Bit 1 Chapter 1:

I've been a fortune teller for as long as I could remember. At the age of five, our Ring Master handed me a crystal ball and said I should never let it out of my sight. Both my parents were performers in Stefephon's Circus before they died. I was only twelve at the time but it still hurts. Their lover's performance was everyone's favorite until one small slip of the rope and they died before the audience, holding hands as their necks stretched. Orphaned, Stefephon offered me a real job, the Fortune Teller's position. I had only played with tarot cards at the time, underestimating the pain of seeing the future. I would never wish it upon anyone. A simple soul, trapped in a circular frame of the ball, forced to steal peoples soul's in a single touch. I hated killing people but Stefephon was persistent  It was the only way our circus could survive. We moved all over the kingdom, hunting for more souls. My own being crushed by the guilty weight of death. 

"Never let that ball out of you sight, Ravenna." That's all he would say to me at every town entrance. "Keep it close to your heart, Ravenna." I hated him for it. Using me to gain power. Hundreds would walk into our little circus trap with smiles on their faces. Their eyes following the juggler’s colorful tools as their wallets lifted into the air and disappeared. 

Friendless and alone, I spent most of my days off wandering the new towns. Their culture and stability always amazed me. I loved the smell of the dirty roads, sweaty horses, and freshly-made bread. Their shouts and hollers of merchandise was music to my ears. Swirls of colors blinded me with joy. It was the only time I felt happy, alive. Who wouldn't want to live in a small town? I was an outcast within a city of outcasts. Ravenna Autumn, the majestic fortune teller, killer of believers, and a slave to the unholiest man of all time. 

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