Gabriel's P.O.V.
Homeroom hadn't yet begun, but I notice when Aria Goodkin walks into the classroom. With her long, curly black hair, and light, jade green eyes, she is my exact opposite. And the exact opposite of any of the other kids in school, even the villians and heros. Especially the opposite of all of the regular human kids in school. She's quiet, shy, and extremely bad mouthed when it comes to the villians. Surprisingly, I thought that she would be best friends with the other villains children. But, she isn't. She pretty much hates them. For someone so quiet, she does give the villians children a royal smackdown whenever they try to start anything.
Honestly, I think it's pretty cool that she isn't friends with them. But it's also kinda odd that she is friends with a regular human, even if Wendy is pretty nice. Wendy and Aria look nothing alike. Wendy is a tall red head with brown eyes. Aria is the shortest girl in the whole school. She's barely 5 ft. She's also small boned, which is nothing like Wendy. Wendy is big boned and weighs about 170 lbs. Aria... more like 90 lbs, maybe a 100. 
But, Aria always stands out more than anyone else in the school. Why do I watch her so much though? It might have something to do with the fact that she's Maleficent's daughter. And I'm the son of Sleeping Beauty. My parents, Aurora and Phillip, don't like Aria simply because she's their sworn enemies daughter. But, there is something completely different about her than her mother. Her mother is creepy, and evil. Aria... is not. 
We were all surprised that she hadn't come into her powers sooner. Imagine, the daughter of Maleficent, not having powers. Everyone thought she might not get her powers. Then, one day a few weeks ago, her powers showed up. Everything had changed. Suddenly, everyone was watching her more closely. But, it's been nearly a month, and she hasn't become out of control, even though the adults all thought she might. I don't think she is ever going to be out of control. She's... good.
Something seems different about her today though. She walks into the classroom, and it seems like a dark crowd is hanging over her. Her glamour keeps shifting, and I furrow my brow, surprised. Using a glamour isn't hard. Magic in general isn't hard. But, when you first get your powers, it can be hard to get used to it. Aria isn't used to her magic, clearly. The glamour shifts repeatedly, then settles down. I breathe out a sigh of relief. If the regular humans were to find out she has wings, or magic, all hell would break loose.
She walks over to Wendy, a small smile on her face. It strikes me that she only ever talks to Wendy and the teachers, and the other villians when she gives them verbal smack downs. But that is rare. It's usually just Wendy and the teachers.  Her eyes flick around the room, resting on mine, and I look down at the desk. When I look back up she is talking to Wendy, her eyes not on mine, but I see the glamour once again shift. One of the other villians snickers. The daughter of the Evil Queen.  Maureen. 
She walks over to Aria. "Seems like your not any good." Maureen says.
"Seems like your not either." Aria glares, a look of pure hatred on her face. 
"At least I know what I'm doing. You never will learn anything." Maureen says.
"And neither will you when I beat your ass and you end up in a hospital." Wendy says, who has about three inches and 40 lbs on Maureen. "If I were you, I'd leave now."
"Hmph." Maureen tosses her hair, and walks away.
"Thanks." Aria breathes quietly. 
"No problem. What did she mean?" Maureen asks, and Aria shrugs.
I take a breath, then I hesitantly walk over to Aria. "Um.. Aria. May I see you in the hall for a moment. Please?" 
Aria blinks in shock, then glances at Wendy. "Go ahead. I'll save you a seat." She winks at Aria and shoves Aria gently.
Aria follows me out into the hall. "Yes?" She asks quietly, not meeting my eyes.
"Your glamour." I say, "It isn't..right."
"Crap." Aria says. " I thought I had it."
"Probably just said a word wrong." I tell her. "It happens." 
"Help me?" she asks, and I nod. She sighs in relief.
I murmer the spell for the glamour, and it automatically takes, and I don't see any flicker of wings or swirling purple and green magic at work. 
"Thank you." She breathes. "How do you do it?" 
"Enunciation. I try to relax." I say. I furrow my brow. "I was wondering... what are you doing this summer?" The words tumble out of my mouth before I can stop them.
"My mom is making me practice my magic." Aria rolls her eyes in frustration. 
"Would you rather hang out this summer? At my summer home in Rowan?" I ask. "Maybe I can invite some of the other villians and heros?" I don't know why I said that. But it's too late now to take the words back.
"I don't know. I don't really know any of them. And I'm not sure I want to." Aria tells me.
"I get that, but.. it would be a good chance for the heros and villians to bond. I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind." Actually, they would mind a lot. Where is all of this coming from???
"Maybe... I have to ask my mom." Aria whispers. "As long as I don't have to be home and listen to her go on about how terrible I am with magic, I think it would be so much better." 
"Alright. Let me know. I'll talk to my parents and then the other heros and villians." I tell her. "Now, we'd probably get back inside. There's 30 seconds to the bell." 
She furrows her brow, and I say "Time is easy for me to determine since my mother was in a sleeping curse." She nods shyly, embarrassed. Then I bow to her, sweeping my arm out, telling her she can lead the way. She walks inside the room, hurriedly, and I follow. 
We take our seats just as the bell rings, and Wendy gives Aria a look that says they will talk afterwards. Aria glances back at me, a small smile on her lips when she catches me watching her. I smile back, glad I had asked, even if  I hadn't meant to.  But fate is out to get me. Little did I know just how much was in the cards.


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