Bit 3 Cahpter 3: Fight At School

I walk out of the girls dorm with my large purple striped T-shirt and my black skinny jeans with my black and white conserves. I sit on the steps waiting for Nickolas to come outside from the boys dorm. Pulling my backpack off I look for my book where I draw different things. Finding it I pull it out and start drawing Nickolas perfectly detailed from his dark chocolate brown hair falling over his eye. His full lips with a small smirk playing on them. I stop for a moment and pull my headphones and phone out and put on the song, Jhené Aiko - The Worst. I put the volume loud but not loud enough to bust my ear drums out. I keep sketching him slightly blushing as I remembered when he leaned into me yesterday. I wanted him to kiss me so bad. His lips were right there an- What am I thinking! He probably has a girlfriend! Someone pulls my headphones off my head and laughs, "Looks like someone has a good eye for drawing someone from memory." I jump quickly dropping my sketching book looking shocked as Nickolas stands there smiling with my headphones and phone is his hands with his blue shirt outline his body shape, his jeans shaping him well, he and had some dark red sneakers. He comes near me and drops down to retrieve my sketch book and I drop down to help him. He smirked at me as he handed me my sketch book. "Wanna go to that place we were yesterday," he asks me and I nod at him. We sat there for a few minutes and his black fox appears watching me intently with its blue eyes. I hold my hand out and summon a little grey fox with golden eyes. It jumps down and trots over to Nickolas fox and they rub noses together. He smiles and scoots closer to me. I make the little fox disappear and so does Nickolas. I turn towards him and tackle him into a hug and he falls backwards chuckling. Someone steps from the bushes and stares at us. "Well, well, well. What do we have here. If it isn't Nick and his little friend." The brunette guy with green eyes says as he smirks towards me. Nick's hand's go around my waist and he sits up still holding me close. I look at the guy and two more step from the background of trees smiling towards me. My breath catches in my throat and I cling to Nickolas burying my face into his blue shirt. He growls and I feel the vibration rumble through his chest. The brunette guy pulls me away with such force I almost scream, but he covers my mouth too keep me from scream. The other two tackle Nickolas and he starts fighting back and so do I. The vampire goes to my neck and starts licking it. I kick him with everything but he slams me into the ground. He spreads his hand over my mouth and I bite him. He lets go and yells in agony and I pull myself up. I charge at him with all my might and start attacking him. He grabs me and slams my tiny frame of my body into the brick wall and presses himself up against me. "I know you are a siren, little one. Why are you with another vampire when you could be with me." He chuckles and I kick him running away. Nick knocks the blond vampire out and comes after me. I skid to a stop, and turn around backing myself into a wall. Closing my eyes I sreech at him and he drops to the floor attempting to block out the screeching. My powers come out and I freeze him on the spot where he is. I turn towards Nick who looked shocked then relieved that I was okay. He grabbed me and pull me towards him into an embrace and I hug him back. He picks me up as I tremble in his arms. He mumbles into my hair that I'm safe now. He opens the door to his room and closes it with his foot. He sits down on his still holding me and then shifts so I'm lying down on top of him. We just lay there listen to each others breather as Nick strokes my hair and rubs circles into the crease of my back. I pull myself up and get closer to him so I can hear his heart beat. It was so steady and I felt more comfortable. "I know those guys. They don't really like sirens cause they think they are just plain killers without intentions," he stops for a moment to look down at me then continues. "The brunette with green eyes is named Brent, the blond one is named Alex and the red head is named Max. I won't let them hurt you again. I promise." I look up at him and smile lightly and kiss him on the cheek. I lay back down and listened to his heartbeat again and fell asleep to its steady rhythm. Like a song to me. The last thing I heard before sleep took over was, "I love you, my little siren. Forever and always."

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