Bit 7 Chapter Seven

The autopsy theatre was an adequate size. Death was always in this room everywhere you looked.  The room was always perfectly cold for the keeping of the bodies.  

The body of Samuel Timpson was fully reassembled back together. The skin was pure white- as though it was snow. There were clear holes, of where the death-eating crows had picked upon, it was gross; but Higgins seemed to of liked it. 

“What ugly sights of death within mine eyes!” Higgins shouted in his posh English accent. Posh he was definitely. 

“Shakespeare?” I questioned. 

“Well done, you’re correct,” Higgins seem please and smiled greatly- He loved his Shakespeare and had extreme intelligences in the subject. “Death is my son-in-law, death is my heir and death in this case is so far inconclusive.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Well Mr Welker that is the question, a question that has an answer.” 

“Higgins seriously, what is the cause of death?” There was no time for games and I wanted to get this case solved soon. 

“Is it not obvious, or do I have to spell it out to you?” nothing was never obvious with Higgins- it was never as simple as it looked. I shook my head not wanting to say a word “Well young sir, I believed at first he was stabbed and then cut apart. But that is not so,” Higgins coughed to clear his throat “Can you see around the neck there is red burn marks, I believe He was first strangled and then Cut up.” 

“Ok,” It was clear I was in distress, and unsure what to make of everything, as the murder of my wife was haunting me again “Was there anything else?” 

“Nope nothing, he seemed healthy,” Higgins looked into my eyes “Why?” 

“Just making sure, where did you put the clothes?” He pointed over to the large cardboard box which was on the other counter.  Inside the box there were eight different clear bags; each item of clothing was in its own separate bag. “Have you been through the clothes yet?” 

“Not at all, I will leave that for you.” Higgins said smiling walking over to his desk. 

“Thanks Higgins,” I said loudly “see you soon.” I picked up the cardboard box and headed towards the door. 

“Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again.” Higgins smiled and peered over his glasses. I looked back and smiled. 

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