"You're the script helper right? I heard you and Meridith were going to practice so I thought I'd come and join the group." Luke Adrem was, oh so casually, sitting on my living room sofa, the TV was on the news but he was looking at us. "How did you even get in! Why do you even need help?! You have photographic memory!" I screamed, forgetting about my father.
"Auntie Lissete let me in. You're house still looks the same." He said, a smirk playing on his face once again. "Sorry Meri, there's a cafe a couple of blocks away. Maybe we could do the practise there?" I asked, turning to the girl beside me, she had an amused look on her face, "Ah, yeah sur-"
"Ohh sweetie, stay. The cookies are about to finish." My mother replied, standing in the kitchen doorway, her white fllower patterened apron, hung loosely around her neck. Her hair was tied back, "Long time no see sweetheart" she said, smiling at Merideth, I heard a bang, on my right, and as I turned I saw Baby- Bell on the floor, lucky it looks like she landed on her side. "Bell!" I ran to her, but Merideth got there first, she carried the eighteen months old toddler in her arms. "Vi! Vi! Mera", she said, she may have been 18 months old but she only learned to say small words, and somehow shortened everything else. Vi or Violet was Meredith's name when 'Shadows' was alive. Oh right, I haven't explained what the Shadows was yet. Basically, there used to be six of us, Meri, Luke and obviously, Me, were part of it. We ran the town's news network. We handed out, newspapers that we wrote, and we had a broadcasting system at the city plaza. Until two years ago, when we all broke apart.

"Hey Bell" Merideth said, I heard Bell laugh and I saw Merideth tapping her nose with her forefinger. Luke must've gotten up because when I looked away from the two girls, I saw him walking out of the kitchen holding a tray of newly baked chocolate cookies in his gloves hands. "What some?" he asked, as if he was the one who lived here and not me. 
"You know" I said, drawing their attention,"he'd go balistic if he found out the two of you were here" I stared at them when neither reacted. "He knows" Luke said after a while, and I could have sworn my heart stopped. "Then how come your here?" I practically had to force the words to come out, because my mouth felt blocked.
"I told him your mom wanted to see us all, you know, as a reunion or something." He replied, head tilted down, face devoid of emotion. His voice was the only thing that didn't change.
I turned to Meredith "You knew about this?"
"Well it was kinda, probably, maybe, slightly my idea", holding her thumb and forefinger close together, well at least she had the decency to look embarrased by it. 
My heart was beating way too fast for my liking now, I dropped to the ground crouching on the floor, beinging my knees up and hiding my face in it. "Wait" lifting my head up "What about drama? how-?"

"Oh that was just a coincidence. I actually planned to just show up at your doorstep" she said, smiling like butter wouldn't melt. Crap. I fell for it. Seeing Merideth as a shy and easily nervous girl for the past two years, I'd completely forgotten what she was really like. "Wait! You told Jake it was a reunion-" my voice was cut off by the sound of the doorbell, followed by three knocks. Cassie's here..

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