldn't just swipe it. Tentatively, I slipped his phone into my shirt and turned my body sideways to see if you could see it. It was invisible. No onlooker would ever know it was there.

Smirking, I shook my head in disbelief I exited the bathroom only to come face to face with Danny once more. His arm was braced against the entrance of the girls' washroom, which was an open doorway with a 180 curve at the far wall. Rolling my eyes, I ducked under his arm and continued walking away from him. He easily caught up.

"I told you that you wouldn't find her," he smirked, falling into step beside me. I simply ignored him while he laughed.

"Why are you following me?" I asked as I passed through a doorway to the stairwell at the front of the school. 

"Because I can, Babe," he said as we walked down the two flights of stairs. His eyes seemed to be trained on my feet as I opted to walk down the steps without the aid of the handrail. I wasn't hindered in the slightest. Heels are but an extension of my leg now. His facial expression almost seemed concerned.

"Stop calling me that," I muttered, but he still heard me. 

"This is a free country. I can say what I wish, but thanks for your input Aubrey. It was very much needed," he said dryly and I fixed him with a stare at the bottom of the landing. 

"Remember, I have your phone," I said in a warning tone and then he shut right up. Passing through another doorway to get to the main floor, I walked past the library and computer lab and into Perkis Hall. It was there that I found Imogen, but she wasn't alone.

My mouth dropped when I saw she was fraternizing with the enemy. She was chatting animatedly with Michael; he was Danny's best friend

Giving Duncan a look, I walked faster towards the table with the armchairs surrounding it and plopped down.

"Hi, Michael," I said sweetly, "bye, Michael," I waved and pointed at Danny who was slowly making his way to the table with a slow, easy grin. Michael chuckled and smiled at Imogen who was completely smitten. She had her goo-goo-gaga eyes on.

"Hey, Mike? Can I borrow your phone?" I heard Danny say. Michael then handed over his phone without a question as to why he wasn't using his own.

Imogen glared at me and I started communicating with her using my eyes. She tilted her head and I jerked my chin towards the guys and her eyes widened partially. 

"Why were you with Danny?" she asked and I pursed my lips.

"Why were you with Michael," I quipped in return. She shrugged guiltily and laughed quietly.

"Touché," she responded and I laughed too.

"Hey, Aubs, why are they still staring at us?" she asked and I looked behind me to see Michael and Danny snickering at our expense. 

"That might have something to do with me," I said and Imogen let out a tiny squeal.

"What did you do?" she asked and I laughed, thinking back to the library scene.

"I may or may not have stolen Danny's phone and shoved it in my bra. I told him he could have it back if he could guess my bra size."

Imogen's eyes were so wide that I legit thought her eyes would pop out of her black-rimmed eyelids. 

"You what?" she said loudly, gaining the attention of the few other people sitting in tables trying to do their work. 

Whether or not it was because of us, the remaining people in Perkis Hall left, leaving it to be just Danny, Michael, Imogen and me.

Danny and Michael sat down at the table next to ours and they started tapping the screen of the phone. Not moments later, Aiden, Alex and Shawn joined us. It was the entirety of the bus clan. Oh goody.

After much whispering on their end, Adrian laughed and pulled out his phone before training it on Imogen and I. Imogen and I exchanged confused glances, but then panic set in. Oh shit—

"My milkshake bring all the boys to the yard and damn right; it's better than yours..." The song was muffled against my boobs and shirt, but it was heard by all regardless. I jumped and then fought to remain expressionless, but it was proving to be a difficult task.

The phone vibrated against my boobs and I tried to maintain a straight face, but my face was being a bitch and decided to grow a brain and make other decisions. Squealing in discomfort, I plunged my hand down my shirt and withdrew the phone.

Imogen, the best friend that she is, decided to laugh along with the guys who were hooting and hollering.

"I have this on camera!" Adrian said, holding his phone triumphantly in the air. 

Glaring at Imogen, I mouthed traitor in her direction, but she shrugged it off. Turning my attention to the boys who were now high-fiving Danny, I slipped the ringer off and turned the volume off as well. Pocketing the phone, I smirked and shook my head. 

"You still don't get your phone back, Danny. That wasn't our deal. Bravo. You found the location. That doesn't mean you can have it back," I quipped, but at that, he shook his head sardonically at me. Standing up, he made his way over to me. 

Holding my ground, I watched as he took step after step towards me. Leering at me, he stopped when our bodies were nearly touching. 

Reaching behind me, his arm grazed my waist and his hand settled on my ass. Glaring up at him, I moved my arms to smack him away, but his other arm locked me in place. He put his hand into my back pocket, but the wrong one. He squeezed slightly and I jerked in surprise. 

My skin became hot and my heart started beating really 

"Whoops," he breathed and then proceeded to put his hand in the other pocket. After withdrawing his phone, he didn't back up and I couldn't because there was a table stopping me from doing so.

"You're a 34 DDD. Or a 34 F. They're the same size," he whispered and I blushed as he obviously tried to sneak a peak down my shirt. Stepping to the side after he released me, I felt my face flush slightly.

Our eyes met and when I gazed into his eyes, I saw amusement and admiration. Admiration for what exactly I could not tell you. 

The bell rang and I broke the stare off. Looking at Imogen, her mouth was hanging right open. 

This has been the most interesting day and I've only been to one class so far. Fuck my life.

Bit 3 Bit 5

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