The rain had passed, but the clouds had not. The smell of damp air grew strongly, becoming sickly by the second. As we arrived in the school grounds, black crows circled around plucking insects on the ground. We felt as though the eyes of the crows were looking at us, hundreds of them inspecting us minutely, waiting for us to make our mistakes.  

The crow’s unpredictable behaviour left me wondering if they were going to attack us, or maybe were they leading us to the true murderer, the person who knew the truth. Their behaviour could never be claimed and their presence at the school was unknown. All I knew it must not of been good.  

The car park, as usual, was full of cars including the disabled car space. “We are going to have to park offsite.” Mercy stated breaking the silence in the car. 

“No we don’t, there’s a car space becoming free over there.” I replied whizzing the car over as the opposing car pulled out. The sound from the engine stopped as the key was removed from the slot, silence remained in the car with only the rattling of keys. We unbelted ourselves from car and opened up the doors. Slamming the doors shut, we began to head over to the reception. 

The automatic doors opened, and the smell of fresh paint lingered in the confined space. “Welcome to Cheshunt School, How can I help?” The female receptionist asked who was behind the desk playing with her nail filer making little eye contact with Mercy and I. 

“I’m Detective Jonathan Welker and this is my partner Detective Mercy Liu, we need to see the head teacher now,” I said showing our badges. 

“Unfortunately he is in a meeting right now, can you come back later? He is very busy.” She continued to file her nails and resumed focus on them, not looking up once to check our badges. 

“Sadly we need to talk to him now, and I mean now, it is quite important.” 

 She soon stopped what she was doing and looked up at me, “OK, just hold on a second,” The receptionist pulled close the glass screen as she dialled into the phone.  Time ticked by and the glass screen opened up “He will see you now in his office.” 


“Could one of you on reception duty show these officers to the head teachers’ office for me please?” she said pointing to those behind the double door.  

One of the doors swung open, behind was a young boy around 13 of age. We followed the the boy round the reception, leading us round to a single glass door. We remained outside, though there were people behind the door, who paid no attention to us opposite. “Should we knock or something?” Mercy said looking down to the boy. 

“No, we have to wait; we cannot be rude to our head teacher.” The boy responded.  

Something didn’t seem right. The answer sounded too rehearsed; as though he was forced to say it. 

“Well we have been waiting for quite a while.” 

“We have to wait; we cannot be rude to our head teacher.” The boy said again. 

“Do you want to have the honours or shall I?” Mercy said looking at me. 

“Don’t bother, he is finally coming.” 

The door opened, and young woman exited “I will talk to you later and thank you for coming can you show them back to reception for me,” Said the elderly man who looked as if he was going into retirement. “Sorry for the long wait, Graham Woodson head teacher.” he said letting out his hand, his fingers looked as though they were greasy, but also looked sore and red.  

“I’m Detective Jonathan Welker and this is my partner Detective Mercy Liu.” I said, obligingly shaking his hand. 

“Well welcome to Cheshunt School, if you both like to follow me and we can than talk in private,” he said turning into the door. Step by step we followed, down the long white-washed corridor. We entered into a large office room. There was a desk in one of the far corners, covered in paper work. On the other side of the room there was a large conference type table with several chairs surrounding. “Please take a seat, would you like anything to drink?” 

We both shook our heads and sat down. ”I don’t know how to say this but one of your students has been involved in a tragic accident.” Graham’s body shot up, as though he was getting accused of something he did. 

“Oh. Who is this student?” 

Narrowing my eyes, I looked closely at him to gauge his reaction. “Samuel Timpson, year 12.” 

“No, that cannot be true. I swear I saw only saw him this morning.” Graham flinched as he said it and I was truly confused by what he had said. 

“What do you mean you only saw him this morning?” I said realizing his remark 

“I mean, I thought I saw him earlier this morning, coming into school. But I must have been wrong. “ 

“Well we are allowed to be wrong some of the time.” I stared down at Graham sore red hands the question had to come out, “What happened to your hands?”  

“That Is none of your business!” Graham said raising his voice a little, “Anyway is there anything you need? I will get you anything.” 

“Well my partner here needs to talk to one of your students to make sure someone’s alibi is true, and we need the details of his home address so the parents can be informed.” 

“Sure, is there anything else I can do to help?”  

I shook my head. “No, I think we’ll be fine for now. Do you think it will be best to tell everyone, I mean staff and students?” 

“Yes it will be, but we will inform the parents first before we do anything else.” 

Graham’s eyes started to water as though he was going to break down in tears. Something seemed wrong here, there had to be a deeper reason behind these tears. “Are you ok?” Mercy said looking in Graham’s direction. 

“I shall be. It’s just he was one of our top students. It’s a shame really; there was so much potential,” his voice weakened and tears started to stream from his eyes “should we get that information you need?” 

“I think that will be great if we could,” Mercy said while I went into a deep thought “You ok Jonathan?” 

“Err… Yes, we need to get things sorted.” I said breaking from my thoughts. 

“What is the name of the student you need to talk to?” Graham questioned. 

“Amy King” Mercy answered. 

“Ok,” Graham typed into his computer “She should be in a lesson right now, we can go there now?” 

“That will be perfect” 

“Ok, if you would like to follow me.” 

We rose from our seats and headed towards the door. “Can I get a copy of Sam’s record please?” I asked as I remember what we really came for. 

Silence fell among us, as I doubted if my question was ever going to get answered. “Oh, yes I, err I forgot about that we will grab it from reception.” We entered back into the white-washed corridor. Out from corridor light flooded into my eyes, almost blinding me. I blinked several times to recuperate my eye sight. “Can I get a copy of Samuel Timpson’s record please?” Graham said, shouting over to the receptionist. 

“Sure thing, I’ll get that printed out for you.” The receptionist replied, who this time seemed to look more confident in herself or even more alerted as the head was there. 

“Ok thank you,” Graham said smirking “If you will still like to follow me officers, it shouldn’t take too long to get over there.” 

We followed like a herd of sheep, as we ventured deeper into the school grounds. The main courtyard was large with buildings connecting to one another. The trees in the distance blow viciously in the wind, hitting all those who had to pass it, as if it didn’t care who it hurt or injured.  

Silence was throughout the courtyard but our footsteps were the only sound that could be heard. Step by step we took, louder and louder they became, tough it was just the three of us. The depressing blue corridor was lit up with light coming in from the windows. The walls where covered in strange unusual work that did not look pleasant to the eye. The confined space smelt strongly of air freshener which you could of almost of choked upon. But everything else seemed new: news doors, new windows; all that were not her when I viewed years ago. 

“Here we are, I’ll just be a second,” Graham said entering the classroom. Time Ticked pasted. The door reopened, and Graham came followed behind him a young girl, who was wearing all black her blond hair was tied in a hair band, “Amy theses are Detective Jonathan Welker and Detective Mercy Liu, they just need to ask you a few questions ok.” Amy nodded in agreement. 

“Did Jessie Welker visit you yesterday at around seven pm yesterday?” Mercy asked. Amy looked up confused and worried she stared at both me and Mercy but more at me as she knew who I was and wondered why I was not asking her myself. 

“Yes she did.” Amy said with confusion in her voice. 

“What were you talking about?” Mercy asked 

“Well, she said she was having trouble with her boyfriend Sam and how he freaked out, when she told him she was pregnant, that was it really.” 

“You knew she was pregnant before!” I said sharply.  

“Anyway,” Mercy said interrupting, “What time did she leave yours house at? And what type of state was she when she left you?” 

“She left at around half eight.” Amy said without hesitating “She was better than she was less angry and that, but she was still a little frustrated.” 

“Ok,” Mercy said adding notes into her notepad “I think that’s all I need to know thank you.” 

“I’m guessing we done here?” Graham asked. 

“I believe we are,” I said “Thank you Amy for your help.” 

 “We shall get going.” Graham said. 

Graham and Mercy started to walk off; Amy stepped into the doorway of the classroom “Is she ok? Where is she?” Amy whispered to me 

“She will be fine, she spending the day at home. Just call her after class for me and thanks” I whispered back. Amy nodded in agreement, while re-entering the classroom. 

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