Delusional. I am completely Delusional. I think to myself as I walk up the long driveway to the security gate. The pathway up the the gate is lined with tall brick walls, which are covered with vines of various flowers. I can see the amazing mansion that towers above the gate, and for a moment I hesitate. Absolutely delusional. I remind myself, then confidently press the button attached to the gate.

The screen lights up, and the image of a burly security guard comes into view. "State your business." He demands, and I have to hold in a laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. "Um, i'm here to speak to Mr. Theodore Jameson..?"

"Do you have a meeting scheduled?" The guys asks in a doubtful tone.

My eyebrows furrow when I realize my mistake. "Oh, my bad. Not THE Mr. Jameson,...his son. Um, his friends call him Teddy?"

"I understand who you are referring to, young lady." His voice turns harsh. "Do you have a meeting scheduled?"

I scoff. "Is he that high maintenance?"

"Miss, if you are going to continue to waste my time then you should just leave."

Seriously? This guy is crazy! I'm about to start yelling when I hear a car pulling up behind me. 

I can see the reflection of a very expensive looking red and black car in the small screen.

Oh my god. Please don't be Mr. Jameson, please, please. 

"Hey, Martin! She's with me! Open the gate!" 

I turn around, confused. 

"C'mon, babe. Get in the car." 

Babe? The windows are tinted and I can't see the person the voice belongs to. But my goal is achieved! The gates open and the car pulls up next to me. The window rolls down, and an attractive blonde with a snapback on leans over to the passenger side window.

"Get in, sweetheart." He says with the cheesiest grin on his face. 

I hesitate, then I look up at the long driveway leading up to the mansion and sigh. "Sure thing, babe." 

One delusional thing after another.

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