“O God, I have an ill-divining soul!” Higgins shouted making both me and Ben Jump. 

“Who is the body?” Ben questioned 

“Well gentleman, I have little clue,” Higgins inhaled a breath, before resuming, “I found nothing on this body, no ID or anything, it is definitely a Jane Doe. However I am concluding that this person is a student.” 

“Great,” I said. “I looks like we got to go to the school again,” The body was still covered as Higgins liked to keep the bodies in good condition; that was one way he always respected the deceased. “Can we see the body please?” Higgins met the request and slowly removed the top half of the white cover.  

“Do you know who this is, Jonathan?” Ben questioned, I could only see long strands of blond hair, and could this be Jessie? The cover was fully off and Ben took me by the shoulder and turned me around. “I’m sorry Jonathan.” Ben uttered. 

The room fell silent, and I could hear Higgins behind me placing the cover back over. Ben still had his hand on my shoulder, “Higgins, how did she die?” I asked still not facing the direction of Higgins or the body. 

The silent resumed, “From my quick analyse, there are several stabs wombs to the chest,” Higgins responded “I also notice that the left arm was getting slowly cut off, but it was very little.” Silence fell through the autopsy theatre but that silence was soon broken when noise came from behind me as Higgins was rushing around headed towards the box that was on the work top. “I think you should have this.” Higgins stood to the right side of me and has his hand out which had a small brown paper evidence bag in it.  

Grabbing the bag I peered inside, and saw that it was the locket her mother had given her. A small smile came on my face but my eyes were tearful. “What about the knife used?” Higgs turned to the box next to him and pulled out a clear evidence bag. “Thanks,” I grabbed the bag and gave an immediate examine, “Where’s Mae?” 

“Why?” Ben questioned, I handed over the clear evidence bag to Ben who took it from his free hand. Ben peered down and gave it a quick look over “Oh I see,” Ben hand from my moved “I get her in now, Jonathan lets go, thanks Higgins.” 

“You are welcome,” Higgins said “And Jonathan; revenge should have no bounds, but do the right thing.” I nodded as both Ben and I exited. 

Bit 9 Bit 11

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