Growling in frustration, I sighed and raked a hand through my unruly, red curls. Scowling, I gazed at the clock that seems to be moving backwards instead of forwards. Danny smirked at me and continued doodling on our homework-planning sheet.

"Can you stop drawing dicks and just focus, Danny?" I snarled as he added pubes to the picture. 

I take back what I said. This is going to be the worst of all my high school experiences and there are no events short to that devastating list.

"Aubrey? Chill the fuck out," Adrian said, resting his hand on the back of my chair. Turning my head to the side, my eyes zeroed in on the hand that seemed to be getting closer to my shoulder.

"Don't touch me," I warned and Adrian held his hands up in surrender.

"Meow," he purred and he even held a hand out in an imitation of a paw. 

"But seriously? Just chill out. He's just practicing-" Adrian didn't get to finish that sentence due to the fact that Danny smacked him hard with the back of his hand.

"Aubrey? You're good at writing. Me? I suck at writing and you've shot down every idea I have had and it's not because I haven't been trying," Danny pointed out.

"That would be because you have given ideas fit for a preschooler. Seriously? First, you wanted our story to be about a donkey named Gerard who had a nasty habit of farting in front of his lady donkey friend-that's quite like our situation, is it not? -And then you wanted to make a story about a pencil named Tyrone, who wanted to be an eraser. What even...?"

"Fine, then you can do it yourself," he scowled and leaned back in his chair. 

Cue raging bitch face.

"Daniel Noël Tanner. If I do this entire project on my own, I swear to everything holy and unholy I will make your life a living hell on earth," I snapped and all of a sudden I was overly aware that the entire room was not only silent, but watching the exchange with hidden-or not hidden-amusement.

"You two already fight like a married couple," Mr. Grimer remarked, making the class erupt into hysterics. Scowling still, I clenched my pencil tightly between my fingers.

"I can already see who will be wearing the pants in this relationship," Adrian snickered and at that, a surge of pressure exploded in my hand and the pencil snapped. Danny eyes widened at the broken pencil in my hands and Adrian slapped his knee before throwing his head back in a boisterous guffaw.

"Danny? I'd do what the lady says. You're about to be sent to the doghouse and you aren't even married yet," Michael laughed, strolling forward to stand beside Adrian. 

"Mr Grimer? Can we go to the library or something so we can actually work on something instead of providing a makeshift reality tv episode for all to watch?" I asked in annoyance and he nodded his head.

"Danny, let's go," I muttered while I collected all of my stuff. He, however, did not move a muscle. Instead, he smirked at me and he put his hands behind his back.

"I don't know... I don't really like taking orders from girls... or gingers," he snickered and my face blossomed with colour.

"First of all, I'm not ginger. My hair is fire engine red, not orange, get your colours right. Second, you can't say sexist crap like that without expecting repercussions. Now, let's go." 

He sighed and shrugged before grabbing his backpack from the back of his chair. Standing beside me, I was painfully aware that he was way taller than me. 

"Why do you wear heels?" he asked suddenly, looking down at my feet. I shrugged and made my way out of the classroom. Walking down the hallway to the library that could hardly be called a library, I looked behind me to see Danny shamelessly checking me out.

"See something you like?" I asked with a snort and shook my head.

"Yes," he retorted and I raised an eyebrow. That's new.

"Too bad. It's off limits," I smirked and when I looked back to see his expression, I saw only confusion.

"Since when is this brownie off limits?" he asked, gazing down at the chocolate in his hand. Damn... that burns. 

Realization lit up his features and a smug expression spread across his lips.

"Oh. You thought I was talking about you. Sorry, babe. I prefer brunettes," he bit out and I gave him a noncommittal shrug.

"You also like girls who are willing to drop their panties for you. You are bored by everyone here. Tell me; have you found a girl that is actually worth sticking around for?" I asked and Danny suddenly stopped walking.

"Yes, actually, I have. Now, I'm bored with this conversation. Let's just get this over with," he sighed and brushed past me. Entering the library, I gave the librarian a nod and then I moved past Danny who seemed to be lost in the small, barely-qualifying-as-a-library room.

"Over here," I muttered and he nodded, following me.

Pulling out a chair, we sat across from each other. Handing him one of my pens, I sighed and shook my head and started jotting out ideas. In the centre of the page, I wrote out the words target audience: children and then drew a circle around it. From there, I webbed out different things that appeal to them. Looking over at Danny, I saw he had his phone out.

Snatching it from his unsuspecting hands, I put it in my pocket and tapped the page in front of him. Growling in annoyance, he swept a hand through his hair and started tapping the pen on the table.

"Danny! Just do your work and I will relieve you of my evil clutches!" I scolded and he looked at me with a blank expression. The said device started making noises and I looked down at the screen to see a sordid message from none other than Adrian. Scowling, I shut the screen off and slid it back into my pocket away from Danny's eyes. 

R u on ur way 2 boning her?

"You, my good Sir, have a very questionable taste in friends," I said with an arched eyebrow after a moment of letting the message sink in. Danny smirked at that and in return also cocked a brow.

"Oh?" he asked with a small smile and he leaned forward across the table closer to me.

"Yes. You have a rather troublesome message waiting for you from Adrian. It has to do with me," I said, hiding a smile. 

"Hmm, what did the message say, then?" he asked, playing along. Keeping a straight face, I looked down at the screen and looked up at him with partially hidden amusement.

"He said... you know what? I'll let you read it for yourself. When you do your part," I smirked and the playful look on his face was gone. Instead, he was now pouting at me and giving me puppy dog eyes at me.

"While that face might score you a one-way ticket to Easy-Ville, it takes a lot more than that to win me over, Danny," I mused and he frowned.

"Everyone likes puppies," he murmured and I scoffed.

"I like cats more," I retorted and his pale blue eyes narrowed.

"You hate cats, Aubrey," he said and I froze. How did he know that

"Exactly," is all I said after that. 

We sat in comfortable silence as the minutes ticked onward at least until an obnoxious butt-belch sound occurred. Scrunching my eyebrows together, I looked up at Danny who in turn was snickering. Rolling my eyes, I went to pull up my shirt to cover my nose, but then I remembered I was wearing a low-cut black t-shirt.

Danny seemed to realize this too because he leaned back and continued to snigger at my expense. Taking his page in his hands, he started to rip up the page into small pieces. He then proceeded to roll them up into little balls. 

Grinning at me like an idiot, he started pelting the paper pieces down my shirt. Eye twitching, I tried to feel annoyed, but to be honest I was completely amused. There are worse things in the world than having your crush throw paper down your shirt as an excuse of improving his aim.

Eventually, it got to the point where I actually started giggling. His aim is horrible. I almost feel bad for it.

"You know, for one who does so many sports, you'd think that you succeed in the ordinary task of throwing paper down a girl's shirt," I said dryly, making a faint blush spread across his pale skin.

"It's not my fault you have small boobs," he responded and I spluttered. Arching an eyebrow, I looked down my shirt and then back up at him. His blushing red face was adorable and I knew without a doubt he was just teasing me. 

"Do you know how bra sizing even works?" I asked and he shrugged.

"Of course I do," he answered and I smirked.

"So, since you're a male and a self-proclaimed bra-sizing-messiah, what size do you think I am?" I asked and he blinked.

"Um... I don't know. I'd have to see them," he smirked and I snorted. 

"How about this? I will give you your phone back if you can guess my bra size," I smirked and he stared unabashedly at my chest. He leaned forward and he looked like he wanted to poke it.

"A size Z," he said after a moment and I snorted and shook my head. 

"You have no idea how bra sizing works," I said and he smirked.

"I have no idea how bra sizing works," he agreed and I smiled.

"There's a number and a letter. The number refers to how many inches the circumference of your chest is and the letter is how big the cup is," I clarified and he nodded.

"Is it in the thirties?" he asked and I inclined my head with a lopsided grin. This is too funny, I thought to myself. 

"Are you a 32?" he asked and I pursed my lips. Shaking my head side to side, he hissed through his teeth and tapped his chin with a long finger. 

"A 36?" I shook my head once more. 

"Then you have to be a 34," he nodded, proud of himself.

"Okay, and cup size?" 

He frowned and leaned closer across the table once more.

"A D-cup?" he asked and I bit back a smile.

"Wrong," I responded and he pouted. 

"Bigger or smaller?" he asked and I shrugged in return.

"Okay, well then. I'm guessing bigger. Are you a DD?" I smirked and shook my head.

"Bigger," I replied and he frowned.

"What's bigger than a DD?" he questioned and I chuckled. 

"Figure it out," I said just as the bell rang.

"Our deal still stands. You'll get your phone when you can guess," I laughed and picked up all of my stuff in a single sweep. Blowing him a kiss over my shoulder, I noted that his mouth was hanging open in disbelief. Laughing at the funny visual, I shook my head and left the library, suddenly hungry.

Bit 2 Bit 4

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