Aria's P.o.V.

Gabriel walks me home after school on the last day. His fingers had laced with mine the instant we walked out of the school. The sun is shining, and when I glace at his face, I see the warm brown flecks in his blue eyes. I've seen photos of his mother, and he looks so much like her. It pains me to think that by the time summer is over, my mother might be ruling the kingdom instead of Aurora, and he doesn't even know that I have to do this, or my mother might hurt me beyond repair. The bruises that were on my side from hitting the wall when my mother shoved me are nearly gone, though I know that they wont be for long if I don't help her take over the kingdom. When we reach the door of my house, he smiles.

"I'll see you in a few hours.""You sure will."

 I smile, and give him a hug. "Thank you, Gabriel."

"You're welcome, Aria." He says, smiling. He walks back down the path, and I blush.

I hadn't even heard my mother come outside, but her voice nags me to the point of breaking. She mimics Gabriel, "You're welcome, Aria," in a high pitched tone.

"Shut up, mother!" I yell, getting angry. "Why must you always be so mean!?"

"Talk like that will take you to your father, darling." She says, glaring. I haven't heard her mention my father in years. The last time I had mentioned him, she beat me until I was unconscious.

"Whatever." I say, walking inside, pushing past her. I go right to my room and pack, for the next few house, my few belongings. My mother's wand lays in her open spell book in the living room, and I wonder if I'll ever have one of my own.I hear a honk outside, then a knock on the door, and I grab my two bags, holding onto my spell book as if my life depends on it. I push open the door, and am face to face with Gabriel.

 He smiles, and I smile back, before he says "Please, allow me." He takes my bags in one hand, then holds my hand in the other. We walk to the limo, and I see another one behind it. They are both packed with heroes and villains kids. The one with the least amount of kids is the one Gabriel and I are in, thank goodness. The limo driver takes my bags and puts them in the trunk. Gabriel and I get inside, and he introduces me to the heroes and villians kids that are waiting inside. "Daughter of Prince Ferdinand and Princess Snow White, Cera."The girl with lightly tanned skin, big dark brown eyes, and light brown hair smiles, and waves. Cera. That's pretty. She seems pretty nice, I'd never talked to her before. "Nice to finally meet you." She says, and I smile."Thank you. It's nice to meet you as well.""Daughter and son of Prince Henry and Princess Cinderella, Lia and David."The boy with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and the girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. They don't seem very friendly, or else their bored out of their minds."Daughter and son of Prince Eric and Princess Ariel, Melody and Kai."Both have black hair and blue eyes. They seem interested but cautious, although I don't blame them."Son of Anastasia, Henry."The boy is nearly silent, except for the obvious nervous habit he has of chewing on his lower lip. His hair is dark brown, his eyes are light, a grey. I smile."Son and daughter of Cruella de Vil, Lawrence and Drucilla." I know they aren't in the same grade as I am. They seem to be former freshman's, now sophomores. The two are twins, both have white blonde hair, and startling blue eyes. Their skin is not nearly as pale as my own. They watch me with utter interest, and give me a mischievous grin. I smile back, unsure."Son and daughter of Scar, Taka. Kesheva and Cleopatra."Their African, with big brown eyes, dark skin, and long beautiful hair. They're the most exotic ones here."Son of Hades and Meg, Rolland." Rolland has light blue hair, and light violet eyes. He is nearly as frightening as Hades, but also as strong willed as Megara.

He says "Hiya." 

I smile, carefully."Hi." I say.

"And everyone knows who this is." Gabriel says, wrapping his arm around my waist, carefully. "Aria Goodkin, daughter of Maleficent.""

Hi." I say, glancing around. Everyone nods. "I forgot to mention, Aria. We'll be taking a private jet to Rowan, so we won't need our glamours." I nod, and wave my hand, my glamour disappearing. My wings aren't big, and their very hard to see, as light as they are. My mother told me they'd darken when I come of age. That is near the end of summer. In the world most people think is fantasy, the world where all of us are from, those of us with magic, I should say, we come of age the day before we turn 18 years old. The princesses and princess get a ball and everything. I wont get a ball or anything, because I am not a princess.My wings are a shimmering pale white color, as milky pale as my skin color, along with the same rosy hue that is also on my cheeks most of the time. The other kids remove their glamours, but of course, none of them have wings. Melody and Kai, even though their part mermaid/merman, don't have their tails because their not in water. Kesheva and Cleopatra look more so like lions, their eyes narrowed into slits, their teeth long, curved, and features are much different. Rolland's skin has a light blue tint, along with flames for hair. Everyone else looks nearly the same. Their all beautiful. Much more beautiful than myself, and all of them are better dressed than myself. My clothes are clean, but that's all. Their not new, or un-torn. Gabriel looks the very same, though. My heart beat slows down as I glance at him, without him realizing I'm watching him.The limo pulls to a stop at the private airport, and the limo drivers get the bags and suitcases out of the trunks, and helps the attendant of the jet load the bags and suitcases. 

Gabriel pulls me to the side."Hey, I wanted to talk to you alone before you're on the jet with a lot of other villians and heros kids. Actually, "He says, running his hand through his blonde locks, "I wanted to make sure you're alright. I seen some of the looks the other kids gave you."

I try to reassure him, but I don't succeed. "I just feel as if I don't belong with any of them, not the heros kids or the villians kids." I admit. "I'm not like them, I don't belong."

"Do you feel as if you belong with me?" Gabriel murmurs, making me shiver, and goosebumps appear on my skin. "I mean," He blushes, and says "Do you feel the same around me as you do them?"

"No, I don't feel the same around you as I do them. I know they don't like me." I say.

"It's just because they think you're like you're mother." Gabriel says. "They don't realize that you're much different than you're mother. You're nothing like her. Alright, sure you have the same color hair, though your hair is much, much longer, and your eyes are similar, but yours have depth. Your mother's eyes are cold, and that's it. They have no depth. What you see with your mother is what you get. With you, there's so much that we don't see, because we haven't gotten to know you like we should have. But I already know, Aria, soon everyone will realize just how amazing you are."

"How do you know I'm not just like my mother? I could be putting on a facade to make you and everyone else trust me." I say.

"But you're not." Gabriel says, pulling me in close, hugging me tightly. His body is warm against my cold one. "Man, you're skin is ice cold, Aria."

"It's always been like that." I say, pulling away, rubbing my arms. "Must be because my mother turns into a dragon."

"Has your mother ever mentioned you maybe turning into a dragon sometime when you're older?" Gabriel asks.

"From what I've heard, you have to be really good at magic. Something my mom is, and I'm not. But then again, maybe it just happens? I don't know. My mom and I aren't close. We've never bonded." I say.

"She's the one who gave you bruises, isn't she?" Gabriel asks.My stunned silence is a dead giveaway. "It's my fault. I deserve it. I'm not the daughter she wants me to be."

"That's why you're amazing, Aria." Gabriel says, pulling me closer to him again. "You are taking your own path. It's different than your mothers, but it's a better path. You don't deserve how she treats you. It's not your fault."The close proximity makes me swallow hard. 

"But it is. I disobey her all of the time. I yell back at her, I challenge her, when I know I will never be as good at magic as she is. I'm just not good enough to be her daughter." I say.

"You're a teenage girl. You're supposed to disobey her. And, I think you are as good at magic as she is, if not better. You just let fear cloud your magic, you don't realize how afraid you are of what you might do with magic." I gaze into his eyes, shocked at how easily he can read me. "You'll be working on your magic this summer, but why don't you and I also spend some time practicing magic, just the two of us. Where you don't have to be afraid. How does that sound?" He asks me.

"That sounds...very tempting..." I trail off.

"Please say yes." Gabriel's eyes beg me. "Please, Aria."I hesitate a moment before nodding. 

"Can you also teach me how to use a sword...? and Fight?"

"Fight?" He asks, shocked. "I knew you'd want to learn how to use a sword, but why would you want to learn how to fight?"

"Look at me, Gabriel. I'm little, thin, and I can't take care of myself. I've been picked on my whole life." I say.

"I can teach you to fight then." His fingers lace with mine. "It'd make me feel better to know you can protect yourself. This world isn't for the weak or the faint hearted."

"Thank you." I say, shyly. "We should get on the jet now." I tell him.

"You're right. Come on." He says, taking my free hand in his, then nodding at the spell book in my other hand. "That's a beautiful spell book. Mind if I have a look at it on the jet?" He asks.

"Sure." I say. "As long as you don't damage it. It's really old." I explain.

"You have my word that no harm will come to it." Gabriel tells me, smiling, and we walk towards the jet. Nearly everyone has boarded, and when Gabriel and I sit side by side, several of the heros and villians children snicker. I blush, wishing I didn't feel so vulnerable around Gabriel.I hand him my spell book, which he opens.'Property of Willam Goodkin, for my lovely daughter Aria for wherever your magic will take you.' Gabriel reads aloud. "You're father." He says, glancing at me.

"It's the only thing I have that belonged to him. It had belonged to his mother when she was my age." I say. "My mother didn't want me to have it, but my father gave it to me before he died, and told me to take good care of it."

"It's in excellent condition." Gabriel says. "I see why your father trusted you to take care of it. Your mother would have ruined it."

"Very true." I say. "I'm cold."

"Hold on. I'll grab a blanket." He says, standing up and opening the carry on luggage compartment, pulling out a big blanket that is plush and dark red. He hands it to me, and I wrap it tightly around my body. I thank him, and he smiles. He goes over the book, cover to cover. "It's amazing. Some of the spells in here aren't even used anymore. Make sure you keep it with you to prevent anyone from stealing it."

"I will." I say. "Mind if I sleep?" I ask. "I'm exhausted."

"Go ahead. It's a long flight ahead of us. It's best to sleep so you don't get jet lag. I'll make sure there's something for you to eat when you wake up."

"Oh, you don't have to do that." I say quickly, shaking my head.

"Yes." Gabriel says, "I do." He strokes my hair gently. "Sleep Aria." He whispers, and I nod. I doze off to sleep in the seat, the blanket around me, Gabriel beside me.-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-  

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