Bit 2 Chapter 2: The Midnight Dancer's School

As I wait for the bus at the bus stop I see there are other kids on their phones, reading books, or talking with their friends. Putting my black with purple trimmed headphones on I turn on the song Often by The Weeknd. Softly humming I feel like I'm being stared at, but I ignore it thinking it's someone staring off into space. The bus gets to the bus stop and everyone gets on the bus. Heading towards the back I find a seat with room for only one person maybe two since I have such a small frame. People start talking while others are listening to music. The bus stops again and more people get on and the bus gets even more louder. I turn my music up because I can't take it anymore. The bus stops again and everyone turns to see who is getting on the bus. I pull my headphones off and opened my eyes just to see who it is. A guy I think he's 6'0 ft. tall, with dark chocolate hair, light blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, and full pink lips the fade into his tanned skin that made me want to kiss him. Wait what was I thinking! My mouth slightly opened and I had a small gasp and he looked straight at me, a small smile played on his lips as he walked towards me. I scooted over slightly and he sat down next to me. His cologne smells really amazing I just wanna be around it all the time. He turns towards me and extends his hand so I can shake it. I shook his hand and smiled at him slightly. He chuckles and says, "Hello my name is Nickolas, What is your name?" I smiled more and sat up saying, "Hi I'm Serena, it's so nice to meet you." We talked the whole way to the school. It was only about twenty minutes away from where the last bus stop was. I told him a little about me and he told me a little about him. We got off the bus and girls kept running up to him, but he just walked past them and kept talking to me. The girls gave me mean glares like I had done it to them. Some of the girls swooned over him and he didn't accept their gifts. I pulled out my schedule and he pulled out his and we put it side by side and saw we had most classes together. I smiled as we walked towards the class of the theory's and facts of every creature. We sat in the back and we kept talking to each other I told him I was a siren, but I didn't have my powers yet, but I could transform into a siren a beautiful one. He told me he was a vampire and that his vampire wanted to let loose every few hours or so. I told him about how I have one brother, Alex, and that my parents are both alive. He told me he had a bigger brother and a little brother. The bigger one was named Matthew, and the little one was named, Maxwell. I giggled slightly as he told me this. The teacher walked in and smiled at the class saying, "Good morning class, I am Mr. Peterson. We will be talking about the facts about each creature. What do you know about mermaids and sirens?" I raised my hand and Mr. Peterson called on me. "Well since I am a siren myself, I can tell you that if we are on land it will not kill us even in mermaid form. We can breath in the air above water and below water. We can transform at will, but not on direct contact with water because that is too much trouble to deal with. After classes were over, we walked towards the tree which had lots of shade and sat down. We talked again and showed off little powers. He had a vampire essence, which was a black fox which was small enough to be in your lap. It had golden eyes that watched me intently. I smiled at it and made a motion for it to come closer towards me. I walked towards me cautiously and sniffed my hand. I turned towards Nickolas with a questioning look. "Well, I think it's because it's shy of you. I can tell you it's a boy so you don't have to wonder. It can speak not physically, but mentally. He says his name is Jones." I smile reassuringly towards the small black fox and he jumps on my lap. I start petting it and Nickolas made a small moaning sound as I rubbed the foxes ear. I looked towards him saying, "You can feel what he is feeling? Like if I pet him you feel it too?" He nods and I keep playing with the fox until Nickolas makes it disappear. He turned towards me and started leaning in, "Uh, Nickolas what are you doing," I ask as he stretches his hand out and I start wanting to get away. I close my eyes and he moves away again with a spider on his finger then he says," Sorry there was a spider there right behind you near your ear, I didn't want it to bite you," I blush because I felt so stupid. We keep talking for a while. I guess I might like this boarding school with the name of The Midnight Dancer School.

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