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When such a creature invites you to tea there is only one response. "Why I'd be delighted," I said and pulled up a mushroom stool. "I do hope that was a slip of the tongue. Your subtle joke about eating me."

The creature moved partway into the light. It was a fatty celluous glob as if it had fallen from someone's nose. Certainly, he was in need of my help.

"I'm not sure where I am," I said. "But I will help you in anyway I can."

The creature moved and rolled, a jelatin mass, as it spoke. "The Red Queen has done this. I was once a soldier in her army. When we failed in our mission her rage exploded. The only way to break the spell is to kill her." He slid forward. I almost passed out from its breath. "Will you help me? Will you do it?"

"Why, of course. If you could tell me a little bit about her that would be helpful. Her weaknesses. Jelly donuts, perhaps? Something to lay a trap."

And then he gave me the details. 

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  • Jean Bremer
    Jean Bremer over 2 years ago

    In the first paragraph, what are her thoughts, what is going on in her head. If i were unsure of a creature, I could possibly be terrified to just sit and have tea, especially with his comment about eating me. Why would she be so willing right off the bat to kill the queen?