The skies were brighter than they had been before; it was a new day for new challenges, but the old ones that still needed to be done. 

The bells in ST Mary’s church tower rung loudly, playing the traditional morning tune. The sound from the bells rocked my head, this increasing the pressure of this headache, how much did I drink last night? It must have been a lot as I couldn’t remember a thing from last night. 

The graveyard to the rear was silent, except for the calling of the birds and the ringing of the bells. There were many graves in the graveyard, but there was only one that I wanted; my wife’s. The headstone was pure and brand new. The stone itself blurred the name of my wife upon it, “Alice Jane Welker” It read, and it also had usual date upon them. The message engraved upon it was simple “Beauty will rise.” It was the lyric to one of our favourite songs, one that we always loved listening too. 

I placed the bunch of flowers next to the gravestone. Tears dropped from my eyes, hitting the ground below my feet. “I love you.” I said aloud.  

My phone vibrated from within my pocket, sliding it out I saw that it was work, but I didn’t answer. I didn’t want to go in just yet and doing what Ben had told me was the right thing to do at this time of need and pain. Work could wait for a few more hours. I cannot turn up smelling of alcohol, could I? 

My body trembled, my legs felt fragile and my arms dropped. Since the passing of my wife, nothing felt the same, everything seemed different. My life was different, the work I did was different, and the food I ate was different. This event changed me, change my life to make life feel even harder, but there is not much that I could have done in the end, it happened and I cannot change the past. I could of stop her from going out that night but I didn’t, I know I shouldn’t dwell on the past but I cannot help it. 

My stomach felt twisted, and I knew I could be sick at any moment, luckily I’m a master of my own body, so being sick was near impossible. But I still need to take something to settle this stomach. I opened up my side bag and pulled out a bottle of water and some paracetamol tablets. This made all the difference I needed, my stomach felt a little better but still not that much.  

My phone vibrated again and I again slipped my phone out. “Hello?” 

“Jonathan, it's Ben, you need to get to the office. Mae has handed in her resignation.” 

I just wanted to laugh, but I could over the phone “I’ll be there soon.” I said hanging up the phone. I slipped the phone back into my pocket, had Mae listened to my actions literally? Why would she do that? 

Along the main road, I walked passing the many house of the high street. It was fairly quiet on the roads for a Thursday morning, the school run should have been in full swing but it was still quiet. It was strange. 

As I approached the bridge, where river run under, I notice what looked like a body floating in the in it. I peered over the metal railing to get a better look, my thoughts were correct there was a body in the river. I took out my phone from my pocket. 

“It’s Detective Welker, I need assistance along college road, there’s a body in the new river.” I requested bettering it down the phone. 

“Ok, I’ll get a team there within five minutes.” said the officer on the other end of the phone. 

Time ticked by seconds by seconds. 5 minutes were up, and still no officer in sight. The body in the river was slowly getting drag in the current of the water but it was still in sight. Time continued to slip on by and soon sirens were heard, disturbing the peace of the quiet roads. Two of the cars continued up the road and the other two stopped on the bridge. Ben and Mercy exited one of the car and another two officers exited the other. They Ben and Mae approached whilst the other the police tape out. 

“Where’s the body?” Ben pledged. I pointed down the river where the body was still slowly getting dragged along, “Let’s go and get that body out of the water,” Ben handed over waterproofs which we placed over ourselves; after we empty our pocket and handing the content over to Mercy. When along the base of the river, Mercy followed gradually not wanting to get wet, whilst holding two lifeguarding poles. We catch up to the body, the face was covered up with a black bag over it, Ben and I removed ours shoes and socks, we did want them to get wet. The grass beneath my feet pricked as though they were razor blades. “Ready?” I nodded in agreement and be both slowly entered the waters. 

There was only one way to get this body out, and both knew what we were doing. The water was freezing including the spots where the sun was shining over. Mercy put one the hooped poles into the water as me and Ben pushed the head of the body through the hoop. Task one was the simple part the next part of getting the body out of the water was difficult though it was easy in theory. 

“Mercy dragged the body over to the side as best as you can,” I said, “Ben and I will push it from within,” Ben and Mercy both nodded, we all got in position and the body was slowly getting to the bank of the river. Two other officers came down from the path both in waterproof themselves. One was toward the head of the body and the other at the feet, they placed a body bag on the ground of the bank “Three, Two, One and up” As the word were said the body was lifted out from the water and place onto the body bag, which was soon zipped up.  

The officers gave out a hand, Ben got out first. On the other side of the river bank I noticed something poking out, it seemed slimy but shiny like a knife. “Jonathan come get out now,” Ben mentioned. I shook my head and slowly stepped across to the other side of the river bank “What are you doing?” I continued on knowing that Ben’s eyes were watching me. I stuck my hand out a pulled out the object “Is that a knife?” I turned around and nodded walking back over to the other side. “Good spot detective.” Ben said smiling. 

“The offers let out there hand and dragged me out from the waters. “Thanks Guys,” I handed the knife over to one the officers who place it into the evidence bag. “Let’s get this body to Higgins, shall we?” 

“That what therefore,” Be said pointing to the officers. “Let’s us get out of these things and get to the station.” We both walked up the path with our shoes in hands getting pricked as we walked on top of the sharp, razor like, grass. 

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