The station was full of noise. There was typing on keyboards of those who actually did work and there was gossipers in the corners catching up on the latest trends. It was an interesting working environment, to say the least. 

“Jonathan, there you are,” Mae voice crushed the noise in the office after that all eyes were on us “Did you get everything needed?”  

I really didn’t want Mae on this case, and I didn’t want to tell her anything. The only reason she was in this department was because of me however I could have chosen someone else but I chose her, but why did I? She sure does this Job well but not good enough, but she certainly cannot control herself but then she an excellent interrogator probably one of the best, so that’s why I chose her, so I must tell her, “Yes we did, Mercy typing up the things now. What is it you need to talk to me about?” 

“It’s this,” She said pulling out a piece of paper with information on it “Someone gone to the press about it. It’s all over the web.” 

“Boy Murdered over Lee valley” It read. I scanned through the rest of the article and noticed the final words “If you have any information contact the police immediately” 

“How on earth did this get out, get one of the interns on it” 

“Certainly, but that not what I wanted you for.,” What there was more? “Mrs Timpson is here, she wanting to file a missing person report.” 

“Great,” I said, why does this always happened when I am not here? What should I do? “Is she still here?” 

“Yes, she is.”  

“I think we to get her down here to us,” I said taking several breaths in “And then we shall tell her.” 

“Yes that’s fine; shall I go up and get her?” 

“Yes,” I said, I was better if Mrs Timpson came down to us then us going up there “bring her over to my desk, ok,” Mae nodded and headed towards the door “And get some tissue on route please.” I shouted out 

I loved my desk at work although it may be old and worn it still had a lot of life left in it. It was never had it terribly covered in paperwork; it was never my style, who could work with a cluttered desk? Mostly everything was to the right hand side, the computer, my pot of pens and pencils even to the notes I made.  

I sat down on my desk chair and faced the rest of the workforce, all of whom were still happily typing away. It was click tap click tap; it was as though they were at a rhythm and playing along with each other. The ringing of phones spoilt the rhythm no one ever like to answer their phone while they were working, they all thought it was too distracting but then the all needed it. I switched the computer screen on and open up a blank word document. 

“Jonathan,” a voice said I looked over to see that it was Mrs Timpson, “What’s happened to him?” I saw the tears in her eyes. She had seen better day but there nothing worse than these circumstances, she didn’t need to lose another family member (not at this point any way).  

“Take a sit and I will explain what’s going on,” I said with tears almost forming in my eyes. She took the seat to the right of me and Mae took the other “Mrs Timpson I…” 

“Call me Tracy, I know you’re being polite and all but just call me Tracy.” 

“Ok Tracy,” I said correcting my mistake “Sam has been involved in a…” I couldn’t do it to her, she had already lost her husband who ran away with another woman and I could add more bad news to her, especially right now. 

“Come one spit it out Jonathan.”  

I stared directly in her eye, which we filling with tears, but she wanted to know “He has been involved in a serious accident.”  

Tracy was in serious distress she could tell where this was going. Tears dripped down from her eyes. Mae reached over to box of tissues and handed them over to Tracy “It’s going to be ok. We are doing the very best that we can to give you and your family justice.” Mae said softly. 

“Can I see the body?” Tracy asked 

“We will need you to do that, but not right now,” I said, “we need to make sure Matthew is told,” Tracy nodded in agreement “Mae and I will be here to support you ok.” 

“Ok,” Tracy words were slow and tearful, “I don’t feel like going home I can’t bear the thought of being there, not right now.” 

“Ok, that’s fine.” I knew the pain she was going through as I struggled being at home myself after everything that had happened- losing someone close was never easy especially a family member. “I get someone to call your mother and you could stay there.” 

“That will be fine, thank you Jonathan,” a small smile came upon her face but her eyes were still sad and full of tears “I expect you will need to ask me a few question like the last time I saw him and all that type of stuff?” 

How could I forget that? The questions had to be asked, but I didn’t want to do it now. But I have to do my job, “Mae could you get on the phone to Tracy mother for me and arrange some form of transport, that will be brilliant,” Mae nodded in agreement and didn’t question anything, “You’ll find the details in Sam’s file.” 

Mae got up from the chair as well as taking the file off from my desk and head over to her own desk. “You cannot stand her can you?” 

“She’s ok,” I could say more than that work business was strictly work business “Anyway, are you sure you can handled this,” Tracy nodded as though she was wanting me to get on with it “Ok then, when was the last time you saw you son?” I asked as I typed the question into the computer. 

“I saw him yesterday at around 3 o’clock, just as he was going out to meet with Jessie.” 

“And Jessie is in relation to Sam as?” Tracy gave me the look of why was I asking “I’m only doing my job, so I still have to ask.” I don’t think she was even expecting a response. 

“Jessie is his girlfriend,” She said almost laughing “That was a stupid question to ask.” 

“I know but It has to be asked,” I said smirking back a little “Anyway,” I was never good of think of other questions to ask, I wish there was a helpline for that, “stupid question but I’m going to ask, do you know where they were going?” I didn’t know much as Jessie never said. 

“Well he made up a picnic and he said he was going over to the Lee Valley Park with Jessie, but he said before they were going there, he wanted to get some more neckties,” Tracy suddenly stopped and I could tell something was up “Don’t say he was strangled?” I didn’t have to say anything; she just knew that was true. Her face sunk and her eye grew weak and tearful, I knew pain she was going though. 

“I thinks that all I need to ask for now,” I said handing over a tissue which was stanched from my hand.  “As a friend I’m here for you, anytime you need me, just call.” 

”Thank you,” She said softly, her voice was broken and her words became few “How’s Jessie coping?” she asked. 

“The same as you really, well same emotional state anyway,” I said. Mae returned with paper work in hand “Did you get anything arrange for Mrs Timpson and her son.” 

“Yes, I did,” Mae said softly “They will be staying with her mother and I got officers who are going to take them both there.” Through my criticism of Mae she knew how to do her Job, “Oh and Jonathan, Higgins wants to see you.” 

“Thank you Mae,” Tracy said softly, “Thank you Jonathan, thank you for everything.” 

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