Bit 13 Chapter Thirteen

Ben took the wheel of the car and I sat in the seat next to him. It was time to catch our criminal, the message from Pauley Confirmed Mae was at the scene at the time and but so was graham. “Let’s go to the school first.” I requested it was the easiest place to get to. We pulled out onto the road; following behind us were more officers in other cars. 

The sirens were in full affect, and traffic moved out of the way. The car speeded around the roundabout, and headed up the road. The school was definitely the first stop. The speed of the car increased, and more cars moved out of the way. We pulled into the school quickly; just missing students had run across the car park. We didn’t need a car space this time. 

The car came to a sudden stop. We unclipped our seatbelts and exited the car. The other officers also exited their cars. Entering the opening of the reception, the receptionist gave us a quick look over before speaking, “I’m sorry officers, but Mr Woodson is not in today.” 

“His car is in the carpark, so he clearly is,” Ben responded, “We need to see him now!” Ben Instructed, “We have a warrant for his arrest, so could you please tell us where he is?” Ben was clearly not in the mood to have an argument but if that what it took then he would. 

“Go through, he’s observing a lesson at the moment,” The door was unlocked and we went through, “He is in room fifty one.”  

“Thanks,” I said as we went through the doors. We entered into the courtyard and went across into the corridor “It’s this way.” As we turned left into the maths department, Ben was still following behind.  

We past room fifty two and approached room fifty one. The students saw the commotion outside the classroom as we pushed opened the door. “Graham Woodson,” Ben said, “You are under arrest on suspicion of the murder of Samuel Timpson and Alice and Jessie Welker.”   

Ben approached with handcuffs in hands “You can’t just come bursting in here,” Graham said as the students turned to face the action that was unfolding, “Especially when there is a lesson going on.” 

I took the warrant out from my hand and threw it over to Ben, “I think we can, no matter what the circumstances,” Ben placed the warrant into his hand “We have this warrant that means we can do it.” 

“I don’t know what evidence you got on me, but that’s not going to help you.” A smirk appeared on Graham’s face, one that was going to be gone soon. 

“Sadly, there is,” I said butting in “Cuff him Ben,” Ben took both hand and said his rights, who took him out the door, “Sorry to disturb your class.” I finally said to the students and the teacher. 

Graham's head faced the floor; he was not fighting this off. He knew he was done. We walked past the offer classroom and eyes from the students looked on as their head teacher was escorted out and through the school and back into the courtyard and into the reception. 

More officers were in the entrance of the reception ready to for Graham to be handed over. The officers grab Graham and escorted him out of the building. Nothing more was needed to be said, nothing at all, we had caught one of our suspects. 

“Mae Next?” I asked, Ben nodded but he still seemed uncertain. “Are you alright?” 

“I don’t see motive behind him doing it at all,” He spoke; he still seemed uneasy what had just happened. “Are you sure it’s the right person?” 

“We got a confession out of Mr Quinton, didn’t we?” I said thoroughly, “And the evidence places Graham at the crime scene, what more do we need?” 

“But how do we know we can trust Mr Quinton?” 

“Did you not see the fear in his eyes when he said the names>” I said building my case up, “He was set up by them, and I could tell he had little knowledge of what would've happened to him.” 

“Very well,” Ben said “Let’s get Mae now, shall we?” I nodded and we head out of the school and back into the car. 

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