Bit 8 Chapter Eight

Twos hours had past and it was 7.30pm. I had arrived to my home. Another day at the office was over and all I needed was to relax. As I approached the door, I saw that it was still shut, and the curtains were closed. I jangled the keys out from my pocket and approached the door. Once again it was locked as though it was concreted in. I banged on the door loudly, as I could hear music playing from inside. Still there was no reply. I banged on the door once more, and waited.  

Minutes flied past and I remained outside, what is Jessie playing at? I whipped out my phone and saw no text messages at all or even missed calls. I typed in the home phone number and let rang. I heard the ring from within though it was soft, as the music still blurted out. It came to auto-messaging thing and I just hanged up. Where on earth was Jessie? What was she playing at? 

Realism set in, “The Back door!” I shouted. I never locked the back door, it should be open. Realising my mistake, I scooted my feet around and walk over to the gate of the garden. The gate was unlocked so access was easy. Walking through the gate windows were black out so seeing inside was impossible. Coming round the corner of the house I saw that the back door was wide open. “What has happened to Jessie?” I asked myself.  

I hopped into the doorway and searched around the house. There was no sight of Jessie, nothing at all. The music still blurted out from the CD player but most importantly on top the CD player there was a note with the name “Jonathan” upon it. I picked the note up and opened it. “I have your daughter, from the murderer of Samuel Timpson.” The words seem engraved on the paper and I had no clue what was happening, I grab my phone out from my pocket and dialled into it. 

“Cheshunt Police station, how can I help?” the voice asked from the other end of the phone. 

“It Detective Jonathan Welker, My daughter has been kidnaped!” I shouted down the phone “It’s connected to the case I am working on at the moment.” 

“Ok, well Jonathan, it’s best to stay calm in this situation ok, I will get a team down there as soon as I can.” 

“Ok. Be quick please,” I said “You know the address, just take it of the system.” I hung up the phone and placed it back into my pocket. I walked over to the door and unlocked it. I walked back into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water to try and calm my nerves.  

Ten minutes had past and in the distance I heard sirens; I dragged myself back to the front door and opened it. The cars pulled up outside, and a gathering of crows appeared. The doors of the cars swung open and officers came out from them.  

“Jonathan, are you ok?” shouted one of the officers from the back, which soon appeared to be Mae. Who quickly approached “I’m here for you now,” I had little clue what her Intent was on the words, as they didn’t seem appropriate. 

More officers approached and they waited for given orders “You guys should Know what to do, get on with it,” I said removing myself from the entrance of the door so they could get past “Upstairs on the left is Jessie’s’ room, and the back door was wide open when I got here, it’s how I got in.” The officers rushed past some headed up the stairs and others to the back of the house. 

Ben Wilson, the Detective Chief Inspector, walked over and Mae was by my side, “It’s going to be ok Jonathan, we will do our best to find out who’s got her,” He said, putting his hand on to my shoulder, “We get this solved I promise you.” The number of broken promises he made was out by miles, he promised to find who murder my wife but well that never happened. 

“Ok,” I said, handing over the note that was left for me. “It was left on top of the CD player when I got back, it from the murderer in the case me and Mae are currently investigating.” 

“Ok, I see,” He said hesitantly “well you cannot really investigate this kidnap, but as it is linked with your case that you’re currently investigating, I’m going to keep you on this case but I will lead this investigation from now on ok.” I nodded in agreement, I was happy to still be on the case. “Well,” Ben said, “When was the last time you so your daughter?”  

“We saw Jessie this morning, me and detective Liu, before we left.” 

 “Ok and that was the last time you two talked?” I shook my head in agreement, “Fair enough, do you think anyone would have of contacted her at any point today?” 

“I think, her friend Amy King might of.” 

“What about her boyfriend and that?” 

“That is what the case is about, he was murdered;” I said I took a quick second of thought and remembered something “She might have talk to our neighbours Karen and James Smith.” I pointed to the house next to use indicating which house it was. Mae looked over and head towards the house doing this without been given the orders to so. 

“Jonathan take the day off tomorrow, you really need it.” I didn’t want to but he was my boss but this case was important to me to get solved, I shook my head in disagreement. Ben eyes grew in disappointment and he didn’t know what to do.  “Fine! But take all the time you need getting in ok, clear you mind,” I nodded and a smile came on Ben's face “Cool, I best check on this lot inside you go on in and take a seat.” 

We both entered the house and I walked into the living room, which was the only room that was quiet. Creaking came from upstairs and sound came from outback. I place myself onto the settee and laid backed closing my eyes. I didn’t want to have the world on my shoulders. Footsteps entered in to the opening of the living room door. “Jonathan, where’s Ben?” Mae said. 

I kept my eyes closed “He is upstairs, I think.” 

“Ok,” She said “Is there anything I can get you?” 

“There’s a bottle of red wine in the kitchen next to the fridge, there should be a glass near the sink.” 

Her footsteps faded away into the direction of the kitchen. I didn’t want to be here, but I know I’ve got nowhere else to go. It felt as though I was imprisoned within my own home, and only time could tell when I will be released. Footsteps re-entered the living room, this time coming in far. The smell of the perfume was of Mae’s. Gently she placed the bottle onto the coffee table in the centre of the living room and then the glasses.  

I got out of position and sat up, while reopening my eyes. I took the bottle into both hands and twisted the cap off. I grabbed one of the glasses and poured the red liquid from within the bottle into the glass. I put the full glass of wine back down onto the table, and filled up the other, this time half way. Noise continued from within the house. Mae sat down on the settee. She lifted the half glass of wine to her a lips and took a small gulp. “So, Jonathan tell me about you,” What did she want to know she knew a lot about me so what else did she want, “I mean, soothing that you never told anyone before.” 


She looked at me and gazed deep in my eyes. Her red lips got redder and her cheeks started to blush. Her head moved forward and came close to mine. Her left hand was on my right arm her breaths deepened, and she reached in for a kiss. Her lips touched mine and I knew I meant more to her that just as friends. She soon moved back away and got up from her seat. I was in complete shock and had little clue what to do. “I’ll be back.” Her footsteps faded out into the hallway and up the stairs. 

The house fell silent for a few moments, as I heard sound of cases closing. Voices entered the hallway and footsteps came down from the upstairs. I was still in shock and my heart raced. “Jonathan, we’ll be off now I think we have everything we need at this point,” Ben said who was standing in the hallway. “I will see you later and we will let ourselves out, call if you need anything.” I nodded my head, and the voices and footsteps left. The door was slammed shut and from the outside the cars revved up, 

I sat back once again on the settee. It took seconds to recall what had just happened. My mind was confused why did she do that? Why me? She gave the eye to everyone and tried to flatter them all, but she knew I was voluble, and too weak to push her off me. A loud bang came from upstairs. Mae must still be here. I got up from my seat and rushed over to the door and up the stairs. 

The doors upstairs where all closed but except for one-my bedroom. I stood in the doorway, and saw Mae rummaging through my wife stuff. She glanced my way, knowing I was there; her face was covered with makeup and her lips where brighter and redder than they were before. “What are you doing Mae? Stop It!” 

Her eyes stared in mine and that classy sarcastic smile formed on her face.  “I’m looking for something that your wife got and had till she was murdered.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” She said, her voice becoming stronger and more arrogant. “I’m talking about you; I wanted you, ever since I first meet you, it’s just your wife was in the way.” 

My face grew in shock and a tear dripped down my eye, I had to do something, “Get out of my house, get out of my life and don’t come back!” Mae picked herself up from the floor and dragged her legs towards the door. 

“I’m sorry for your loss.” Mae said softly exiting the door, but what did she mean ‘sorry for your loss?’ 

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