I wake up three feet above my bed, my wings flapping gently, and I sigh.  As the daughter of a faerie, I must admit. It is hard to get used to new powers. And, my powers are as new as they get. I am a late bloomer, and my powers finally showed up a few weeks ago. Being a faerie isn't as fun as I always imagined it would be. My mother, well, she doesn't approve of me saying such things. But, levitating, I believe, is worse than my mothers rath. Floating above my bed proves to be creepy. I guess that's just the beginning though. Mom says that by the time I get used to my powers, I'll be able to weild powerful magic that very few can. 
Oh, I don't belive I've introduced myself! How rude of me. My name is Aria Goodkin. Strange last name for the daughter of Maleficent. Yes, that Maleficent. The fae that cursed Sleeping Beauty.  
You thought that they were just fairy tales, did you not? The stories you were told as children? Well, all of the stories are true.
All of the villians and heros kids go to school together. The heros kids are almost all close to each other. While the villians...not so much. We don't get along well and with our powers, we tend to be slightly explosive around each other. Needless to say,we don't get along any better with the hero's kids. All of the regular humans have no idea that we have magic.
The only friend I have is a regular human named Wendy Matthews. She just thinks I'm quiet and shy. Which is sorta true. I guess. But she doesn't know about my wings. Every fairy tale creature/person uses a glamour whenever they are interacting with regular humans. It wouldn't be good for them to notice how different we are. Especially those of us that use magic every day. What a disaster that would be. 
But, honestly, it's all good. We are all very careful.
I yawn and whisper a spell, and instead of slowly resting onto my bed, I flop down, and hit the floor. I groan in pain. My door flies open, and Mom walks in. 
"Oh, Aria. When will you learn to use your powers correctly!?!" Mom says, her eyes intent on mine.
"When pigs fly." I mumble.
"Speak up, you KNOW how I hate the mumbling, Aria."
"Yes Mother. I said when pigs fly." I say, staring into her green eyes, eyes that mine match to a T. 
"I can make that happen. But I cannot make you learn to use those powers correctly. Only you can do that. Just wish you'd learn quicker." Mom says, rolling her glowing green eyes.
"So do I. Cause then everything would be so much more simple, Mother." I say, getting up off of the hard floor.
"Right. Magic does make everything more simple, but at times, more complicated." Mom tells me. "Now get dressed. Time waits for no man, Love. School awaits. Just a week left and then summer break. We're going to work on those powers this summer. Best enjoy school as much as you can." 
I groan once again. My mom just wont stop! First she says I must learn on my own. Then she says we're going to work on the powers during summer???? So unfair!
Mom leaves the room and I immediately change out of the shorts and tee shirt I had thrown on the night before.  I put on a pair of ripped jeans, so worn and old that the rips and holes are natural not pre-ripped, and a tee shirt that has seen too many washings and is now a light grey color that doesn't suit me at all. Then, I grab the one nice pair of shoes I have, boots, black, combat, with studs. 
I brush my hair quickly, and then walk outside my room, going down the hall to the living room, grab my backpack, and I wave goodbye to my mom before I leave. 
I walk outside, and a gentle summer breeze lifts my hair, and I smile, gently applying a glamour spell, automatically knowing it worked cause I feel my wings slid into my back, and I walk all the way to school, glad, at least, that the glamour spell isn't one that can get messed up easily.
Or..so I thought.


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