It was eighteen years ago in the year 2015. My daughter, Jessie, was 18 and was becoming more independent by the day. A few weeks before, I recently lost my wife who was murdered, but the case was not at all solved. So I was not really in the greatest of mind sets to work, but I did what I had to do to provide for me and my daughter. 

It all started with a body. The body was discovered in the early hours of the morning on a winter’s day in January. The weather was overcast and it was reasonably chilly. The body was discovered, over The Lee Valley Park. Jessie had discovered and reported it. She came across the body while she was walking the elderly dog we owned. I was the first person she phoned, and I was there in minutes. I called upon many other officers to accompany me; this included my work partner Mae. 

Upon the arrival into the crime scene, crows swayed in and out of the treed area. The body, grotesquely ripped apart and separated beyond recognition, was hanging in several trees. The crows were pecking away at the body, as they loved the taste of the dead, and blood dripped down to the forest floor. I was usually good with seeing blood and that, but this was pretty gruesome if I have to admit and it almost made me vomit. It was as though the murderer was re-enacting the way in which my wife was murdered - though the body of my wife was not hanging in the trees but it was grotesquely ripped apart - so this was definitely strange and disturbing. Anyhow the body was strung up by a rainbow of neckties, all of different styles and patterns. It all seemed very bizarre, as I had never seen anything like it.  

While I was examining the crime scene, I left my daughter in the safety of my work partner - Mae Young. Though Mae was a decent partner, Jessie was not her biggest fan. She would often claim that Mae called her “a rat”. When I left to look at the body, the conversation I’m led to believe in the words of my daughter, “Now you little rat you listen good and I mean good. I don’t like you, but unfortunately for you I kind of love your father, I’m only going to use him for his money, and if we ever get together, you will be shipped off to a boarding school somewhere. So it is a good thing your mother's dead, because I can have him all to myself.”  

Don’t get me wrong, Mae was an excellent work partner who always played bad cop during interrogation, but this behaviour was never expected. Though it’s hard to be sure, it is most likely that it did because I remember when I came out from the forested area, Mae was on the floor and Jessie had her head down to the ground. I decided I needed to send both Jessie and Mae away, I sent Jessie home and Mae back to the station. I was soon called back to the crime scene a few minutes after. 

One of the forensic officers called out, “Jonathan, I think you might know this person.” 

I looked up and looked over to the body, which had been partly assembled back together piece by piece. A frown came upon my face. “Yes I do,” I said taking in a long breath, “His Name is Samuel Timpson- he’s my daughter’s boyfriend.”  

 “I don’t want to get involved or anything but I don’t believe you should tell Jessie right now.” 

He was right -but I needed to tell her. “I’m going to have to tell her, she…” My words at the time were beyond me. “She was the last one to see him alive. They had just spent the whole of yesterday with one another,” I was incredibly shocked and I had no clue what to do or even say. Eventually, I stuttered out; “Time of death?” 

“I believe it was around half seven yesterday evening.” 

“It can’t have been, he was Jessie at that time, and she was home at nine.”  

“Well I’m not suspecting anything, but if that is true your daughter must know something about the murder.” 

“I don’t know, she might of- but there is no evidence to support it” 

“Technically there is, this body is covered in long blonde hairs, the same colour as your daughters and also there are only two sets of footprints, one set is quite big and the other is small” 

“Yeah, so? Mae has long blonde hair too.” 

“That is true, but I’m not going to accuse. However it is likely to of happened, but…” the officer trailed off. 

“But what?” What more could I say he was almost implying that daughter was a murderer “What you’re saying is that my daughter is a murderer!” by this point I was angry - how dare he throw an accusation out like that. It was never going to be true. “I’ve got to go. Just bag him ok, I need some time to think, so don’t come looking for me.” I soon fled from the crime scene and I knew I had to tell her but how? 

“Please wait Jonathan!” I ignored and didn’t turn back; I just wanted to get out of there. 

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