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Katy George

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Bit 5

It was a sticky situation. I felt the White Rabbit had tricked me into speaking my mind so forcefully. 

"Who dares to go against the queen?" the Red Queen thundered. The china cups shook, terrified in their saucers. "Who do you think you are?" 

"I am Alice," I said politely. "Alice Liddell."

Her guards chuckled at the sight until the Red Queen glanced their way and in a split second, they were completely silent. 

"Well, Alice Liddell. You certainly have a lot to say. What kingdom do you rule?" the Red Queen asked. 

"N-none," I replied. 

The Red Queen smiled broadly and clapped her hands. "Of course, of course! So you say these things because you think you can do better? Rule with a steadier hand? A firmer hand?" 

For once, I didn't know what to say. I just looked at the queen. 

"I challenge you to a duel - no - a race! A race through my labryinth. The winner gets to rule my kingdom for a day," The Red Queen said with a broad smile. "The loser receives a punishment determined by the winner." 

Her guards grinned and those at the tea party clapped politely. I was trapped. 

"Why a game. Of course my Queen," I replied. 

"Then let us do what we can only do," the Red Queen said. "Let us begin!" 

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  • Jean Bremer
    Jean Bremer over 2 years ago

    Where did her guards come from? Perhaps when she says, "Who dared to go against the queen?", you could have them immediately coming to her side from the bushes or wherever they are camouflaged at.