The obnoxious school bell rang in my ears and as I glared up at the ceiling, I dropped my binder for the one and only class I actually enjoy. I have four blocks in one school day and the courses switch order every day, rotating through four possible schedules. 

Bending over, I quickly retrieved my binder and as I did so, whistles erupted behind me. A moment of rage passed through me before I smoothed over my face and slowly stood up. Turning around slowly and methodically, I gave the boys a once over and smirked. Then scowled and walked away... after slamming my locker shut and locking my lock obviously.

"Hey, babe 82," I heard a soft voice in my ear and I blanched again, although secretly, I enjoyed his presence. 

"Hey, Danny," I whispered back in the exact same tone, "and it's Aubrey to you," I snarled. Whipping around, I saw a crowd of rowdy guys surrounding me. 

"To what do I owe the pleasure of the bus clan?" I asked, sarcasm dripping from my voice. A soft laugh rumbled in Danny's throat and I took the moment to check him out... Goddamn. I wish you weren't so attractive. I want to hate you... I want to hate you so bad.

A knowing grin twisted his lips and he reciprocated my action. Shamelessly, his eyes zeroed in on my chest, but as I was aware, he would argue and say he was reading the graphic tee. As if. Snickers erupted in the hallway behind me and I winced when I saw my best friend, Imogen, giving me "the look". 

Before I could gesture for her to help me, she walked into the English classroom. Of course... she's no help at all. 

Rolling my eyes, I returned my attention to Danny who was smirking at me with slightly narrowed pale blue eyes. 

"You just got thrown to the wolves," he murmured, chuckling in amusement.

His auburn hair was sticking every which way and I couldn't help but wonder how soft his hair was. It looked like he just got out of the shower because his hair seemed to be slightly damp on the bottom layer; the ends curled ever so slightly.

"Like what you see?" he asked and leaned forward, but he was still a respectful distance away. It was then that he stepped forward again and I felt my walls go up. He just got too close for comfort. 

I scoffed and looked at him with a teasing glint in my eye. I caught the eyes of his best friend Michael whose hair was far too long and was in desperate need of a haircut. 

"Not a chance in hell. You need to try far harder than that, Danny." 

"She looks great in red, hey?" Adrian nudged Danny and I noticed that the slightest amount of pink made its way to his cheeks.

"...Yeah," he finally muttered making his friends laugh and pound on his back. 

"Hey! Hey! Aubrey! I'll be Burger King and you'll be McDonald's. I'll have it my way and you'll be loving it," Adrian shouted, making the remainder of people in hall abruptly look over. Feeling my face start to heat up, I grumbled under my breath about hating fast food before I sped walk into the English classroom.

Skittering forward, I pulled out my chair and slumped beside my best friend who was smirking at me. She snickered at my face and I pursed my lips at her before pulling out my laptop and pulling up my latest novel. It was called Absconiditus, but I wasn't sure about it. I mean... the concept is cool, but I don't know how I'm going to continue it.

Other than Imogen, I had three other close friends, but I was the type of person to be super isolated except for those around me that had the pleasure of knowing me in day care. Adrian was one of them... but we drifted apart.

The chair beside me squealed in protest and my mouth dropped when I saw Danny sit beside me. 

"Do you just like to aggravate me?" I snarled and huffed, leaning back in my chair with my arms crossed over my chest. He was about to retort when the teacher hobbled to the front of the class. He grinned at the class and immediately every one shut up. He's honestly one of the only good teachers in the school. 

"Okay, okay, settle down. I have an announcement. Since we're talking about classic world literature..." the class snickers and I scowl. I love literature. How dare they mock it? I felt Danny's eyes on my profile and I turned my head to meet his eyes head on. His eyes held mischief... but I'm sure my eyes relayed the exact same thing. 

"-so keep that in mind." My gaze snapped to the front of the class and I gaped at the teacher. His gaze lingered on Danny and I before he smiled.

"Aubrey! Can you tell us what we're doing?" I flipped my curly red hair over my shoulder, whipping Danny in the face in the process and grinned. He scowled and his friends snickered and held up a pad of gold star stickers. You really wouldn't believe they're fifteen and sixteen. They act like they're still in kindergarten, never mind sophomores.

"That I can, Sir! We are listening to you give out the instructions for our next project," I replied. It was a very safe answer and Mr. Grimer knew it.

"Yes, yes... but what is the project?" I paused and I felt my face heat up.

"It has something to do with the great writers of Canada?" I fist pumped the air and the class erupted in laughter. Why are they laughing? That wasn't meant to be funny...

"Okay. Who can tell Aubrey what we're doing since she thought Danny was more interesting," Mr. Grimer said, looking around the room. 

Once again, students all around us were laughing, staring at Danny and I. My school, Banff Community High School, had maybe three hundred students and we all grew up together. Everyone basically knew where everyone lived; we all used to be closer.

"Imogen! Why don't you enlighten your best friend?" Imogen tried her best at a scowl, but failed miserably. She grinned at me and channeled her latest character in drama class.

"Alrighty, Sir Grin-a-lot! Aubrey," she turned to me and made a big show of taking a huge inhalation," we are writing a children's book with a partner. It must have a storyline intelligent enough for sophomores and it must have illustrations Is that all of it or did I miss anything...?" she questioned herself, looking around the room before she gasped again and added, "It will have to be worked on during your own time and we have a month to finish it because it's worth fifteen percent!" she grinned at Mr. Grimer and he nodded, satisfied with her spiel.

"I want Aubrey!"

"Aubrey; be my partner!"

"You write books! Aubrey, you'll obviously want me because I can draw amazing stick people!"

"Dude... you can't even draw a penis right."

At that last comment, I snorted and turned around in my chair to see Alex, one of the five members of the bus clan, smirking at Adrian. Giving Alex a grin, I turned to Adrian and smirked. 

"That's right. Your drawings are anatomically incorrect. It looks like a baseball bat with two baseballs that aren't even attached to the shaft of the penis," I snorted and his eyes narrowed.

"How would you know?" he asked challengingly. Shuffling through my binder, I grabbed several different tests. Holding them up for him to see, he turned scarlet and shut up. Needless to say, when the teacher designated a marker for every test, Adrian was my marker. He drew a penis on every single page. What an immature ass hat.

"Actually... I have assigned your partners. I purposely did this to encourage you to mingle with other people." The class groaned.

"Really? You're assigning partners?" A girl named Emma groaned and Mr. Grimer laughed.

"That's right. Now... because I'm feeling generous, I will let you have your wish, Aubrey. Seeing as you and Mr. Tanner were so chatty and chummy, you two will be the first pair." 

The class roared with laughter and I felt a piece of paper fall down my shirt. Someone tugged on a coil of hair and I jerked my head away, yanking my hair out of their hands. Reaching into the front of my shirt, I unfolded the paper to see a diagram. Well... I say diagram, but Adrian really was a shitty drawer.

"What the shit is that supposed to be?" I asked, frowning and squinting at the page. 

"Oh... wait... that's writing. Right," I said, trying to decipher the alien code from above. Danny, who was grinning at me, snatched the page out of my hand and crumpled it in his hand. "Hey! That's mine!" I yelped, trying to reach for it. Smirking, he shoved his hand down his pants and the paper note - along with his hand - disappeared out of view. Wrinkling my nose in disgust, I turned my nose up into the air.

"Never mind. I'm not interested anymore," I said, turning away and looking at Imogen. She was biting her lip and I could tell the effort she was putting in not to just crawl up into a ball on the floor and sign her own death certificate stating that she legitimately died of laughter.

"Danny Tanner! Get your hand out of your pants. Give me the note. The class will be very interested to know what this ruckus is all about." It was then that I realized everyone was staring at Danny and I... well... everyone was staring at where his hand was.

Lifting his hand from out of his pants, he brought the paper out with it and tossed it at the teacher. 

"By all means, Mr. Grimer. Read it aloud. Aubrey couldn't read it anyways. Maybe you'll have more success at deciphering Adrian's... lovely font," Danny smiled dubiously as Mr. Grimer smoothed out the paper.

Clearing his throat, he smirked at the page and his eyes rose to meet Adrian's. 

"Did you learn how to write?" Adrian squawked indignantly and huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Please, I was writing with my bad side. I have to practice incase sometime in my lifetime someone chops off my right hand. I am merely expanding my horizons," Adrian said, spreading his arms like SpongeBob does when saying imagination

Smirking, I turned in my chair and laughed.

"Adrian? Horizon is this way," I waved my arms parallel to the floor, "not this way," I said, repeating what he did. 

He mumbled a quick, "Whatever," before he excitedly looked to the front of the class where the teacher was trying to read what the note said. 

"Yeah... yup? Oh... no, it says yay... maybe... Aubrey Leigh Reed plus Danny Noël Tanner will happen. Aubranny 4 evr..." he arched an eyebrow and looked at the class. 

"Oh, wait! There's more. It says... p.s. maybe it should be Danbran. Or Danbrey! J J J I will be the... Okay then," he muttered making Adrian blush profusely. 

"What is this? Shipping? That's so tragic. I thought you all had more brain cells. Although, maybe that thought was too wishful of thinking. The class average of the latest test was an astoundingly low sixty-one percent," he rambled on, smirking at the class." He grabbed a stack of papers and began calling people's names for each of us to collect our own. 

"Aubrey Reed... Danny Tanner... Imogen Pindle..." I meandered to the front of the class and grinned when I saw my mark. 98%. Danny looked at my score and his mouth dropped before he scowled. 

"Know it all," he muttered and I scoffed and met his eyes.

"No I'm not. Have you seen me in science or math? Eesh." I shuddered at the thought of those classes.

"Alrighty! Chop chop, children! Get to work with your partners. This is the only class time you'll get in the next month. Everything else will have to be done in your own time.

Looking to the side, I saw Danny grinning, leaning on the desk. I rolled my eyes and when he went to retort, his arm slipped from the desk and he crashed to the floor. 

Clutching my stomach, I let out a laugh and regarded his blushing form.

Maybe there are worse things in the world than working on a project with Danny Noel Tanner.

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