"Aubrey Leigh Reed! Get your ass out of bed now!" I groaned and slammed my hand down on the clock before realizing it wasn't in fact my clock talking to me.

"Can I not go to school today and just sleep? Please! I do most of my learning outside of school anyway!" I shouted to the door, knowing that my mom just went down the hall to wake up my brother, Evan. He's thirteen. 

"Goddammit, Aubrey! Just get up and go to school! Do I really have to get your father to make you get up? Do I need to get a jug of cold water and pour it on your bed?" 

Needless to say, I got out of my bed pretty quickly. Snatching my bra off the floor, I quickly latched the hooks and spun it around, sliding the straps up my shoulders. Dashing to the closet in my room, I snatched my favourite red graphic tee off of the hanger and slipped it over my head. Running over to my dresser, I grabbed my black jeans and as I was still pulling the jeans over my butt, I opened my door and ran into the bathroom across the hall.

"Aubrey! I have to go to the bathroom!" Evan shouted, banging his fist on the door.

"Evan! Holy shit, we have three bathrooms in this house! Go in another one!" I shouted, pulling out my foundation and facial primer before glaring at the door when the banging didn't stop. 

"Mom! Aubrey won't let me take a shit!" My brother screeched and I rolled my eyes.

"Evan! You are thirteen years old! You don't get to swear! Go to another bathroom! Jesus Christ, you're aging me before my time. Stop fighting and get ready!" My mom hollered and I smirked, looking into the mirror. Then I stopped smirking. Damn... I look like shit.

Oh well! Who am I trying to impress?

Danny Tanner.

Glowering at my self-conscious through the mirror, I put two squirts of foundation into my hands and half-heartedly slathered it around my face. Grabbing my concealer, I covered my eyes that seemed to be purple from my insomnia. Gazing in the mirror, I put some lip balm on my chapped lips and then quickly swiped mascara over my blonde eyelashes. 

Viewing my hair sullenly, I realized there wasn't much I could do to fix my untamable hair. Wild curls bent in every direction was not my idea of a good hair day, though many would disagree. Sighing, I grabbed several hair ties and I bunched up my unkempt hair into a high bun. Securing it with the second hair tie, I sighed and gazed at the mirror. 

"Aubrey! You no longer have time for breakfast! You know... for someone so smart, you really can be a dumb ass," she said, opening the bathroom door. Glaring at her, I grimaced again and shook my head before exiting the bathroom.

Running down the stairs, I ran to the kitchen, grabbing my lunch. I forgot my backpack upstairs.

"Shit!" I shouted, leaving my lunch on the counter. 

"Aubrey! Stop swearing!" My mom yelled at me promptly as I ran past her and back up the stairs. Going back into my bedroom, I snatched my bag off of the floor. Dashing down the stairs, I grabbed my lunch and ran out the front door.

"Love you, Mom!" I shouted, slamming the front door shut. 

Sprinting down the hill, my backpack uncomfortably bounced on my back, making me feel awkward and bulky. My lunch bag (which literally was a brown paper bag) was starting to rip and the school bus was about to go past my stop. 

"Mother of all things unholy," I muttered, huffing in exertion. I growled as I swung my backpack onto my back. Holding my lunch with both hands, I prevented it from ripping further and grumbled under my breath.

The bus stopped and the door swung open revealing a smirking bus driver. He was an older man with greying hair and a receding hairline, but he was honestly so funny. I remember in elementary school, we'd sing SpongeBob Square Pants the entire ride on repeat to annoy certain people. To this day... that certain person can only tolerate SpongeBob. I gave him SpongeBob stickers and a Valentine's Day card in fifth grade and since then, he always teases me about getting a matching set of stickers. Asshole.

Glaring up at Gerry, the bus driver, he grinned good-naturedly back at me.

"I just wanted to see you run this morning," he laughed and my face blossomed with colour and I scowled. 

"Meanie," I said, going to my regular seat. In the back row, the bus clan was snickering at my expense, making my frown turn... well obviously not upside down. I think it just increased. 

"Hey, Babe. You can stop running after your dreams. I'm right here," Danny Tanner said, running his hands up and down the length of his strong, lithe body.

"You're my nightmare," I smirked, sitting in my chair. Footsteps sounded behind me and I turned around with narrowed eyes. It was Danny. 

"Damn girl, you remind me of a green bottle because I want to Mount and Do you!" 

"Danny. The only thing you'll be mounting is a horse," I snorted and his friends in the back of the bus just laughed. He frowned, but then smirked.

"Don't call yourself that... but... you know what? If you're into bestiality, then that's cool; I don't judge," he leaned closer, "in fact, I like a girl that knows what they want..." he winked and I felt my mouth drop. I squawked and went to drive my fist into his face, but he went back to his friends at the end of the bus, laughing. 

Fuming in my seat, I grabbed my black beats by Dr. Dre and drowned out the world with my music. Staring at the mountains immediately before the bus, I sighed in happiness. Snow covered the ground and I realized then that I didn't bring my coat in my rush to get on the bus. 

This is going to be a long day.

Cover Bit 2

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  • Dustin Poteet
    Dustin Poteet over 3 years ago

    Jug of cold water? 14 years since I finished school and parents still haven't come up with a better threat? Ha!! And, yes, it is awful growing up. Ha!!

  • Gretchen Campbell
    Gretchen Campbell over 3 years ago

    ouch that really sucks. I kinda miss those bus days though, good or bad. it sucks growing up