Doxie Pepperdyne sat behind the counter and slowly, methodically selected book after book from the tall stack at her left elbow. Thumbing through the sometimes yellowed pages, she would read a passage, grin her crooked grin and turn down the corner as if in finality. She was always and ever pleased with her selections and herself. With the untimely demise of her parents at an early age, Doxie was sent to live with an elderly, eccentric aunt who had no tolerance for childish ways. The young girl devised her own entertainments and pleasures, spending many an hour in the dark, dusty attic amongst discarded clothing, furniture and paperbacks. Try as she might, Doxie could never persuade Aunt Erna to explain the existence of the grimy manuals on mysticism, witchcraft and sorcery.

Passages Books Elderly Eccentric Aunt Dark Dusty Attic Mysticism Witchcraft Sorcery