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Bit 1

Snow White continued her simple tune, singing, letting her voice rise above the merry tune of the blue birds and robins.

A static noise cut through her song.

She sighed. Always during the bridge. Did it have to be during the bridge? She lifted her wrist to her mouth and hissed into her bracelet. “Yes?”

The man’s voice sounded in her ear. “The queen is now in a meeting. Go to her secret room. Then tell me what she decides. Hurry!”

Snow White lowered her arm, slowly. Her heart raced and a flurry of fear rose in her chest. She’d met the huntsman in the wood last week. He’d revealed his badge and said he’d offer her safety in the Princess Protection Program, a new chance at life outside the castle and away from the Evil Queen. 

He needed to know if the Queen decided to set fire to the forest and blame the dwarves.

Everyone’s future was at stake. 

Snow White slipped down the hallway. She hoped that dratted mirror was covered up. He was always such a wise ass. Plaguing her with lies and cryptic remarks.

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