Time had drifted past and the rain continued to flood down. Confusion was certainly my companion as the song lyrics “When confusion's my companion” blurted out from the radio of the car, as I was certainly confused to believe if what I was told was true.  

Upon my returned home, I was accompanied with another female officer, Mercy Liu who I had picked up from the station. 

The lock of the door felt tight as though it was cemented in. I put my key into the lock of the door but the door remained sealed. “The door must be bolted” I said aloud. Mercy looked up with a puzzled expression on her face as the rain dripped off of the umbrella. I knocked loudly on the door, knowing that Jessie should be in. The minutes crept by as I began to worry and wonder what could have happened. Finally Jessie came to the door, unbolting the bolt. The door swung open and Jessie’s face was ghost like. Red rings circled her eyes, as though she had removed her make-up and had been crying but why was she crying? She couldn’t have known about what happened to Sam yet; well I hope she didn’t; unless seeing the body triggered it. 

We stepped into our bright coloured hallway and we walked through the house. Everything stayed quiet, until we reached the living room. “Jessie,” I said my face looking to the ground “can you sit down we need to ask you a few questions?” 

“About what?” she responded, her voice hushed.  

“It’s about Sam and I need to do my job,” I said softly, “but I’m not going to be questioning you. Detective Liu has come with me and we would both appreciate it if you could answer all her questions.” 


Jessie’s response was almost a statement rather than compliance. I looked up and saw the disappointment in my daughters face. I could see that she was almost going to cry, but she managed to keep herself composed. But, as I studied her face, I also noticed another emotion; was it reservation? I wondered if she knew more than she was going to let on. But then Jessie would never have kept anything from me: she told me everything. Well… mostly everything.  

“Hi, Jessie,” said the Detective Liu, “Where were you at seven pm yesterday?” 

“I was…” Jessie became hesitant and looked back at me as if she was seeking my approval “I was over at The Lee Valley Park with by boyfriend Sam.” Slowly tears began to fall from her face, “Please don’t say anything happened to him. I didn’t mean to scare him” 

“What do you mean scare him?” 

“I told him…” Jessie looked deeply into my eyes “I’m sorry dad.” I looked at her confused but I had the feeling I knew what she was going to say. “I told him that I was pregnant.” My heart sunk, but she had been acting suspiciously beforehand. “I’m sorry dad.” 

“What happened after you told him?” I said butting in. 

“Jonathan please, leave the questioning to me. However, Jessie, I would also like you to answer that” said Mercy Liu. 

“He freaked out,” Jessie said inhaling breaths “He told me he was going to break up with me, if I didn’t abort it, and then he told me to go so he could think about it, so I did.” 

“How were you feeling when you left?” 

“I was definitely angry, but I would not have killed him or anything.” 

“And you got home at nine, am I correct?” 

“Yes why?” 

Mercy fell silent adding to her notes. “So how did it take you roughly two hours to get home then?” she asked finally. 

“I went to a friend’s house when I left him,” Jessie said like a flash “and they will say I was there.” 

“Ok, who is this witness?” 

My phone rang from my pocket. I slipped it out from “I’ve got to take this,” I said “Will you be ok for a while” They both nodded, and I exited the room. 

“Jonathan, it's Mae,” Mae voice cranked in my ears “You’re needed back at the office pronto, things have just got complicated.” That never sounded good even from Mae. 

“How do you mean, complicated?”  

“Just get here soon!” 

“Not till I have gone into the school,” I said almost on the offensive “Then I will get there, it can wait.” 

“Fine” Mae finally said hanging up the phone seconds later. 

I returned to the living room, “Are we done here?” I uttered. 

“I believe we are, where are we off to?” said the Mercy, who was playing with her hands. 

“You’re going back to the station and checking upon that witness I am going up to the school to talk to the head teacher.” 

“Fair enough, but then this witness is at the school currently” 

“Well you will have to come with me then, ok?” 

“Yes that fine, Thank you Jessie for your time and your help,” She said smiling, Jessie nodding. 

“Jessie I will see you when I get home, you’re spending the day at home ok.” 

“Oh ok,” Jessie understood but was disappointed, but I believed she needed to be at home. “So what am I meant to do with myself all day?” 

I took some time to think before coming up with an answer “There is homework you should get on with,” I said briskly “Anyway I’ve got to go, keep out of trouble, and if you need anything…” 

“Just call or see If Jaime or Karen is in, I know I’m not that stupid.” 

“Watch it or you will go into school today.” 

“Fine, I’m sorry.” How I could not believe those words. 

“Well see you later ok.” Jessie nodded as me and Mercy exited and headed out the living room door into the narrow hallway. 

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