Bit 1 Prologue: Running

Take a deep breath.

Did you take it? Good. Now let it out. Feels normal, right? Breathing. That's cause everyone does it. Breathing is fundamental. You breathe when you sleep, eat, laugh, cry. You do it from the moment you are born to the moment you die. Even if you hold your breath, eventually you let it out. Because that's how its works: in, out. Action, reaction. Breathing is the most natural thing in the world.

Running...well, running is too.

But when you're running, you don't focus all that much on breathing. You focus on your pursuers, how far way they are, how far away you are from your destination. The little air you manage to suck in as you sprint burns your insides like so much fire. It feels like its killing you, but at the same time, air is needed for life, and right now, so is running. Being caught is synonymous with death, so you're running so fast that all you can catch is a tiny wisp. You forget to breathe in more -- or maybe you just don't want to because of the scorching sensation in your chest.

I don't like running, but I was running on this night. I was running away from something, someone. No, wait. Maybe something is right. I mean, it looked like a man but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. All I knew was that I was running from that shadowy figure that stalked me.

And that it was trying to kill me.

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  • Tyler Wood
    Tyler Wood about 5 years ago

    ahh the chase, the next part is going to be good.