Gabriel follows me to my locker before we head to class and I am surprised when he takes my books from me and carries them to our science class. I usually don't have a partner for the labs, but today, I do. Gabriel sits down next to me and starts to prepare the chemicals. I look at the chemicals warily, unsure of what to think. 
"Do you know what your doing?" I ask.
"Of course. Don't you?" He asks, waving his hands over the the chemicals, a soft green glow of magic showing as he uses a spell to make the right combination, and it doesn't fizzle like mine does all of the time. It just glows green, then fades into a small purple cloud. It disperses quickly.
"Um, No, I can't. And, you aren't supposed to use magic around mortals!" I whisper hushedly.
"Yeah. No one is watching." Gabriel tells me. "Anyways, it is only a big deal if you don't know what you are doing." 
"Well, I never know what I am doing when it comes to magic." I reply. "Afterall, it has not been long since I got my powers. It is all still so new to me." I wave my hand, and a small purple swirl twirls around my finger.
I blink. My magic had never responded so easily or so quickly. Gabriel smiles. "Someone is finally catching on it seems." 
"I guess so." I smile back. I look at the chemicals. "So what next?" I ask Gabriel.
"Easy. We wait five minutes, then we add sodium bi-carbonate. "
When the five minutes are up, the teacher looks at us and says "My, my well done. Hopefully you didn't do all of the work, Gabriel. Why don't you both come up to the front of the room to explain what you have done." It's not a question. It's a demand. I blink then look at Gabriel with a scared look on my face. He takes my hand and whispers "It's ok." and a string of words I have no clue what they mean, before I realize they are a magic spell. Which one, I do not know.
We walk up to the front of the class. I lean against the whiteboard, and the teacher, Mr. Clemmons, says "Aria, tell us how you two made your experiment." 
Suddenly, I know everything we did, and it comes out of my mouth in a calm, easy voice. I glance at Gabriel, who grins. 
"And now, we heat it on the Bunsen burner, and "I  say, " We get a small puff of smoke, and it turns purple."
Gabriel turns on the burner, and it warms up, and a small puff of smoke pops out, and then the smoke clears, and the mixtures is purple.
"Well done, Aria and Gabriel." Mr. Clemmons says.
I nod, and nearly run back to my seat.
"What did you do!?" I ask Gabriel in a half shout-half whisper.
"A memory spell. It will also help you to learn control over your powers." Gabriel says.
"Why though?" I ask.
"Cause, if you get a hold on your powers, your mother wont make you spend all summer working on your powers. Which means then you can come with me to the palace, and we can get to know each other better." Gabriel says, smiling. "Plus, I could show you a couple of things with your powers. Stuff your mom can't use since all she uses is dark magic. And...there's not an ounce of darkness in you." 
"How.." I look at him surprised. "What?" I ask.
"Even with the glamour on, for some reason I can see a golden haze surrounding you. The good magic... " He trails off. "I can't explain it but your nothing like your mother, Aria Goodkin. Even if you too look alike, you aren't evil like she is. And I want everyone to know it too."
"And how are you going to prove that, Gabriel? They all hate me."
"Well, get us all together in one place, and maybe train together, and I can make them see your not like your mother, that you are good, and deserve a chance. Because, that's the thing about the 'heros', they think that evil is born. But it's not. It's made. And your mother hasn't made you evil even if she has tried." Gabriel tells me.
"She seems to think I'm not good enough to be her daughter, so maybe you're right." I say.
"Of course, I'm right." Gabriel grins. The look on his face is pure and simple, full of love, happiness, and fun. I look right into his eyes, happy for this moment.
The look on his face changes just slightly, into something more tender and loving, and his fingers twitch at his side, and he reaches up and strokes my cheek. I don't move for fear of him moving away. He stares right into my eyes, then brushes a curl out of my face, pinning it behind my ear. His eyes are a beautiful glowing color of brown, making him seem just that much more stunning. I blink and his drops his hand, only to take mine in his. I lace our fingers together, and when class ends we walk out of the classroom together.
He walks me to my locker, and helps me put away all of my books.
Then, he walks me home. I am surprised, and when my mother opens the door, the look in her eyes is a blazing fire of green, and I feel the power leaking out of her, so strong and evil that I start having trouble breathing, and I stare her in the eyes, and it stops. 
"What is HE doing here?" My mother asks.
"He's just walking me home. Mom..this is Gabriel."
"Yes, yes. I know. Son of Aurora and Phillip. Everyone knows that."
"Mom your being rude. We need to talk." I look at Gabriel. "Thank you for walking me home." I say.
"It's been my pleasure. Nice to see you, Miss. Faerie." 
"Yeah. Right." Mom grins. "Tell your parents Maleficent says hello."
"I sure will, Miss. Faerie." Gabriel says. "I'll come by in the morning to walk you to school." 
"Thank you." I say, and give him a hug. He hugs me back carefully, then smiles and walks away.
"That boy is infatuated with you. What spell did you use, you little urchin?" Mom asks me as she grabs my arm, yanking me inside our cottage. 
"Nothing." I say. My mom hurls me into the wall, and I cry out in pain. Why must she always do this!? This is not right. She has no right. Suddenly a spell pops into my head, and I throw a bursting green orb at her, sending her back into the wall and she looks startled.
"You've been practicing dearie. Well done." Mom says. "Now what was it you have to talk to me about."
"Well.. it's not so long a story." I say. "Just don't get mad."
"Whatever you say, dearie." Mom says, and I take a breath, and start to tell her what Gabriel suggested.


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