Bit 3 Chapter Three

Aria's P.O.V.
I take my seat next to Wendy, who gives me a look, and I shrug. I glance over at Gabe, my eyes meeting his, and I smile when I see he's watching me. He smiles back. I was pretty surprised when he asked if I wanted to go to to his summer home in Rowan. The fact that other villians and heros children would be there makes me feel a little bit better. But the offer still stuns me. Afterall, he's the son of Aurora. Sleeping Beauty. I'm the daughter of Maleficent. It just doesn't seem... right. He should hate me like the other heros do. 
I look over at the teacher who is in the middle of taking attendance. Then, I take a breath in deeply, trying to process everything. How in the world am I going to swing this? My mom will probably tell me I can't go! The bell rings and I glance at the clock surprised. How long had I been sitting there thinking? At least 15 minutes. Wendy stands up and I pop up beside her.
"Wow, you sure were spacing." Wendy grins. "What did young Gabriel want?" 
"Um, it's nothing. He just told me something about our families getting together over the summer." I say, lying out of habit.
"Oh, that's cool. I didn't know that you two were close." Wendy grins.
"We're not."
"But your parents know each other well." She says, matter-of-factly as we make our way out into the hall and to our first period class. 
"Yeah." I say.
"And they know each other well." Wendy says as we walk into the classroom.
"You could say that, I guess." We take our seats.
"You guess? Wait, does that mean your mom runs with the Gabriel and his group's parents? Kinda like a crowd?" Wendy asks me.
"No. Of course not." I say. "They just know each other well." 
"Let me guess, it's something you don't want to talk about?" Wendy asks.
"Right." I agree, and the bell rings. 
So, we have to sit there for an hour watching a play from Shakespeare. It's one of the worst plays of his, and the actors are horrid. I frown, my mind drifting to my mother and Gabriel. Hmmm. Should I truly consider the offer? And what of my mother? What is she going to think? Gabriel's face flashes in my mind. Sweet, sensitive, kind Gabriel. His golden hair and beautiful eyes. His not too tan skin, but also not too pale. His long fringe of black eye lashes, that don't quite fit his golden glory, yet make his eyes pop. 
Then, his tall yet not thin body also flashes in my mind. His tall, muscled body. My eyes close, and I see his smile in my mind. I smile involuntarily, and then my eyes open to find the teacher's face a few inches from mine.
"Aria Goodkin. What were your thoughts on the play?" It's clear he had asked me a few times.
"It's horrid. The actors aren't great actors. The lines are dry and boring. And honestly, the people don't know how to make themselves talk as if they were from the 14 and 15 hundreds. I would do it so much better." I say, point blank.
"Interesting." Mr. Marcelli says. "I expect a full performance next year when you take my drama class." 
"Yes,sir." I say, my face blank, and expressionless. He stares at me for a few minutes, then walks to the back of the room, and continues the play.
I sit back, and watch the rest of the play.
After class is lunch, since it's 11:30.
Wendy and I sit down at the table once we get our food. 
"You tore into Mr. Marcelli!" Wendy says. "Where did that come from?" 
"I have no clue." I say. "I just think I could do better."
"You could." Wendy says. "I've seen you act, and you are so much better." 
"Thank you." I say, smiling. "Marcelli needs to come into this century. Serious."
"Ha. True." Wendy agrees. 
"So, no homework yet. I guess we'll see what the rest of the day brings." I smile.
"Uh-oh." Wendy's eyes are as big as saucers. 
"Uh-oh what?" I ask.
"Gabriel is walking right this way." Wendy tells me, and when I start to look up she grabs my arm. "Don't. He might not sit with us."
But, she's wrong. Gabriel plops down beside me, a full tray with two of everything on it, and smiles at me warmly.
"It okay if I sit with you lovely ladies this fine morning?" He asks, grinning in a way that tugs my heart and makes Wendy grip my arm tighter.
"Yeah, why wouldn't it be Gabriel?" Wendy asks, grinning back, her eyebrows raised.
"I dunno." He smiles back at her, a wolfy grin. I avert my eyes, not believing he is actually choosing to sit with us. His eyes are on me, burning into me. I look up. "Is it okay with you Aria?"
"Yesh." I say, then blush. "Why do you want to sit with us anyways?"
"Oh, I thought a change of scenery would be nice. And your both so pretty to look at." Gabriel says, and my blush reddens. 
"Well your not so bad yourself, young Gabriel." Wendy jokes.
"Thanks." He says, and then looks at my tray.
"Aren't you going to eat?" He asks me.
I realize I had gotten less food than usual.
"I dunno. I didn't have much money." I say. "Mom forgot to give me money again."
"Here." He gives me half of the food on his tray. "Your so tiny you need to eat a lot more." This makes me blush 100 times brighter. Of course I know I'm tiny. And thin. But he really doesn't have to give me his food.
"No way, it's yours."
"What's mine is yours." He says simply, then his wolfish grin is gone, and it seems he had surprised himself by saying that. "Take it." He sure recovers fast. "You need it. I have plenty." He glances at Wendy and gives her one of his brownies. "Here you go." 
"Thanks. These are sooo good here." She grins. She winks at me, and Gabriel sees and the grin is back.
"So, I heard you tore into Marcelli last period. Why did you do that? You're one of his favorite students."
"Well, let's see. He was being rude. I was kinda spacing. The play sucks, by the way, so when you see it don't be too horrified." I say.
"Oh wow. Point duly noted." Gabriel laughs. 
I like his laugh. It's the childish, not-holding-back kind of laugh.
I giggle. Maybe spending time with Gabriel isn't quite so bad afterall, even if I am always nervous around him. Even if we are supposed to be sworn enemies. But, who says we have to be?


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