Bit 3 Chapter Three

So there I was, sitting on a bench with a lit cigarette in hand; unsure how I should tell Jessie about what I had witnessed. The accusation haunted me. But wanting to know the truth scared me even more. I thought to myself whether I should just run away and leave or should I stay and find out the truth? Time ticked past and I had lost myself in thought. 

“Jonathan there you are,” Mae’s high pitched words shattered my thoughts. Her footsteps grew louder and louder as she approached the bench, taking the seat next to me “We have been looking for you for what feels like hours, have you been here all along?” 

I was hesitant to answer, but would telling her get rid of her? Or keep her here longer? 

“Are you going to answer me?” 

“Yes! I was sitting here all along, you happy now?” I said bitterly. 

“You don’t have to be like that now. I’m trying to be nice.” I was surprised nice was in her vocabulary she never seemed to say it, even show it. 

“Why are you here? I told you to stay at the station till I came back!” 

“I was asked to help find you, is that a problem?” 

“Yes,” I said “I wanted to be left alone, but obviously that didn’t happen.” I took a puff from my cigarette and let out a thick cloud of black smoke. Smoking was never my thing, but one couldn’t hurt at a time like this. 

“They should make smoking a crime, especially for officers who are meant to be on duty.” 

“Shame that’s not going to happen,” I said, releasing more smoke into the air, making Mae cough as though her lungs where getting affected. “I’m guessing you want me to come back with you to the station?” 

“Well duh dummy, of course I do,” Being mocked by Mae made things a lot worst. “Come on let's go, we got things to do.” 

“Tough I’m not coming,” I said unwilling to go back with Mae “I’m staying here than going home to tell Jessie everything that’s gone on” 

“I will come with you.” 

“I don’t think that is wise not right now anyway, so I will go in there alone.” 

“You need a woman's touch; she will feel more comfortable if a woman was there.” She could never take no as an answer, but her point was clear. 

“You’re right but, you can go back to the station,” I was starting to become unruly, and just wanted her to leave me alone, but that was never going to happen. “I will ask someone else to come with me.” 

I could tell Mae was furious but I couldn’t stand any more time with her. “What am I meant to do?” her voice sent a shock wave through me “And who you going to ask?” 

“I will ask…” my voice trailed off. To be honest, I didn’t know who I was going to ask but it was certainly not going to be Mae. I eventually said “someone. And to answer the other question you ask, you did say there were things to do.” 

“Fine, I’ll just leave you alone!” Mae got out of her seat and onto her feet ready to walk away. “I’ll see you when you get back to the station.” She took one last glance at me and shortly started to walk off not turning back once to see if I was following.  

I took the final puff from my cigarette and threw the end to the floor, stomping my foot over it.  I returned to my thoughts. Should I or should I not tell Jessie? All I needed was a sign to tell me what to do, but that would be unlikely to happen. So I remained on the bench, paying little to no attention to the things going on around me.  

Time passed by and the bird calling stopped. Rain drops started too spitted down. This was the sign I needed; this was my time to go home. 

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