The Legendarium team has put together a brief story outline and character breakdowns to help guide the story. These can be found in the “Background Info” Bit.

But first, here’s some information that may be helpful…

A short History Channel video about Leif Eriksson:

And the always super-reliable Wikipedia:


We’ll be adding more great giveaways as the project progresses, but here’s what we’re offering so far…

  1. Everyone who participates as a writer or voter will receive a free eBook edition of THE NARROW ROAD novel (, illustrated by David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge (, at the end of each voting period.
  2. Everyone who participates as a writer or voter will receive a free copy of Beyond the Westerns Seas, the digital album by the Lonely Mountain Band (, at the end of each voting period.
  3. Each winner (chapters 1-6) will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win a set of History Channel’s VIKINGS TV Series (, Seasons 1-3 on your choice of Blu-ray or DVD.
  4. Check back regularly for new giveaways!

PLEASE NOTE: Legendarium Media, LLC will own all copyrights to this story. Winning contributors will be eligible to receive a share of any profits based on his or her acceptance of our publishing terms and conditions in advance of publication. Legendarium reserves the right to make any changes to the story before publication, including the editing or removal of winning chapters, but winners will receive a share of the profits regardless of whether, or how, their work appears in the final publication. All winning writers will also receive Author or Writer credit in the final publication.

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