"So you want to go to their summer palace? With the other villians and heros kids?" Mom asks me. "What is going on in that head of yours child?"
"Mom please, this may be my only change to have fun and um he also said that we can practice our magic! Think about it. You wont have to do anything except give your consent that I can go, and then you wont have to be irritated with me all summer. Someone else can teach me everything I need to know."
"Well I guess you are right, my dear. Now, if you must go, there is something you must do for me."
"Oh no."I say. "Please tell me its not something that could get me into trouble mom!" 
"Oh no, all you have to do is take advantage of the boys love for you, make sure you prick Auroras finger on another spindle. Then I, um I mean, We can take over the kingdom." 
"Mom! Why must you always do this! Maybe I don't want to take over the kingdom. Maybe I don't want to rule beside you. Maybe you need to stop this once and for all." I say,glaring.
"Child. If you want to go to their summer palace, that is what you must do. You have less than a week of school left."She says. "You must choose by then." 
She leaves me in my room to think about it. 
Ugh, I can't believe this!
I look through my spell book and find a cleaning spell so I can clean my room, and I work the spell beautifully. Must be that spell Gabriel used to help me in class.
I sit down on my bed, and open the book on my bed, and begin reading. It's about witches. Yes. Witches are indeed real. 
"Aria, dinner time!" Mom shouts, and I leave the room to go eat.
Gabriel's P.O.V.
After I walk Aria home, I go home and talk to my parents, Aurora and Phillip.
"I do not think it would be a good idea to have Maleficent's daughter come here," Mom says."Think of what she would do."
"Mom, Aria is not like her mother. She is pure, and good. She's more her father's daughter than her motheres."
"And where is her father?"Mom asks. "He's dead. And it's all because of Maleficent." 
"What do you mean?"
"He was killed by a reptile." Dad laughs.
"It's not funny, Phillip!" Mom exclaims.
"What do you mean by a reptile?" I ask.
"Maleficent is able to turn into anything she pleases. It only goes to figure that it was her as the bearded dragon that killed her husband." Mom says.
"That's a load of crap, Mom. No offense."
"None taken." Mom says. "Do you really think the girl is not like her mother?"
"Yes. I believe in her mom. She isn't very good at magic. I actually used a spell on her at school to help her in our science class. She isn't like her mother." I say. "She is pure and good, and beautiful,and sweet." I look down,suddenly blushing.
"You like Maleficent's daughter!" Mom says in anger.
"Now, hunny." Dad says."Gabriel can like whoever he would like to like."
"It's not like I chose to like her, it just happened. I like her a lot. But she wouldn't ever like me back." I say.
"You never know son!" Dad says. "The best way to get a girl to fall in love with you is to be kind to her, be sweet, help her whenever she needs help, be honest with her,and most of all, don't try to push her into anything. If she isn't used to attention from a guy, don't rush her into anything. And don't just kiss her out of the blue. The timing has to be just right."
"Don't tell him that!" Mom exclaims. "I don't want my son to love that girl! I don't want them together!"
"Mom, it's not like anything has happened. We're just friends. And anyways, it's not really your decision, now is it?"
"Well, then!" Mom says.
"Mom don't be mad. It's not like we've decided to elope. We have another year of school before we graduate. And it's not like I've talked to her about my feelings for her. I just... I really want the other heros' kids, and the villians kids to be there this summer. Maybe we can all be friends. Please mom. Dad."I look at my Dad for help.
"It's up to your mother." Dad says.
I look at my mother, staring into her blue eyes that match my own, and her golden blonde hair, much brighter and more beautiful that mine. "Please mom." I say."Do you want me to be happy?" I ask.
"Yes, I want you be happy. Do you really want them to come to our summer palace?"
"Yes mom." I say.
"Then I guess the decision is made. I cannot wait to meet Maleficent's daughter." Mom says.
"Her name is Aria Goodkin." I say. 
"Right." Mom says.
So it has been decided.
At school the next day, I walk up to Aria at her locker. "Hey, it's been decided, some of the hero's kids and some of the villians kids will be coming to the palace this summer. Did you ask your mom?" 
Aria turns around to face me, and her eyes startle me because the green color seems to glow, and her hair is all the way down for once, not in a braid, or a bun. She looks more childlike and innocent this way. "My mom said yes." Aria replies. 
"Great." I say. "So want me to pick you up in the limo tomorrow after school?" 
"That would be great. Just be sure to give me an hour to get the rest of my stuff ready." She replies.
"Sounds good. May I walk you to class?" I ask her.
She nods, and we walk to the classroom together. When we get there I smile and nod. She blushes and walks inside, and I walk in behind her. Maureen snickers, but doesn't say anything. I take a seat next to Aria and Wendy and Wendy smiles at Aria. It seems like everything is moving in slow motion. Class drags on, and I watch Aria most of the class period. Gosh she is so beautiful. The only thing that makes her more beautiful are the fact that her clothes are very old, obviously handmedowns, and have holes in them. When we get  to the summer palace, I will have the royal seamstress make Aria all new clothes, shirts, jeans, dresses. Everything. She deserves the best.
It's also a half day todayand tomorrow. Thank goodness. 
We all have the same classes together and then we have lunch, and then we go home. I walk Wendy home first, and then I drop Aria off at her house. I give her a hug before she goes inside,startling her, but I must give her credit for the fact that she also hugs me back, and kisses my cheek before saying she'll see me tomorrow and then goes inside. I walk home,feeling happier than I've felt in months.


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