Bit 11 Chapter Eleven

Ben was pacing his large office. I could tell he was tense, as he had been trying to contact Mae for over ten minutes without any success. “I give up,” He finally admitted, which was unlike him, “Let’s go through the stuff found at the crime scenes and see if there is anything.”  

Ben grabbed the boxes that sat on his desk and spread the bags out over his office floor. I had no clue what we were looking for, but it was better than doing nothing at all. Ben and I pulled out our gloves and put them on.  

We started from different ends of the evidence that was layering the floor. Bag after bag there was nothing of value. Opening the bag that the trousers were in, hair was still covering them. “Have we got this hair sent down to forensic yet?” I asked, Ben shook his head “I’ll get a sample taken down there than.” 

I picked up the bags that had hair in them. I got up from the floor and headed towards the door of Ben’s office and into the noise of the remaining workforce. Eyes were on me like files, and whispers of gossip were going back and forth.  It’s not liked I cared. Walking through the offices, the eyes of the workforce regained their attention to their work and order was restored. 

The forensics department was the smallest departments in the whole the station. But there was thousands of pounds worth of expert equipment. Pauley the head forensic scientist and was not a typical girly girl, no she was a Goth through and through. Her hair was black and also her lips. A skull tattoo covered her forearm. But the most distinctive thing she likes to wear is a neck choker, she defiantly not a typical girly girl, although she does have a heart of gold. 

“Hey Jonathan,” Pauley said, leaving the other forensic scientist. “What have you got for me today?” 

“Well,” I responded, I handed over the evidence bags, “I need you to check these hair samples from these clothes ASAP.” 

A smile came onto Pauley’s face as she turned and handing the bags to those behind, “Get on with it,” She requested. “So how are you Jonathan?” 


“You are not fine, I can clearly tell,” Pauley always knew the truth no matter how hard you tried to hide it, she would always get to the bottom of it, “so tell me, how are you really?” 

“I could be better,” I said “I really don’t want to be at work at the moment.” 

“Well I’m here for you. You know that.”  

“Pauley, Jonathan, you may want to see this.” We both turned and looked in the direction of the other forensic scientist. 

“What is it Mike?” Pauley questioned. Mike was a trainee forensic scientist, who showed a lot of potential. 

“It just I’ve checked the hair from this bag,” Mike indicated the bag with the trouser in it, “The hair matches the hair found at the crime scene of your wife’s.” 

“So the murder is the same,” I said almost going to cry. “Do we know who they match?” 

“It should show in just a second,” as his words were spoken, the screen flashed, “It’s Mae’s” 

“Really?” I asked. Mike nodded in agreement, “Since when was she on the records?” 

“Since we got the system updated, and we took samples from everyone,” Pauley answered, “But we never did yours,” Pauley smiled and took out the swab equipment from under her desk “We can do it now, opened wide.” I did as I was told, it had to be done. “Lovely.” 

“I hate you, you know,” I said jokingly, Pauley just smiled and walked over to one of the machines “Thanks guys, message me when you’ve done the rest.” They both looked up and nodded in agreement. 

My phone rang from within my pocket, slipping it out and I placed to my ear “Jonathan, it's Ben meet me at interrogation, a guys has come forth with information.” Ben said. 

“Ok,” I said, “I’ll be there soon.” 

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