Bit 14 Chapter Fourteen

Mae House wasn’t too far from the school. “Let me go in there alone?” I asked Looking in the Bens direction. 


“Trust me, I will keep my phone on and make sure you can hear everything from the other end.” 

“Fine, But I’m only giving you twenty minutes.” 

“That’s fine,” I said, taking in a deep breath, “Stop here we don’t want to draw attention outside her house, get a team around back and be ready when I say the word simple.” Ben nodded as the car came to halt. I unclipped myself from the car seat and exited the car. 

I called Ben’s phone, which he put on loud speaker. He soon drove off and I place my phone into my top pocket. I approached the door, and knocked upon it. The door swung open. “Come In” Mae said softly.  

I did and stepped into the hallway and walked a little in. “Hello?” The door slammed shut behind me and before I could turn around, something came across my face and I was soon to the floor. 

“Wake Up,” Said Mae, who shoved me to wake up, “Now that’s a good boy.” 

My senses came back to me, and I could see that I was trapped onto a metal chair. Cable ties dung into my wrists and my feet also, “How long have I been out for?” I questioned. 

“Just a few minutes,” Mae responded, “Just enough time for me to tie you up to the chair,” Mae wore all black as though she had just attended a funeral. 

“Why are you doing this?” I asked. 

She walked over to the mirror that was hanging up on the wall. She picked up her lipstick, and put the red paste on her lips. She then walked over to me and placed her covered lips onto my cheeks, “I doing it for us.” 

“There is no us,” I expressed “And there will never be us. It’s just that simple.” 

Mae smirked “They're not going to come, I’ve already destroyed your phone,” She looked back into the mirror “And I know that the word simple is your command word, it’s always been the same,” She seem to off had this planned out before hand: to well-planned out, “I’m Sorry for your loss. 

“What do you mean?” If I didn’t already know. 

“Your daughter and her boyfriend, but mainly your wife.” 

“You killed them all didn’t you?” I asked probably already knowing what the answer is. 

“Well, why would I do something like that,” She gave her classy sarcastic smile that she always gave when she was lying, “I’m sorry they all had to die, I just wanted you for myself.” Well that that was obvious. 

“But why did you kill Sam?” 

“He was just an innocent soul who found out our plans,” She said still facing the mirror, “My father's and I.” 

I heard the faint sound of movement from outside of the house, and Mae did too, as she quickly picked up a small box and removed the content. Inside the boxes content was a Beretta 21A Bobcat.  

The door broke open, and officers filled the house, “Don’t do it!” I said “I love you to Mae,” I was lying from the skin of my teeth “I really do love you, I am sorry for telling you to get out of my life and I didn’t mean it.” As I said those words, the door was surrounded by officers, with guns in hand. 

“Don’t come any farther,” Mae declared, “I will shoot him if you do,” Mae seem scared, as her body shook, she tried to keep herself composed but failed, “And you don't really love me Jonathan, I know your lying.” 

“I do Mae, I really do,” The officers at the door remained silent as none of them dared to come any farther, or even make any noise. “So please Mae put the gun down.” 

“You don’t love me Jonathan,” Mae said, “So don’t lie to me,” Mae looked directly in my eyes, her eyes were pure bloodshot, she was scared, and I knew it, “I’m sorry, for killing your wife and daughter,” Tears formed in her eyes, and tears in mine, “I am truly sorry, but I’ve got one last thing to do.”  


Silence fell and Mae’s eyes were blood red, the gun remained aimed. 

Bang, Bang. 

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