Bit 1 Chapter 1: The Dream

I wake up on the shoreline near the forest. I shift my legs around getting the pins and needles effect out of my legs. Stretching my whole body. Slowly I get up and walk towards the forest. I feel like I'm not alone as I walk into the forest. The trees are so green as the light bounces off the tree's leaves. Now getting used to walking on dry land again I walk gracefully past the plants letting the grass tickle my feet. I see a small lake and run towards it. I feel so calm, but I can't shake off the feeling of being watched by someone. Hearing my name being called by someone. Serena. Their voice sends shivers up and down my spine. I spin around and see nothing. My eyes scan the forest in front of me. Nothing at all. Turning towards the lake and lie down on my stomach. I stick my hand in the water feeling the warm water I pull my hand up letting the water drip down my arm. The voice returns again making me jolt again and turn towards the forest. I see a pair of light blue eyes that freeze me on the spot. The boy watches me with his blue eyes hiding in the forest's shadow not wanting to be seen. I stand up and stare at the boy back. I see the affection he has towards me in his eyes. I stretch my small pale finger out towards him. He glaces down at my hand and smirks slightly, but I still don't see what he looks like. He calls my name again in a husky voice. His eyes turning slightly red. A vampire. I feel so attracted to him. I want to be near him. I want him to kiss me. I shake my head my blond hair falling in front of my face. I look up and see the pair of blue eyes gone. I look around for him. When I don't see him I run towards the woods. I feel like something is behind me, but it's not him I run faster so I can get away from whatever is behind me. Turning right then straight towards the same lake I run quickly and jump in. Transforming myself into my siren form. My legs growing together turning a shade of pink and a fin coming out. My shirt disappears and a pink silk-like fabric covers my whole chest and stomach. My necklace feels slightly heavier and the jewelry necklace that is around my waist attaches to my tail. I poke my head out of the water and look around the light blue orbs come into view. I come out of the water more and pull myself towards the shore. The vampire talks to me huskily sending shivers through my back, "Serena I wanna see you completely I don't care if you are a siren. You will see me at a school. I won't tell you my name or where I am, but you will know where I am. See you soon love." He blows a kiss towards me. Lying down watching him and drift off to sleep once again hearing him saying, "I love you my little siren." Those were the last words he said before I blacked out.

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